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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 6/6

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Extremely stupid, because if you open your bible you'll see that Noah's ark would have to be at least a mile long to take two kinds of every animal and where do you get the polar bear and the giraffe you know, and the ship would be so full of shit, who cleans it out? (laughs) So the stories in the bible are not bad they're fantastically elementary, stupid stories about Moses lifting up his wand and the Red Sea parted. God could put the people on the other side of Red Sea without parting it, just go like that. And they say that God so loved of the world that he gave his only begotten son, that others might have eternal life and not perish. Well when you examine that, the witnesses according to the bible say after Jesus was... He AROSE! And went back into heaven, where the hell is the sacrifice? You understand what I mean? Read your bible don't take my word for it. It's such a bunch of garbage, written by very ignorant people. Like our language was designed hundreds of years ago that's why I say we can't talk to each other and that's why lawyers exist. They can take language and do whatever they want with it. So the books are available on our website. They're not our books. One is called Mind In The Making, by James Harvey Robinson. If you want to know communications better, it's the Tyranny Of Words, by Stuart Chase. And if you get these books, they don't put society together for you, but they deal with communication, they deal with different aspects. Then there was a guy named Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, did anybody ever hear of him? He came to the Royal Society with new ideas and they laughed at him. And he went back to India, the Bose Institute. When the British people, scientists, went to his lab, they were amazed, brought him back to England and there he was knighted, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, because they check things out. Scientists don't always check things out. They say, we want to know how all of this began. Where did the word 'beginning' come from? The bible. So they said the Big Bang. What was there the day before the big bang? Where did God come from? Who made him? How did he get the job? Nobody asks those questions. They all say: "Why do they believe in God?", because they've never been told enough about how nature works. You can take a steel ball and heat it to half a million degrees, and it becomes a vapor. but it doesn't stop existing. It still exists as radiant energy or vapor. So when science books say that matter cannot be created or destroyed, that means that it never began. This notion about, even if I kick the bucket, if you bury me 1 foot down in the soil all the plants get taller above me. All the worms get fatter. So what happens to Fresco? He becomes part of something else. So the stuff you eat, is what you are. Your cells, if you eat chicken and cow meat, is turned into human cells. So the stuff you are made off is stuff you eat. Plants, things of that sort. That was always here. And when you kick the bucket, if gases go off into space, your material is eaten by worms, the soil absorbs some. I don't like that. Sure I wish I went to a land where everything is ok, and I have white wings. Now, all the angels that was painted on the ceiling in church, the wings are too small. They have to be at least the length of the body. Now if the angels flew without wings, that would be a miracle. I'd like to fly without that sort of thing. And then you take people that commit crimes, and you put them in jail for twenty years or life, that isn't understanding. Judges would all be considered criminals. Because they know nothing about the background of that person. If you're brought up in Japan and you told, "American gangster, all American gangster". In Germany, "Americans, Coca Cola und cigarettes". das bin ich und das kann ich If you're brought up in a certain country, you're made to hate during the war. Like, I used to sing in school, "Pretty parasol in fan and far lost Japan", how nice the Japanese were. When they attacked Perl Harbor, I was kind of disappointed. Then there was the book called 'The Secrets Of Pearl Harbor', which I bought. and admiral Hall, he opens that book with, 'How we got the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor'. I never knew that. I never knew how corrupt war was. I never knew how corrupt our government was. I'm talking about America. One of the most corrupt countries in the world. I'm sorry about that there's nothing I can do about it. All I can do is get up and talk this way. I'm not your enemy. I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm trying to tell you that if we use science and technology... ...this is what I mean by that. They do a survey of the global resources. Once we do a survey of how much concrete, hospitals we have, we know how many people we can treat. But if you ask, 'What do you think?What do you think?' "What do you know?", not "What do you think?". So what we will do in the future, is do a global survey first, of what the carrying capacity of the earth is. And that's the carrying capacity means how many people can live on earth. If you say, overpopulation, that's not based on a study of the carrying capacity. but if you produce more people than the earth can carry, you'll have territorial disputes, killing, robbery, taking possessions. If few nations control most of the earth's resources, you're going to have trouble. it's got to wind up with territorial disputes. So it's the way we operate that produce the conditions. Just as you make jealousy and envy. If my wife fell in love with somebody else and wanted to leave, normal people say, "You're not breaking up the home you little tramp", you know. The question is, it means you're not meeting her needs, it doesn't mean you're bad. If a husband seeks other women, he may be titman, legman, assman, hairman. Men are brought up with all these different values in this system. If you cover a girl, you're going to create problems. So I went to the South Seas when I was 21, and I lived on the island of Tuamotu, for a while, a chain of islands near Tahiti, French territory. Everybody on the island was nude. Except when men climbed trees, They wore a kind of a jockstrap, to prevent their balls from being caught in the branches. So, everybody walked around nude, and the interesting thing about is, I never saw a native staring a girl's body only her eyes, when he talked to a woman. "Get a look of that chick", that's what you get in civilization. You cover the girl. If people swam nude when they were this high, you couldn't sell pictures of a nude girl. Do you understand that? It's when you cover them up, it produces that curiosity. No kid on the island was a peeping Tom. Because everyone walked around nude. You couldn't sell a magazine, a girly magazine. You couldn't run a pornographic movie, it would have no meaning. They made love when they were able to, and nobody ever shot an eye. Interesting thing, I get to know the natives so well, I watched them make love, and they stroke the whole female, the top of the head all the way down, they had no fetishes. They were no titman, legman, assman. All that is made by culture. And if you don't use that kind of language around women, you can't become equal to one another. So you have to tell them how men think. That isn't how they think, that's how they're brought up. When a guy is poking, "Hey get a look of that chick", you know. That is learned within the culture. In the islands they never did that. It's like you, stroking a dog you stroke the whole dog, you don't stop at the balls. You stroke the whole dog, you understand? So I think, is it time to open it up for questions? Ok, thanks Jacque. We'll take a 10 minute break. We'll come back for questions & answers after that.

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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 6/6

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