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Oh, my sound in game is weird wtf The bot is wrecking me lol BOT Finn is on fire Do you hear me on teamspeak? Ready guys Allo? Ready boys So it's time to send back the muricans home This is the time guys Or doing shopping Back home americans I swear they play very well (Kappa) To be honnest the bots shoot way faster than them LEX is talking about his life lol Can u guys listen me? Yeaaah Oh rly he is telling us where to do the knife round? Go finish that quickly Cmon boys let's go we have to focus right now from the start, just destroy them, we have to show them who is are the warrior's, we have to stop our jokes Just go fuck them, cmon, let's go Should we change sides? yes Oh this guy is really funny To be honest I think this is his best joke he ever said He is even smiling behind is monitor, he is really happy about his joke Is this the guy'who's far to the right? yeah yeah with his cap, what a faggot Guys this is probably our last map of the event We don't give a damn because we are on a 6 lan row Ready if u want guys Look at Shox's face hahaha he is not happy We are wrong or what? Sooo... Ready to eat some muricans? Guys don't forget what i just told you in the debriefing You guys listen me and just don't panic when we are in the lead u remember PTR shox? he was always hitting me through mid doors If I remember they love splitting B I saw nothing mid I go B They got the A short, Can you please grenade long NBK? 1 long, dead They all running short very fast All 4 short, im very low hp last short They didn't even kill someone wtf, that's ridiculous I think we got the worst of the scene Nade long please with me smithz They bought a scout I smoke A doors No 1 is holding mid? No informations for A short? No I don't have any info im not watching short from mid Ready to flash if I ask you? yeah yeah no worries 1 is B with a Deagle They running long, many people long At least 2 more long with 1 scout Short 1, that was the guy who was lurking tunnels im in the corner, they probably running back to you guys They can't rotate I got this, 2 upper mid 1 more, ok i got him bomb is mid 3v1 don't show yourself smithz play calm gj buy grenades, stay focused, nade long with us smithz Play safe for the team, don't aggro I think I heard steps short They all are on mid

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Posted by: stevecsgo on Jul 3, 2015

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