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Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw

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We're going to feature a testimony by a man of god named Mickey Robinson. You're going to be absolutely amazed when you hear this story because he was in a plane crash that literally destroyed him. In fact.. It killed him and yet he's alive to tell the tale. hold on to your seat right now and listen to this amazing, outstanding testimony of the goodness of god. I never met anybody who ever told me personally about knowing god or anything supernatural other than historically what I knew from.. stories from the bible. Never met one person who told me they had a real relationship with jesus. Never knew about the need to really come into a relationship with the lord through jesus And umm, I was busy getting it on.. but you know there's not enough excitement in the world to recess. So you always gotta have more. And I liked stuff that was edgy You know skiing, and I always liked aviation stuff so I started taking flying lessons. Then I thought it would be more fun jumping out of airplanes. So I became a sport parachutist. And that really got me. I mean, I became obsessed with skydiving It really consumed my life. My existence revolved around that 30-60 seconds of free fall. And that 5 minute parachute ride then I had to do it again. It was like a drug, you know? Mhm, It's almost like an addiction. Oh totally.. And then one night all of a sudden all of that was going to change. Shortly after take off I don't recall much because I was dosing off. Uhh sitting next to the pilot. Or actually sitting on the floor next to the pilot. We removed the seats in this new aircraft. And I was awakened by a sound that was unfamiliar to me. It was the sound of the motor going completely silent. Uh-Oh. And the pilot turned to me and he slapped me and said "That's it, we're going down" So we just pitched forward and we plummeted straight down at over 100Mph. And what was seen out of the cockpit, and this was told to me I don't recall this but, we were going straight to to the ground and we were heading towards a gigantic oak tree. We did hit that tree like I said, going a 100Mph. And my face stopped my body going 100Mph. So I uhh.. Then the airplane cartwheeled on it's wings and slammed into the ground. If you see pictures of the aircraft it doesn't look like anybody could survive this. So there was obviously injury and confusion and the 2 students got pushed out the doorway. By one of my friends who was a very experienced jumper. And the fourth man out saw me moving and the pilot assumed we were leaving too. And just as he was going out.. The plane went up in flames and he was running away and heard screaming and realized I was trapped inside along with the pilot. And this brave man who was my friend went back into the plane and saw me trying to escape where the wing had been torn loose from the airplane. But I was stuck by something on my equipment or my clothing was caught. And I was soaked with fuel and I was on fire from head to toe. And just like you see in movies a person who's whole body was engulfed in flames. And this is where god did the first miracle. This man grabbed ahold of my parachute harness. And with his bare hands tore that loose. That's 2000 pounds tencil strength in each one of those straps. Pulled so hard he pulled him thumbs right out of his sockets, dragged me away from the plane and slapped the fire out. It kept re-igniting.. And he tried to go back for the pilot and he couldn't. He was burned alive with it. Rushed me off to the hospital. Obviously it was horrible and umm.. umm. And they rushed me off to the hospital and saw I had sustained very serious injuries. I had a brain injury, I had burns over a large portion of my body, found out my eye was blind.. my right eye was blind. And uhh and you know tremendous cuts and you know the shock of you know.. that crash. They told my family I was going to die. They told my sister to come that day because I wasn't going to be there that afternoon. I had an experience I never heard about. Never heard anything like this. Uhh.. As I was laying there in that condition, just wrapped with pain and just discomfort in every way possible. Suddenly my inner man, the real me, my spirit sat up out of my body. And I could feel my legs go through the springs of the bed. And my spirit came out of my body as if you would take a glove off your hand. And instantly I was in the spiritual world. Instantaneously I knew this was the real world. And this man I was seeing was the real me. Now when that happened were you aware of any pain still or were you completely separated from the pain and the carcass? I don't even remember turning around and looking I mean I was transferred immediately into the spiritual dimension. And everything about the spirit world is more real than this world. The colors are brighter, the edge's of everything are sharper. The emotions are just.. enhanced. They are clear. And instantaneously the thing that really struck me the most was.. there was complete absence of the awareness of time. Everything in this world is relative to time. you know, you get up this morning you will go to bed at night. If something is new it will get old. If something is born it will die. Everything in this plane. In the physical plane in the natural plane is relative to time. But everything in the spiritual plane is relative to eternity. So what had been natural to be aware of time.. was totally gone. And I was totally aware of eternity and it is shocking, it is stunning to be conscious and to know what eternity is. Also, logic and reasoning doesn't happen there. Based on the sum total of all my intelligent thoughts I've learned. You know, I had a doubt that I was in the spirit world. It's like you just know that you know that you know. It's like having a revelation constantly. And that's.. it was incredible. And I was, I knew I was traveling. I could feel that I was traveling ahead. As I looked ahead there was this pure white light. It was whiter than the whitest snow and brighter than 10,000 suns. And yet I could look right at it. And it was compelling. And it was like I was being towed.. And as I was looking at it I could feel this anticipation. But then simultaneously on my right side I could feel something and I looked and there was this blackness sweeping.. now this blackness as I looked at it.. instantly I was aware of it's complete nature. It was eternal like I was experiencing eternity, it was without any matter, it was without any life, it was void, and it was forever non-negotiable cut off from the source of all life. And the more that I looked at it the faster it would sweep. And the more that that occurred the more intense the feeling of the nature of being cut off and being sealed forever and separated. It is horrific. Horrific! I used to never be able to stand to be near anybody that could say go to hell after. Because you wouldn't want the worst person.. you wouldn't want Adolf Hitler, Bin Laden, Sadam.. You wouldn't want any human being to ever go in there. It was SO horrible. And as that was sweeping it got down to a.. it was eclipsing this light. So it's like your in a room and you close the door in a dark room and there's a little space between the door. It wasn't a door. It was really.. this was a real place that I was seeing AND that I was feeling. And as it was closing.. it was eclipsing. And now I'm standing at the very edge, the precipice of eternal separation. And I scream out of my spirit "I'm sorry, I want to live. Give me another chance!" And just before that was to close.. I was in the presence of the almighty god. And instantly I knew.. I would never die for eternity. And that's.. I mean it's unbelievable. And instantly I knew that this being who was off to the other side of me. Who I didn't see. But i was standing in this river of golden radiation. It looked like a moving river of golden light. And this river went that way, it went that way, it was underneath me, it was going right through me. And this river was alive. I don't know how to describe it. It's called the River Of Life. And I was.. it was going right through me. And i'm.. i'm.. more alive then anybody can imagine. I mean this is the height.. of the experience.. of life. I filled up with life and I.. and somehow I knew this being was going to take care of me for eternity. I didn't see the New Jerusalem, I didn't see any angels in heaven, I didn't see any people gone before me. This was the max though. I was so filled with the.. with just the.. the love of and all of God's majesty all of his authority, all of his love, everything was just flowing through me like I was.. like vibrating like a tuning fork with the very essence of God's nature. But when God spoke to me, not in a language like you and I are talking now but with the knowledge of his purpose with the word of his purpose came in through that same light and I was taken back the same way like reeling in a kite. And went down through space and time, this dimension. As my spirit settled into my body and I could start to hear out of these ears and see out of this eye. I came to in the room. Materialized kind of like they beam up in Star Trek. And I heard myself speaking in this beautiful language that I never heard anyone talk about before. A heavenly language. Yep, it was a beautiful language. And when my brain turned on, I thought "what in the heck is this other language" And I was no longer.. the person who was dying and dead was no longer and I was born again and filled with the holy ghost. I never heard about that. You know.. for years I wondered "what was that blackness and why did it sweep down to where it was just a sliver like about a half-inch of white light?" And years later God revealed it to me. It was really a historical record of my life. That for all the years that I had lived. I was in darkness.. and God gave me the space to cry out to him. And in that space it changed my future, my destiny, my whole purpose of living. God loved me the whole time. God was with me. But you know, don't let that, please don't wait until you are that desperate. We are desperate right now. And he's with you. And you have a chance today to cry out to God. It's not complicated, it's not religious. I mean certaintly my prayer wasn't all that complicated. And it wasn't about religion. It was about I needed a life and there is not one of us before God that doesn't need the whole life he has to offer. It's usually fear that keeps us from doing that. Or like we're afraid like "I'm not good enough." That's the whole deal, we need God.

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Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw

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