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We Have a Plan: Other Aspects of a RBE

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It's Time to Change And We Have a Plan Other Aspects of a Resource Based Economy Where the water is about 30 - 35 feet deep... Most of the apartment houses will open out into the sea. You can observe marine life and fish swimming by. There will be no zoos, no sea aquariums. Everything will be observed in natural conditions. There will be boating, scuba-diving, recreation, and universities built in the sea. Socio-cyberneering encompasses the entire social spectrum. And every automobile parked in front of a factory all day long. They're not being used, they don't need to rest. So, when automobiles in the future are accessible and available for all people, they're just like lined up, ready for your use. You don't own them. They're the best cars the nation could turned out. That way, you cut down on half the amount of automobiles, immediately. But all this cares sitting in car lots are really waste of energy... The machines don't need to sleep at night. You have a bumper in front of your car and behind your car. But your car is hit on the side also. You have safety belts, and harnesses in your car, but that assumes that you're going to be hit by the rear or in front. If you're hit on the side you go right through the side of the windshield. What good are these approaches? They are designed by men that are cerebral insufficient. You've got to design a society with a bumper all around the car, phase out human drivers, put electronic guidance systems in cars... We hope to phase out the airplane by designing transportation units that can move up to 2,000 miles an hour, floating on a magnetic repulsive field, or an 'air cushion'. And, in those huge trains of tomorrow, there will be television, radio, amusement, art centers, classrooms, not a group of seats lined up as your trains are today, highly regimented society, whether you know it or not. This society will be different in its transportation means. If forty or fifty people have to leave the train, we slow up to 100 miles an hour, lift off the passenger section, or slide it off, and slide on a section with the passengers getting on. You don't have to stop the whole plane or the train. What looks like a giant foot is really a wind tunnel in a vertical position. We feel by building and accelerating air down through this tunnel by means of turbines, and electrostatic filters, and a low temperature base, we can clean the air of the solids, particulate matter, gases, and all suspended particles, within a period of one year, and then remove these structures, and build garden cities again. Let's not wait for nature to do it. We loused it up. We're going to have to clean it up. By utilizing the natural heat of the Earth that is: volcanic energy, or the magma, or the molten lava under the Earth, of which there are approximately 500 potentials, if we tap a mountain in Hawaii, called Mount Aloha, we can get enough power to electrify the world. We can get enough power from that volcano alone. We have 500 potential volcanoes we can harness. We can use that natural heat from the volcano. No smog. No smoke. No dirt. No gases. No fuels. No oil spills. And no more burning of fuels in any city to generate power. If Japan used Fugiyama, they don't need to burn oil. They don't need oil. All of that heat is sitting there. 20 million years of power, right under the Earth's surface. In fact, you don't even need to use fusion power or nuclear power. And it's easy to tap, and it's clean, and available. Jacque Fresco (

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