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David Icke - What is money

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DAVID ICKE Radical Truth: Knowledge & Revolution CNN, bla bla bla...[??], bla, bla, bla.. STOP. Question: What is money? humm.. What is money? Money is a non existent theoretical force but has never, does not and will never exist except in theory on computer screens People die and starve, Because them don't have enough digits on a computer screen. It is incredible and it is extraordinary, and it is grotesque but unfortunately it is true. People ask: "What is money?" Well...bla bla How is money created? That is another big question. What's goodness! NOooo It is private banks lending non existent money called credit What is CREDIT? bizzzzz...That is your credit! That is it! When we go into a bank and you want borrow U$ 15.000 dollars The bank doesn't print any money it doesn't movie any precious metal anywhere It types into your account U$ 15.000 dollars and from that moment you start owning it not only U$15.000 dollars but the interest on the U$15.000 dollars and if you can not pay that back [??] for your own because the bank system has no worry [??] you loose your job so, you can pay them back. They get your wealth if it does exist. your home, your car, your business, your land Speaker of the century, this is why [??] the wealth of the world into the hand of the few. What is a [??] economic boom? It is when there is a lots of units of "exchange" money in circulation creating lots of economic activity which causes [??] confidence in the economic situation in those times they get more and more in debt, cause they are so confident or they can have a bigger house, a bigger car, two vacations and all the rest of it. And the banking system control [??] people and [??] by the same people

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