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LEAD Weekly: Leadership Pipeline - my growth plan - Juan Suarez

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly. This is LEAD Weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. Today you will hear from Juan Suarez. Who has worked with Back2Back for over 4 years. First in Monterrey and then in Cancun. He will share with you about his goals for growth in the Leadership Pipeline. Today I want to tell you about my role in the Leadership Pipeline. Which is LEAD Self. In that sense, I want to work on one of the job values called high quality technical or professional work. I chose this value because I don't want that what I do is something only of a role or an organization, but it can be a style of how to do things, and I think that involves three points. Develop yourself to obtain tools, develop systems around me, so that the work I do at that level can stay in the area with or without me, and develop others in those skills so I can stay that level of work with other people. As part of my growth plan I am going to share an example that love to think about content development like photos and videos. In the first point to develop himself, in content development my plan is to grow technically and I am looking for new resources, watching tutorials to improve my skills, but that also includes communication with others as with the United States office team where I am following what they do to take those technical points to grow. In the second point: Develop systems I have a way to share my content also a system of how to make the edits video in many ways are new things that have emerged as something that we work on during COVID, but that they can remain as somewhat structured. And the third point: Develop others, although I am not a leader of others in the structure of the organization I think part of doing things well at that level of excellence is to ensure that technical skills in that area they don't depend on me so I look for opportunities to share that knowledge with others on the team. During the edits of the COVID video I was able to share the form in which we can carry the message and information to families with the videos through time spent teaching and developing others I hope you can feel motivated to grow The way I feel about sharing it. Thanks for listening to me through this video. .

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