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Educating Fatna- Unicef TV

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You're watching Unicef television. Wind and sand whip through an open-air class in eastern Chad, where a group of girls struggle to study. These conditions are not unusual, but the children persevere. Many had never been to school before, and this is their first chance to receive an education. They are among the tens of thousands of refugees from Dartfur, who had fled to camps in neighbouring Chad, where Unicef has set up schools, helped train teachers, and provided teaching materials. 14-year-old Fatna has been here for three years, I have chosen to go to school, for me, I hope I can stay in school. This would be better for me. Once I know how to read, and write, and everything, maybe I can become someone in a good position, with a responsible job. Like many other girls in Dartfur, she didn't have the opportunity to go to school. Her family moved around a lot, and girls are generally expected to stay at home to do household chores. But Fatna's father now recognizes that sending her to school can benefit everybody. "It's important to educate girls", he says, "if the girls goes to school she knows everything". "Sometimes it's even good for the family". "If a girl goes to school, then she can aid her family". Getting girls to school is a Unicef priority, and an essential step towards the millennium development goal of primary education for all children by 2015. In the refugee camps of eastern Chad, Unicef is working with the community to stress the importance of girls' education. Almost every child in 12 different camps is now enrolled, and 65% of them are girls. When they return to Sudan, they will be able to continue the same curriculum, and hopefully, extend their studies. This is Jane O' Brien, reporting for Unicef television.

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