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Inner Management. Sadhguru

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If we want to live well both externally and internally How well we live here? Simply depends on how well we manage our surroundings and how well we manage ourselves Fundamentally life is management If you don't know how to maintain your body your mind your emotion your situations your life in general your home your communities nations and the world the quality of our life is just how well we mange things with ourselves but generally we are thinking of management we are applying ourselves to management only in terms of business management or industry management Generally we are talking management only with economic situations not life as a whole In many ways it is unfortunate that today the most predominant factor that rules the planet has become economics the other aspects of life have been totally pushed to the corner When economics rules when economics is the only thing that we are thinking about we will tempt to become very gross and unhappy in so many ways what I see is you know we are conducting various levels of programs to very top level executives in some big corporations in the world major corporations in the world What I see is a people who have failed in their lives, they are suffering their failure People who have succeeded in their life they are suffering their success If you suffer your failure its okay because failure comes easy If you suffer your success that is tragedy because success doesn't come easy So something that you worked for something that you always longed for something that you wanted to creating your life when it happens if you start suffering that thats real tragedy of life but a large number of successful people on the planet are suffering their success When I say suffering their success If you look at people look at yourself and see you still young people most of you when your are five years of age how happy you were and today how happy you are If we make a chart out of it or a graph out of it Is it moving upward or downward? In 24 hours time how many moments are you really happy if you look at this Is it going up or down? Is it going up or down? down so that means you are a bad manager because after all everything you did in your life is in pursuit of happiness. Isn't it? All the that you doing in your life you doing it because you believe that is your happiness you educate yourself, you pursue careers you built families you run after your ambitions so many things you do because somewhere you believe fulfilling those things will bring you happiness after doing all that if happiness is not multiplying it is going down. That means you are a bad manager of your self anybody who does not know how to manage his own body his own mind, his own emotions and his energies If he is managing outside situations he is only managing them by accident not by intent the way he wants it because if you do not know how to manage your mind, how to manage your energies how to manage your interiority managing the outside is bound to be accidental when you manage situations by accident you exist as an accident when you exist as an accident you are a potential calamity when you exist as a potential calamity being anxious all the time becomes a natural part of life

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 19, 2010 Delivering a convocation address at a premier management institute, Sadhguru talks about the need of another kind of management an "Inner Management" through which one can become the master of his own destiny.

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