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6 Cheap Easy Vegan Staples

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... ... ... ... I always say if you got bout 5 to 10 good,reliable vegan meals, you'd be on the right track.A lot of people try being vegan but don't make the effort to find reliable,calorie-dense foods.So,they end up under-eating,living off lettuce, nuts and berries for a few days,then feel weak,tired and dizzy and assume that veganism isn't right for their body.When in reality,they're just under-carbed and under-nourished from not eating enough. So,here are my 6 favorite,cheap and easy,go-to vegan meals and snacks that you might want to try out. So,the first one is oatmeal.Oatmeal is a really filling meal that works well as a quick breakfast,if you add fresh or dried fruit and top it with something like maple syrup,it'll be super tasty. And banana-based smoothies are really quick and filling. They make great breakfast but it's also a good idea to use juices and smoothies as snacks between meals. I's also a good idea to have lots of fresh and dried fruit handy. Dried fruit like dates and raisins are awesome for taking around and snacking on. Fruits like apples and grapes are brilliant to have around too. And baked potatoes and potato wedges are really quick and tasty, you can cook them in the oven or microwave them. While they're cooking,make some salad with your favourite veggies and legumes. You can add hummus and guacamole as well. Then blend up a creamy sauce like tomatoes,herbs,kidney beans,carrots mushrooms,avocados,broccoli and things like that. This kind of raw vegan salad dressing is a great way of getting lots of veggies when you're not a fan of them on their own. ... And a good serving of rice is always really reliable. To go with it,you can make a chili with beans and veggies, or do a curry or a mushroom risotto, just be creative. And pitta bread,with something like hummus is really great. ... ... ... ... So yeah,this is just a few quick ideas that i wish I'd known about when i first started. If you want more quick,cheap,easy recipes,check out Rose's channel,Cheap Easy Vegan, she's got some awesome recipes,great videos like a grocery guide,also subscribe to The Vegan Corner and check out some recipes on the Veganuary website and I also have a complete guide to vegan food with a little book with extra infos and lots of recipes,so have a look at that if you haven't already.

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6 Cheap Easy Vegan Staples

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