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In my case, I prefer watching movies in an original voice but if it’s a language that I know. For example, if it’s a film in English I prefer to watch the film in English and not in subtitles because in this way I can lean more. Personally I prefer subtitling basically because I’m a big fan of the little inter jokes and the– You know when sometimes a sentence make sense in one language but when you translate it even if you look for the equivalent of it in another language it’s just isn’t that funny loses its charm. It’s awful if you don’t hear the language because that’s a way of learning and that’s a way of improving. As I said it’s learning in an unconscious way. Every language is a world and every language has its expressions or sentences that only belong at this languages. And also, if you subtitle the movie you will gonna lose many details small details from the other language. I think it’s really a shame and we should start subtitling as soon as possible. It could reduce the cost as well because it’s really expensive. Dubbing lets you see the movie in itself the actors, how they move, their facial expressions, the performance, the mock-up – it’s easier. When it’s subtitled you pay more attention to the letters than the movie in itself. I believe Spain has a huge problem with dubbing films or movies –well, it’s the same- Films, TV shows, etcetera. Spanish people has the lowest level of English and that’s because I think one of the problem is that people don’t have contact with the language and also that they don't think it’s necessary to learn English or they don’t think it’s important. I don’t think Spain should stop dubbing films because always will be people that want to see them dubbed and who wants to see them subtitled –which obviously is a realistic alternative. Everyone is free to see the film as they want. For instance, in other countries like Poland –I was there three months on an exchange so I could see how English was in there. They use a very different system they mix English and Polish at the same time. The main TV shows are mainly dubbed in Polish however you can hear that in the background you can hear in English So you hear both languages at once. A robotic voice telling what’s happening and telling everything like is dubbed but in a lazy way and a very low-key way Also they use it sometimes to censor. I could see I could listen in the original version as the woman in the bus: “YOU SON OF A BITCH I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU DID TO ME, BASTARD!” and over this overly dramatic scene you have the filming voice telling: “You are a bad person I can’t believe what you did this to me you bad bad person”. This case in UK is special because there’s not the purpose of learning a new language as such an important language as English as it could be in Spain or in Catalonia So the benefits would be that people even if they don’t speak the languages in their house, at home, with their friends they still listen to them and they are not being completely lost. I think in the future Yes, we can achieve a Spanish society without dubbing but we have to make a lot of effort It's hard I mean, it’s not everything about two or three –well, generations or I think it’s a very very long process to change society’s mind.

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