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Pesach Clip 1987 Freedom

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For us, that is what Pessach is about. It is not tradition. It is not a holiday It is a cosmic event that permitted freedom While freedom only for a minute, to get a breather Because when we read in Shemot that they went back to where they were. The day after they were back to where they were. So the stories we read in Exodus really are not the stories What it was? It was very good in Mitzraim (Egypt) It was so good that you see straight through their 40 years in the wilderness they had one complaint: Why did you take us out? How good it was there! Now, what are these people? They were the Dor De'ah. Let's remember They were the most sophisticated generation since the Tower of Babel. Because these were the same people that were involved. No one starved When I say 'No one starved', life was extremely good How do I know that? Because these same intellectual advanced people said, when they went out of Egypt, "Did you bring us to the wilderness to die?" "You know how good the fish in Egypt tasted?" "You know how great it was for us?" That's the clue! If it was really that bad, would you go back to a place that you suffered? Would you go back to a prison that you were in for 20 years? And they went back. Like you say, David You could be up to the mud, but wherever that mud is, that's the security. Tomorrow, who knows what will be? Uncertainty was the greatest slaver of mandkind Uncertainty - the fear of uncertainty is the greatest fear When they went out of Egypt, they went out of uncertainty What happened? The Light came out! The flash! Everything was clear. So, when you get a flash, which was the night of Pessach, this is the kind of light we are trying to capture on Pessach. Nothing more! What is Pessach - breaking out of bondage? - Meaning there was an external force that controls me Now you begin to understand "se'or v'chametz" Why we bring in 'se'or', yeast? Because that's the aspect that affects others. If we were by ourselves in the world, would there be a problem? Probably not. But because there are external factors outside of us then there is the internal bondage, and there is external bondage, right? If there was nobody around but I became involved with the illusionary, physical reality it would be a personal bondage But then, there is another bondage There is a certain environmental bondage because people would see me with a suit and think because people are affected by se'or. Now you see the connection To break out of that? What we learn at this morning I guess you will understand the full implication, by knowing the energy intelligence, we have already taken control over it By understanding there is such a thing as 'se'or' and such a thing as 'chametz'. Chametz is internal and se'or is external All of these things, this is what essentially we are talking about Pessach is this breaking out from 'bondage' Having to be subjected to something that maybe I don't even want to

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Pesach Clip 1987 Freedom

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