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TOP 10 Football Sportsmanship Moments 2012/13

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But we are all about positivity for the next 10 minutes or so as we focus on examples of great sporting behaviour in football. Paul Smith and the Great Sportsmanship Programme has been through the multitude of examples to select his season's TOP 10. There were so many, it was difficult to choose these, because I spent about a day sifting through all the stories that we had

but let's do TOP 10. So in 10th place was Manchester. Manchester United vs. Swansea: 75 000 ManU fans waving goodbye to Ferguson with the little red flags stating 'ManUnited Premiere League Champions 2012-2013' but they issued to the Swansea City fans thousands of white flags stating 'Swansea City Capital Cup Winners 2012-2013', so... fair play... nice touch. No. 9 over to the UAE and we have the Gulf Cup Semi Finals between UAE & Kuwait and the UAE striker Esmail Mattar scored a last gasp winner with just 2 minutes to go followed by usual antics and celebration with the minutes ticking away so the Kuwait fans were going berserk and in fairness to him afterwards, he was big enough to stand up and apologize in front of the cameras and say 'I shouldn't have done that.' Not many players actually today apologize and he did so... and well, fair play, so he gets no. 9. No. 8 over across to Italy, and Sicily in particular, a game in Italian youth league between Palermo Prima vs. Vicenza. After 20 minutes of play, Vicenza put the ball out after an injury and Palermo's Davide Petermann inadvertently hit the back of the net when he returned the ball. But they insisted that the opposition should be allowed then to kick off and walk the ball into the net. - It happened before, isn't it? - It happened several occasions actually. which is great to see as well and it might seen rather unusual thing but as you say... you mentioned Millwall. - Yes, Millwall 2002 against Bournemouth did they just that. Nr. 7 spot is Dublin, Ireland. I was there for the World Cup qualifier between Austria and Ireland. It's a serious game, both vying for 2nd spot and with both teams at each other's throats the Austrian keeper Heinz Linder made a point blank safe, at which Ireland's Shane Long quite gave him high five and they both grasped each other's hands, just for nanoseconds and the game went on. That reminded me of Eusebio and Alex Stepney way back in 1968 European Cup Final, that magical moment. No. 6 moment - over to the USA, a non-league football a beautiful photograph (all these stories are on The photograph here is a beautiful photograph of the opposition footballer - a Girls-Under-10 game in the Westchester Youth Soccer League and the opposition player is tying the laces of the opposite goalkeeper, cause she had big gloves on, can't get them off, can't do the laces and they've all heard 'Don't play with loose laces!' So it's just a photograph... so beautiful and maybe you think: Without an opposition, you don't have a game! So it's that respect for opposition thing which is so nice. - Yes, respect is important thing and also the fact it's a game that you want to beat them, they want to beat you, however you are all at the same pitch, you got the same aim, which is playing sport and enjoying playing sport. - No. 1 which I give you in a second is the ultimate extremity of the joy of pure competition against each other for the sake of it, and not for medal or whatever. No. 5 Top sportsmanship moment in football this year was a non league football match in the UK, Aylesbury United were playing Shirvenham FC, winning 4-0 in the ¼ finals of the Berks and Bucks Senior Trophy, when the match was abandoned after Aylesbury’s Lee Bircham suffered a double leg break. (He's a brother of Mark Bircham, Queens Park Rangers' Mark Bircham). Normally that would be a replay. Even in 4-0 up, it would be a replay. And in fairness - hats off to Shirvenham FC - but they honourably asked the FA to let the result stand, cause they felt it would be just proper. Nr. 4 of Top 10 sportsmanship moments in football this year, this is the most amazing, really. It goes over to Spain & to Mexico & to Los Angeles & all over the place. A guy called Abel Rodríguez, 41 year old Mexican-American, living in L.A. When Real Madrid come to L.A., he takes two weeks vacation to be a ballboy and pick up the cones and tidy up and so on. Everytime they come, he does this. And he wanted to go and see Madrid-Barcelona [El Clásico] for a long time and didn't have too much cash - he cleans floors for living. And his wife says 'You must go because that great Barcelona team won't be round forever. You're young enough. Do it now!' and he went, without a ticket. And he arrived at Real Madrid, can't buy a ticket for lot of money and ask anybody and is telling them story and what he does and they just say no. In freezing cold, it is nearly snowing, he's sitting down, not knowing what to do when Mourinho comes out in his limo and he spots him and recognizes him and says 'Amigo! What are you doing?' - 'I came to try get tickets...' - 'You can't get tickets, they are long sold out.' He said 'What's your plan?' - 'My plan was, if I couldn't get tickets, I'd go down to the city and try buy tickets for higher price and if I still can't, I'd fly home.' End of story. Mourinho said 'You'd come with me' and he put him in his hotel room, Mourinho moved out and he said 'We'll get you tickets.' Got him tickets into the dugout, he said 'You're a kitman as well, meet all the team, all that... and he said 'Hey! Next Wednesday, we've got to play ManUnited at Old Trafford, you're coming with us!' The Mexican-American Rodríguez said 'I'm paying for that.' Mourinho says 'You pay for nothing, when you're with me!' So he was the bagman for that game on the pitch, he even got the Mexican, who is playing for ManU to 'give me a shirt...' little touches like that....You know, dreamlike stuff. - When you talk so much about Mourinho and everyone, you know... talks about the arogance of a man and how maybe his character gets not accessinated necessarily but it's great to hear that somebody has them quite a bit for football and I think, he's quite special in many respects, José Mourinho. To hear that side of him, which doesn't get publicize enough, is brilliant. - I've done an injustice to that story. You have to(!) read it on the facebook page. It's just stunning. It goes of about 10 minutes and you'll be in tears reading it. It's beautiful stuff. - If I can interject, it's not as extreme as that, certainly not as generous as that, but there was the young Ipswich player, who was formerly a non-league player and if you heard about this... And he was on twitter conversation with an Ipswich fan and this lad, I think, has not yet played for Ipswich but this fan was saying... and said to him he gonna be on Portman Road today and he said 'Oh, I can't make it, I'm skint.' So this kiddie used to play non-league football in southwest country, said: 'Can you get to Portman Road?' And the lad said 'Yes, I can, why?' - 'I left 2 tickets in your name on the gate.' And that sort of thing doesn't get publicize enough, Paul, which is what we can see at - Yeah, absolutely right! I mean, we cover that on the facebook page. We pull one story at facebook page every day but that story was beautiful where he said 'I'm skint' and the player clicked into it and managed to relate to it. We all don't hear those stories enough. Nr. 3 in the Top 10 sportsmanship moments in football this year goes to the 4th Division - Barnet FC - no less, in fact they are no longer with us - they've been relegated, I think. Barnet FC - Edgar Davids, the Dutch legend, he's the player manager at the age of 40 and he doesn't take a salary. He was driving down the motorway after playing Acrington Stanley and it's snowing and they see a coach of their fans on the side road in the cold. He orders the bus into the next service station, gets the players off the bus, goes back, picks them up and brings them back to safety and heat, while they get a replacement van and they mingle with players, have a burger and coffee, photographs and just top stuff. It's the real league, as they say, not a plastic league, it's the real league! That's no. 3. No. 2 is a magical moment that happened last October: Swiss football club BSC Young Boys - their fans gotta tip the captain that travel a long way to play Liverpool in the European League match and they waited until half time before they unroll this wonderful 30m banner which read 'In memory Of Hillsborough' in honour of the families of the 96 fans that died [in 1989] and I thought it was just a great... generosity fans. There's lot of it that goes on and that was magnificent for me. Here we are: No. 1 - the best moment across the world of football in the 2012/13 season comes from Bosnia. There's a surprise for you. A football match between Muslim imams and Catholic priests, no less. The thing about this is - it's just a game of football. These people were at war with each other 20 years ago, 100,000 people died, but they came together in the spirit of the brotherhood of football and they played this game - a competitive game, it's on video, you can see it on the facebook page, 5-3 final result... not really relevant... The crowd cheered for every goal at either end and the crowd chanted 'Bosnia! Bosnia!' on every goal at either end. They paid their 1 € to get into the game, there were 4000 people, so they raised €4000 for a kindergarten school and the two came together. So for me, it's about having a game of football and that's what those guys did. For more true 2 minute stories about sportsmanship, visit: w: f: Great Sportsmanship t: GtSportsmanship youtube: Great Sportsmanship Channel LinkedIn: Great Sportsmanship Programme The Great Sportsmanship Programme

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BBC Radio London's Phil Parry interviews PR Smith about the best sportsmasnhip football moments .

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