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Mid-August Brochure 2018 (French Version)

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Hey, y'all! It is superhero time, using our brand new Mid-August Brochure. It's all about you, your host, and your customers being superheroes. So let me tell you why everyone's gonna wanna have a Tupperware party with our mid-August Brochure. First of all, y'all, we have our brand new host-guest special, $600 and 2 datings in the US, $700 and 2 datings in Canada. And guess what, y'all? It's our fresh and cool. This is an amazing host-guest special, y'all. And we haven't had this product line in several years. So I promise you, your friends are gonna wanna host a Tupperware party with you, our superhero. So let me tell you what's in this host-guest special, guys. This is called our fresh and cool. And the reason people love this line is because two reasons, three reasons, four reasons, lots of reasons, y'all. First one is the way it's designed. It actually has a pour spout on both sides of the container so it makes it really easy to pour whether you're a right-handed or a left-handed. Number two, it's see through. Everybody loves to see what's inside their containers. Super easy seal to put on and off. And guess what, guys? It goes inside the refrigerator, right? And it actually is modularized. And you can also, guys, stack it together, and if you'll notice... I thought it was a super easy feel. I promise you it is. So you'll notice that it has these little circles on it, so when you're stacking them in the refrigerator, it helps to keep the container in place, but here is the hot diggity bomb about this product, guys. Watch how amazing it is. For storage, so if you're not using it, guys, it actually stacks inside each other and you're always gonna start with the smallest container on the bottom, then you're gonna go to the next side's container and then you're gonna go to your largest container and you put it right inside... I know. Is that not amazing? And then look, guys, you can take all the seals, put them right together inside your container so everything stays in one place so you know where it's at. Not only do you have these modular sizes, you also have your rectangular sizes, which are good, guys. If you're gonna prep and you wanna put... Let's say you're gonna have a party or you've got friends coming over and you wanna prep some fruits and vegetables ahead of time, you can put them right inside here, pull them out, put them in your serving center. Your large one... Oh, my stars and garters, how awesome is this. So you can prep a meal on a Sunday, guy. Store it inside here, put in the refrigerator, guys, bring it back out, and walla, you're ready to go. So this is all about prepping, okay. Prepping ahead of time using the products in our brochure, and then storing right inside here which is your fresh and cool. And this is your refrigerator line. And another thing that is so awesome about this line, guys, is these sides right here are large. It actually fits in the door of your refrigerator. And you know what, y'all? That's a place where a lot of times you got a little extra space and nothing fits in there 'cause it's either too big or it's too small and it gets lost. This is just right. So your friends are gonna wanna host a party with you and you are our superheroes. But I have one more thing to tell you about. That's brand new, guys. And that is our dating gift. Because you know what, y'all? Your hosts are also gonna have an opportunity to earn the two-cup dating gift just for letting you walk through the front door. They can get a second one, guys, when they have 10 or more an attendance at their party. A third one when they have $100 or more and outside orders, and then they can earn a fourth one, guys, for having a dating waiting. We call it a blind date before you get to the Tupperware party. So they have an opportunity to earn all four of these. And you know what, ya'll? Another great thing about this size is it goes from 2 cup all the way to 22 cups. So there is a size for every need for every family out there. So go out, be a superhero, and gates some Tupperware parties today. Okay, y'all, so now you know why people are gonna wanna host a Tupperware party to qualify for that amazing 20-piece fresh and cool host-guest special, but why are their friends and family gonna wanna come to a party. Well, you know what, y'all, you have your Mid-August Brochure and it is featuring on the cover our superhero Sheila Tolbert. And inside here is our kitchen heroes, and that is our amazing Tupperware products, starting with our feature by which is our freeze it plus set, guys, and it is a buy one get one free. And your customers are gonna love this set, y'all. So let me show you what's inside the set. First of all, guys, they're gonna get two of our freeze and small containers. These are the perfect size when you just wanna store in the refrigerator in the freezer something small, and then we're gonna take it to, you're also gonna have two of our freeze it small deep, okay. So bigger family need a bigger size. And then take it all the way up to our medium deep. These are really great, guys. If you are freezing, if you are picking strawberries or you've got fruit in the summertime and you wanna freeze it so you have it later in the fall or the winter, this is the perfect size for that. And then we go all the way up to the exclusive size, which is our sixth court in the US, extra large. And this is an exclusive size, guys. Now the nice thing about our freezer, guys, is first of all, don't forget to tell all of your customers that it comes with our stay on guard technology which makes this stain resistant. I love that, y'all. Plus, these are also refrigerator safe and they're also freezer safe. They've got it easy seal to get on and to get off, guys. And this size right here, if you have a side by side refrigerator, they fit perfect in the door of your freezer. This size right here if you're going to Costco's B.J. Sam's, any of those big box stores, guys, this is the perfect size if you're buying in bulk. Those large bags of chicken tenders or chicken nuggets or whatever. You wanna bring them home, take it out of that plastic bag, guys, and put them right inside here. Your customers are probably gonna want more than just one because the great thing about these freeze set, guys, is they all nest on top of each other so they have great stack ability. This brochure is all about freezing and then prepping for the meals in one week. So with Tupperware, we're gonna give you the tools to prep it, make it, and freeze it, all inside your brand new Mid-August Brochure because we're gonna show you how you can be a superhero at your Tupperware parties with our kitchen heroes and your customers are gonna love it. Okay, y'all, or you can do your good, better, best set, right, and you gotta-have-it-all because some of your customers at your Tupperware parties, guys, they're gonna want all of these pieces, okay, because they have large families so they do lots of freezing or lots of canning. So here's how you can do your good, better, best, and gotta-have-it-all. So your set, guys, would be your buy one get one, okay. So that's gonna give them 14 pieces of freeze sets, okay. Then when they do that, remember, it's gonna qualify them to add two more of the medium deep, okay, so that's gonna be your better set because they came to the party and they placed an order, it also qualifies them for the attendance offer which is gonna give them four more of our small deep, and then which would then be your best set and then, you know what, guys. When you have your tear off because your extra large is on the tear off, y'all, for those three weeks you can do your gotta-have-it-all set, okay. So whether you're doing the girlfriend set and you're splitting it by 7 pieces, 8 pieces 10 pieces, or 11 pieces, or you're doing your good, better, best gotta-have-it-all set which you can only do the gotta-have-it-all while you have the tear off, you have what you need to help your customers be a kitchen hero and their own kitchen. And we've also added, guys, on the training website under the community toolbox, and also on the Salesforce website under Product Knowledge, we've added two pages of our freezer guide that you can take to your Tupperware parties and you can share with your customers and your host. How long you can freeze different items, like breads? How long can you freeze bread? How long can you freeze hamburger? How long can you freeze chickens? How long can you free fish? There are some things that you can't freeze. What are those, ya'll? We're gonna tell you all of that so you can be a superhero at all of your Tupperware parties using our superhero products. Okay, y'all, every superhero has their sidekick. You know that, Batman and Robin. And guess what? We got some pretty amazing sidekicks in this brochure, and it is our Vent 'N Serve exclusive pieces, y'all. And this set right here is a set of four. Your customers are gonna get not one, but we like to double, and they're gonna get two of our exclusive Vent 'N Serve divided dish, y'all. And you know what, I always call this. This is your TV dinner dish. It's the hungry man size. But you know what? We're not done because we've also added the exclusive pieces of the round divided dish. So this is the perfect size for kids, teenagers, and maybe somebody who has small portions. Now, guys, all of the seals are gonna come in this color, not this color, but we wanted to show you these exclusive sizes, guys. Now this is a set, right? Set of four. Once again, why are your friends and family gonna wanna come to a Tupperware party because these pieces are exclusive. So you know what, guys? You can go ahead and you can prep and make that meal ahead of time, put it in your Vent 'N Serve, stick it in the freezer 'cause it is freezer-safe, guys. Take it out, reheat it 50% power, and walla, dinner is done. You know what Stephanie Garber always says? "Ditch the drive-thru and eat something healthy." And Tupperware makes that possible with our exclusive divided dish Vent 'N Serves. And you know what else is really great about this, guys. If you have or your customers have a busy family schedule then you can go ahead and prep that meal and make it and then go ahead and divide it into these pieces, put them in the refrigerator, they're coming home late from bear and practice, cheerleading, soccer, baseball, your spouse significant others traveling gets home from work late, all you have to do, guys, is have them take this out other refrigerator, vent it, microwave it 50% power, and walla, dinner is done. Once again, you're serving healthy meals and set a call in for the pizza or go in through the drive-thru. That's a great superhero sidekick, guys, with our Vent 'N Serve. Okay, y'all, so now you know every superhero has a sidekick. So our superhero is our freeze it plus set. The sidekick is our Vent 'N Serve exclusive pieces, guys. But some superheroes have another sidekick like, Batman, Robin, and Cat Woman. So you know what, guys? We also have another amazing sidekick. And we have on sale for the first time in our brochure our amazing small multi-cooker, guys. So you remember, went before. I said what's Stephanie says to ditch the drive-thru and cook those healthy meals. We have the perfect product that you can do that, guys. So once again, guys, you can prep it, you can make it, and you can store it, using our Tupperware hero products in the kitchen. Our small multi-cooker, guys, not only will it cook your vegetables and your chicken, and your rice, you can also take it, guys, and it also becomes an individual rice cooker and or pasta cooker, so whether you wanna do your rice in the bottom using the rice insert and the cover or you wanna do your pasta in the bottom using the bottom and the cover. Tupperware has the solution for all of those needs. So on sale, guy, it's a great compliment to our other superheroes in our Mid-August Brochure. Okay, guys, tell your customers that we have the products to heck them on a mission on the go, starting with our exclusive first time we've had these large lunch it containers. I love these, guys. You know, how great this is. This is the perfect size for any adult that wants to take their lunch to work, guys. Or if whether you wanna pack a lunch for a Saturday or a Sunday picnic, the great thing about it is it's divided just like our small lunches, guys, but it is teenage and adult sizes. So just to show you what you can put inside here, guys. We wanted you to see that a regular size of bread fits right in site here, guy, so you can do your sandwich here, carrot sticks here, hummus here, guys, or you could do some pretzels and from goldfish in here, grapes inside here, guys. Get creative, tell your customers this is the perfect lunchbox for them to take their lunch on the go or their lunch to work. And you know what, y'all? These are the right containers, the right sizes, but they are the wrong colors. The colors in the brochure they match your on the go line in your full line catalog. And you know what, guys? Another great thing about this is you can also use it for multiple uses. It doesn't have to be just for lunch. It can be your snack box, guys. It can also be a sewing box, it can be a craft box, it can be a jewelry box, it can be a large first-aid kit, guys. If you're camping or if you're gonna be gone for a couple of weeks, put it in the car, it's a great little got-to-have. It's exclusive and it's on sale. But we also have some more amazing offers in your brochure, guys. And that is, first of all, not one, but two 'cause we always like to double everything of our exclusive bagel containers, guys. Now once again, this is the right container, but it's the wrong color, y'all. So not only do you get the round container, but you also get this little smidge it that fits on top. So inside here, y'all, we actually have, not one, but two of your English muffins fits inside here. So you wanna take your breakfast on the go and you don't wanna run through the drive-thru and spending that money, you bring this to work, guys, put a little bit of Nutella or some peanut butter in here for your protein, and walla, you got breakfast on the go. You can make your own egg sandwich, y'all, okay? You can make it, you can freeze it, you can take it out, guys, put it in here and take this to work. So now you have your breakfast on the go, but you know, I talked about those egg sandwiches. Well, you know, we have the perfect container to make those, guys, and that is our microwave breakfast maker, and this is that fan favorite, guys. And yes, they do come with our two egg inserts, guys. So when you're doing your eggs, right, you wanna follow your directions, a little bit of water, crack the egg, put it in here, put the cover on about 60 to 90 seconds, and voilĂ , your egg is done, y'all. Or you can also take this out, guys. And now you have the perfect container to make your omelets for one, you can also do inside here, French toast, you can do brownies in here. It really is limitless on what you can do with our microwave breakfast maker. But we're not done, y'all, because you know what else, a lot of people like to drink a shake in the morning, a protein shake, or a fruit smoothie, and Tupperware has the solution for that too. It's our all in one shaker, guys. So whether you're doing protein shakes or whether you're doing a smoothie, Tupperware has the answer. So remember, tell your customers you can mix it, you can make it, and you can take it using our superhero Tupperware products. Okay, guys, I forgot one thing on your superhero sidekicks because when your customers are taking advantage of the exclusive Vent 'N Serve pieces, they also can take advantage of a second P with P, and that is our mini salt and pepper shakers, which this is the perfect size when you're making your dinners or making your lunches, and if you're taking them with you, you need our mini salt and pepper shaker. So one more P with P at your Tupperware parties. Okay, y'all, at our dynamic duos, they continue starting with not one, but two of our Vent 'N Serve soup bowl, guys. Now this is exclusive 'cause we don't have this in the catalog right now and your customers are gonna want both of them because whether you're doing oatmeal in the morning, guys, or you're doing, if you're from the south, "grits" in the morning. This is the perfect one. But you can also use it for your soup. But you know what else Marisa shared with me? She loves it for her ice cream sundaes, and this is why and it's got a handle so it makes it easy to hold it, right? But if you don't finish the entire sundae, you've got to seal, you can stick it back in the freezer, and then voilĂ , you got an ice cream sundae for night too 'cause we like to double. But we also have, guys, a set of two of our small Vent 'N Serve. I love this size, guys. It is the perfect size for those plan-overs. So the great thing about this is you can add these two to your Vent 'N Serve exclusive set, guys, at your Tupperware parties for the last three weeks of August. And because they're exclusive and because they're the perfect size, everybody's going to want them. Okay, guys, so our dynamic duos continue with not one, but two of our apple keepers. And yes, they keep your apples bruise free, but it also makes a great holiday gift for those teachers because what can do, guys, is put a gift card inside here. So not only you're giving them a gift card, you're also giving them a gift that keeps on giving. So lots of dynamic duos, but we're not done. We also have on your tear off, our lunch bag with the contents and our insulated flask, guys. In this complements, this lunch bag so amazingly. So you know what, guys? Your customers have everything they need to take their lunch to work. A cold beverage in here and a hot beverage in here. Tupperware has the answer. Tupperware is the superhero, not only in the kitchen, but when they're ready to go on the go. Okay, y'all, make sure you're telling your iStory at all your Tupperware parties, and we're showcasing Sheila Tolbert, our superhero bomb, and our Mid-August Brochure. You know, why Sheila loves Tupperware, because the opportunity gives Sheila as a single mom, the flexibility that she can be there for her son when she needs to be. And Sheila loves what she does, and we love what you do. So remember, think big, start small, but go out and be a superhero now! See y'all.

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Mid-August Brochure 2018 (French Version)

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