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Developing a Rubric: Making Authentic Assessments of STEM Learning

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[CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Developing a Rubric: Making Authentic Assessments] >> First what we're going to do... I came up with three categories once we get done building our plans the key things that you should be focusing on when you're building your plants. And I decided on effort, the use of your resources and information and creativity. >> One effective strategy of giving youth control and making authentic assessments is to allow youth to have self-determination and set goals for their performance in the STEM activity. A great way to show this is to have youth come up with a rubric to estimate outcomes. In this video, watch as frontline staff person, Gabby, works with youth to create a rubric for a plant activity. Pay special attention to how she guides youth to think objectively and critically about their performance, but allows them their voice in setting up the guidelines. >> Have you guys ever seen like a rubric? Do use that in class? So you have like a one, two, three, four? And four is the best? Okay. So if we're thinking of that kind of rubric, and we're thinking about our effort, what does our effort look like when it's a four with this activity? >> Uh, like, excellent or awesome, I guess. >> Excellent or awesome effort how? Tell me exactly what an excellent or awesome effort looks like? >> Following direction. >> Okay. Following directions. >> Staying on task. >> Staying on task, I like that one. Does anyone else have an idea what a four would look like for effort with this particular activity? >> Yeah. >> Go headline, Lin. >> Uh, doing your work properly. >> So what would a three look like? >> You kind of fluctuate between staying and not staying on task. >> Okay. So could we say mostly stay on task? >> Yeah. >> And what does two look like? >> Kind of staying on task. >> Kind of on task. What would a one look like today? >> Never, like, ignoring the teacher. Not doing your work right and not, not staying on task. >> You guys made these expectations for what a one, two, three, and four are okay? >> So I am guessing you want us to do either the three or four... >> I want you to be, you know, pretty high up there. Okay, so let's get started on making your first plan. With all those considerations to get a four today, to get a complete original plan, what things are you going to need to have? >> The stigma and arther? >> Anther. >> Anther. >> Yup. >> And then the stem, and the leaves, and then the pollen. >> Yup. Okay. So now that we have kind of all of our plants done, let's look back up here at our scale. I'll give you like a minute to think about it and then you're going to hold up a number. One, two, three, or four, which you would grade yourself on your performance today, okay? Full effort. So did you follow directions the entire time? Did you stay on task the entire time? Did you do your work properly to the best of your abilities? Or did you, you know, did you wander backwards a little bit, that'd be okay. Did you kind of get off task a little? Okay. So let's hold up our number in three, two, one. Yes, for effort. So we have a three, a three, a four and a seven. >> No, it's like, it's like between. >> Okay, so between the three and four. I would agree with that. I think you guys put in a lot of effort to this. I think he did a really good job. [CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Developing a Rubric: Making Authentic Assessments] [filmed in collaboration with:]

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Posted by: click2science on Mar 23, 2016

Looking for a way to assess youth, while building their self-governing skills when doing STEM? One strategy is to have youth come up with a rubric to estimate outcomes. In this video, watch as Frontline Staff person, Gabby, works with youth to create a rubric for a plant activity.

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