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Like Dandelion Dust (2010)

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[metallic clunking] (female voice) After you went away... [man yelling] ...I found out I was pregnant. You what? With how things were, I gave the baby up for adoption. (boy) Can I drive all by myself, Daddy? You can drive when we get outside of the marina, okay bud? We need to get our son back. (boy) Why do I have to go? (adoptive father) Everything's gonna be fine. I love you. (adoptive mother) On the first visit, we're gonna tell Joey the Porters are just friends. Can I give you a hug? (adoptive mother) The next time we will refer to them as the other mommy and daddy. And on the final visit, he'll be told the truth. Come here, baby. (boy) I want to stay with you. It's okay, we're going to be right here when you get back. (boy) No. Mr. Porter. I'll give you half a million dollars in cash. What do you want? I want my son, okay, and you can't have him. Not for no money. ♪ I know what makes me tremble ♪ You are ripping this boy away from the only life he's ever known. Do you have any idea what that's going to do to him? (adoptive father) It's right for him to be with us. (adoptive mother) His mother must be feeling the same way I do. ♪ pray, and pray, to God ♪ Are you my real dad? What do you think? You know that I will always be with you. No matter what. Honey, you don't need that anymore. Please no. [man yelling] Aaaaaa! [woman sobbing] You ready? Woo hoo! I didn't mean to hurt him. I was... But you did hurt him! You made him terrified. [glass shattering] I am not giving up my son. We have to pack our things and go. We'd never be able to come back. We'd have Joey. (birth father) Somebody is gonna lose. Yee - ha! It's not going to be us this time. [Captions by]

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