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Half serious introduction to a WEB 2 course

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Hello, I'm Andreas Formiconi, my background was in physics and during the first 20 years I have been doing research in the field of tomographic reconstruction in nuclear medicine then, I found myself teaching computer literacy in many curricula of the Medical School and in some other contexts and now I'm taking care of an experimental course on WEB 2 at the Italian Congress of Nuclear Medicine that will be held in Firenze in March 2009 Rather then a course we are proposing a path throughout the WEB 2.0 territory starting now, in September, and ending at the congress in March 2009 All the instructions are in Internet ( this is just a short presentation to let you know the facilitator and to suggest you the mood of this new way of teaching and learning First of all we have to specify that we are living in the so called "exponential times" The amount of unique new technical information is doubling every couple of years Performances of computers and networks per unit of cost grow in a similar way Students who had just started a four year technical degree or college will find that half of what they learned in their first year of study would be obsolete by their third year of school All this means that we are facing a huge educational problem Ops! Let us describe the mood .. we could talk in an academic fashion recalling the last learning theories such as constructivism and connectivism but in such a short time the use of some kind of images or metaphores will be more effective Just a couple of points I'm going to use a bucolic metaphor .. the metaphor of the shepherd every breeder knows that in a herd free to graze animals are much healthier and produce better with respect to one breeded in a stall where the breeder must determine all the aspects of their life so you see how animals have a choice of food in the pasture and they are perfectly capable to choose what is more appropriate for them they feel well that way because they "are made to behave like that" despite the long lasting domestication The shepherd's role is not about determining all aspects of animals life it's about taking animals in a context where they can eat autonomously Last learning theories assume that humans "are made to learn" and criticize the 19th century classroom centric model with the teacher pouring knowledge into learners minds this model appears to be very inadequate for our exponential times a new vision of the educator's role is emerging: that of "facilitator" instead of teacher the facilitator's role it's about taking students in a context where they can learn autonomously thus, the learner is able to learn autonomously in the context provided by the facilitator as the animal is able to feed autonomously a behaviour developed through a very long evolution process even the learning attitude of humans developed through a long evolution process whereas the classroom centric model, applied at mass level, is very recent, being born in the 19th century a large part of the astonishing human cultural evolution took place before the 19th century This was the first point and you will focus it further by participating to the course Now to the second point. This is an ecosystem, a beautiful ecosystem we are in a wood there are our goats that are feeding freely the physical ecosystem that is so important to us, to our lives however, there is a second ecosystem, that of ideas and knowledge in Internet be careful, this is not in contrast with books it's not about setting old methods against new ones books are fundamental to us and probably they will be so in the future but certainly, human knowledge is completely available in the Internet, if not yet very soon and there you can connect with all pieces of knowledge and with all peers with similar interests Well, one may still think that expensive technologies are required to connect no, I can sit in this wood preparing lectures and connecting with my 500-700 students per year using this small computer without hard disk, weighting a couple of pounds, 300€, 100€ the modem next year it will cost the half, later on probably almost nothing, being even more powerful to be connected is no more a question of complicated technologies or costs Concluding, we can state that what we believe to be in the future is available now probably, what we need is a kind of mind switch to realize it and take advantage of new possibilities There is nothing else left to say but to wish you good luck if you like to participate in that case, we will meet on March 21, 2009 at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Firenze

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Posted by: arf on Sep 2, 2008

Made to introduce WEB 2 in a refresher course of the congress of the Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine, to be held in march 2009. Actually, it gives just a couple of ideas but it is to suggest the mood which is very different from that of a conventional course.
Details in, unfortunately in Italian, so far.

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