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Wines From Castilla La Mancha Spain Bodegas Pedroheras podcastvideo

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Hello and welcome to Wines from Castilla La Mancha Today we are in a winery, with more than 50 years of history, from Las Pedroñeras, in the province of Cuenca (Spain) Bodegas Pedroheras We have with us today, Francisco Saez, export manager who is going to tell us about the winery and its wines well, tell us who you are. What kind of product do you produce? This winery, which is part of a 52 year old coop, with 800 members has a goal to make wines of greater structure and quality that has been produced before coming from a separate budget from that of the coop At this moment, we are making bulk wine, and (over here) prize winnning wines. Ok. we are going to see the wines you have chosen and taste them in front of our audience. We have selected 3 wines. the first is Airen, very common grape variety in Castilla La Mancha the 2nd is Verdejo, which is not very common in Castilla La Mancha. But with the OCM and re-planting has adopted very well to the region with outstanding results. which is our flagship wine It is the king of red Spanish grapes, abundantly grown in CLM (and goes by the name Cencibel). You were telling me that both the airen and tempranillo are D.O La Mancha but the Verdejo is under Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla, since you elaborate under the denomination of origin as well as under Vino de la tierra de Castilla. ok, let's start with the Airen: (holding it up), it is very clear & bright pale straw in color which is characteristic of Airen clean, no defects (on the nose) with aromas of apples, hints of bananas & pineapples. tropical notes, hints of bananas and pineapples. in the mouth (now swallowing it).............. Sorry it is very good on the palate it supports what is found on the nose. good finish..good Airén bronze prize winner of Cuenca Now, we will taste the Verdejo. not typically found in Castilla la Mancha (not an authorized grape variety) therefore, labeled under VdlT. Some wineries are beginning to cultivate it in our region. We have visited today another winery that is also elaborating verdejo Verdejo is more commonly grown in Rueda DO green and herbaceous notes golden yellow on the nose,hints of mint and anise and anise, supported by citrus notes. tropical and banana very good on the nose. in the mouth, it reminds me of a good Cava. there is high demand for this grape variety in Northern Europe and the US it is more marketable than Airen in the export markets Aside it is the subject of the variety, perhaps it is more well-known in the markets than the variety airen or at least has more prestige. You know Talking about wine sometimes is just a matter of being fashionable or not, it is not the wine that you like. Verdejo is fashionable as well as albariño and airén is not that fashionable at the moment. We are going to taste your tempranillo. You already have told me that it is very good tempranillo. Here is your glass young tempranillo, no oak. 2008 vintage ... red ruby color... 13%... Cencibel... as you may know in Castilla La Mancha, tempranillo also and goes by the name Cencibel Very clean and shiny and on the nose raspberry... also strawberry... Very smooth this is a wine that is creamy and is very appreciated. I believe that tempranillo variety is going to be the future in the United States It is a easy to drink wine. you don´t need food to enjoy it it can be enjoyed going out or chatting with friends, it is a wine suitable for any occasion A wine that tastes these two raspberry and strawberry fruit flavours. In the mouth it is a wine that is creamy It gives me the impression me that I am eating a strawberry candy ... and a good finish, good tempranillo of Castilla La Mancha good tempranillo from La Mancha Prize winner for the second year in a row Ok, So, with this wine and with the white ones, you will try to go with these wines to the export makets this wine can fit in the United states and also in The United Kingdom where consumers like this fruity easy to drink style. Yes it represents exactly what these markets are demanding. Ok, thank you very much for showing us your wines Bodegas Pedroheras. From Las pedroñeras, Cuenca, Castilla La Mancha, Spain It is under the DO La Mancha but also it makes Vino de la Tierra de Castilla... and for those of you who want to taste these wines... or to visit them... you can find more information on our web site. thank you very much

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Cata/tasting Wines From Castilla La Mancha

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