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To stay ahead of the competition, you must respond to changing business requirements in an instant, while integrating new technologies that are cost effective and work together throughout your data center. Introducing NetApp Ontap 9, the next generation of the industry leading Enterprise Data Management Software. It serves as the foundation for your data fabric across flash, disc, and cloud, and bridges new and traditional architectures. Ontap 9 is designed to simplify your storage environment, deploy new solutions in as little as 10 minutes, monitor your utilization using mobile devices, seamlessly move your data across a hybrid cloud data fabric, by using Ontap over a wide range of deployment options: NetApp engineered systems, converged infrastructure, on commodity servers as software defined storage, in front of third party arrays, next to the cloud and in the cloud. NetApp further optimized Ontap 9 for Flash, with improved performance and capacity utilization. Gain up to 60% more IOPS with consistent sub-millisecond latency. Use patented, Inline data compaction to fit more data into a smaller footprint. When you include compression, deduplication and other storage efficiencies, NetApp guarantees a 4 to 1 reduction in needed capacity, and with support for new 15 terabyte flash drives, fit up to 1 PB of data on a single disc shelf. Achieve 100 times greater security against drive failures with new triple parity data protection. Deliver continuous availability across extended metropolitan distances, while also spending less on storage, and meet stringent data retention policies with enhanced compliance features. So make the simple, fast move to NetApp Ontap 9, the industry leading data management software created to unify your storage infrastructure.

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