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(little girl, whispering) Mommy? Where's Daddy? (mother) He's running. From what? [heavy breathing, wheezing] You're breathing funny. Is it your heart? You could be having a heart attack, Mike. (Mike, panting) No... (man 2) Mike, come on, let's lay down. Let's lay down! Are you cold? (Mike) Yeah, 'cause I'm laying on the ground. (man 2) Come on, I'm going to warm you up, okay? It's okay. (Mike, grunting) Terry...? (Terry) It's okay. (woman) Are you alright? [siren] (Mike) The doctor says it's stress. (Terry) Did he prescribe anything for you? (Mike) Yeah. Jogging. (Terry) What are you so stressed about? (Mike) Money is tight... [clang] (man) The boiler sucks. (Mike) How much to fix it? (man) 6 grand. (Mike) Holy [clang] (Mike continues) law practice is struggling... (female judge) Mr Poplar, has been deemed incapacitated by this court.... (man) Did we win? [sport whistle blows] (Mike continues)...and the team is hopeless. (Terry) I can't watch this. (woman) Who's that? (Mike) Are you looking for Mr. Poplar? (boy) He's my grandfather. I came to live with him. (Poplar) I don't have a grandson. (boy) Yeah, you do. (Poplar) Okay. (mother) Does your mom even know you're here? She's at a clinic or something. She doesn't care about me. She's a druggie. I'm not sending him back there. So what do we do? (mother) Go to Ohio and beat the crap out of his mom. [sport whistle] Kyle here is going to be working out with us for a little while. (Terry) Have you ever wrestled before? (Kyle) A little. I don't think we can teach him anything. ♪ Follow the underdog ♪ (Kyle) Can you give me a slap? Okay. Like that? A little harder. (girl) Why did Daddy hit Kyle. (mother) I have no idea. (Terry) The kid's got man strength, dude. Man strength? (Mike) What's it like, to be as good as you are? (Kyle) It feels like I'm in control. Of everything, you know? (Mike) Must be nice. [doorbell] (Kyle) Mom? What are you doing here? (Terry) This kid really hates his mother. more than I hate my ex-wife. (Kyle) You can't let her take me back to Ohio. Mike? ♪ The walls are, walls are coming down ♪ (Mike) He's got a chance to do something special. Maybe even change his life. Yes! I want to see my son! (Mike) Give him a call. You've got his number. Are you out of your freakin' mind? (Mike) I did not think that it would get this complicated. You stay in this, okay? This is your place. This is your place. You control it. Remember? You control it. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 8, 2011

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