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Matrix 4 The Secret of The Machines

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Desteni interdimensional interview: Structure Resonance, Part 4 - Veno This is Veno..and I am continuing. Ok so I was where you are born and your Conscious Mind activates. So, now..(laugh) I have to go back again, and explain..where and what experience.. what you experience in the mother's womb. Ok, so while you are in the mother's womb..well I've used the term that: Together with you developing inside the mother's womb.. the systems develop with you. So, already in the mother's womb, babies 'are' - has manifested systems inside them. They grow together and amalgamate within and as the physical body.. Specially inside the bone-tissue and muscle-tissue So these systems already placed the foundation for their development.. as 'you develop' in this world and grow up once you are born. Interesting So together with your development and growing up and coming of age in this world.. so does the systems inside you. So..the system is like a 'parasite'..inside the human physical body. The..a parasite from perspective is that: the systems are not able to..exist..without your participation, ok? but your participation already starts at birth. (smile) without you even knowing it. So..that's why you're 'Becoming' of a Structural Resonance Consciousness System already starts at birth. and..that's why it requires quite an extensive process for you to be able to release yourself.. from this structural resonance consciousness system inside you.. as what you have come to believe and perceived yourself to be. Because there is..multiple, multiple layers of stuff in there. i mean you've got the whole world's stuff inside your unconscious Mind, which is all human beings in this world. and your subconscious Mind you've got.. your mother and your father's..downloaded information of who and what they are inside this Consciousness Existence and then your Conscious Mind is that which you 'use' now to develop your own.. apparently unique personality - using 'downloaded' information from your mother and your father. So a fascinating question..No, actually..Insight would be: who am i? if i already had downloaded information in my subconscious Mind.. from both my parents and i used 'that' to develop.. my own apparently unique and individual personality? Then i am not actually really 'me'. i am a copy or duplicated from my parents! I am a copy and a duplicated..of this world. i am not 'who i am'. Then who am i if i am not this? don't worry this will also cover. So, in the mother's developed with your..together with the systems inside you, which creates the platform..for further development.. of Consciousness Systems inside you, as you also come of age. Just to get that point covered as well. so, what do we have when you are born? You have the foundation of..consciousness systems, laid out within you in the muscle tissue and in the bone tissue. ok? The foundation is set - for the..growth of consciousness systems.. together with the growth of you in this world as you come of age. Then we've got the unconscious mind already set..beautifully, the house's built..voila! done. of Humanity and of the whole world. That would be the 'Collective Unified Consciousness Field'-thing.. that you are connected-to within the Unconscious Mind. and then you've got the Subconscious Mind. the foundation is laid down in the Subconscious Mind - of the 'downloaded' information from your mother and your father.. and then your..conscious Mind foundation is 'also' already set, but that's just an empty plane - for now - that's where you're going to 'Design' your own individual apparently unique personality.. 'using'..information from your mother and your father.. which was downloaded into your subconscious mind. Ok. so, now..oh ja - when you're born as well, an interesting event takes place When you come out of the mother's..of the mother (smile) what do i want to say? You come out of the mother's womb, but it's actually completely out of the mother.. because you were completely 'in' the mother.. so, when you go out of the mother's womb, you're actually protected by a 'System Gridline' ok? Now, for each and every baby..there was a guide, but this guide was to make sure.. that you remain in this specific system grid line..when you are born, and here is the reason why: so when you're born, a system comes, right? Firstly..when you are a baby..and it places like braces on your wrists.. on your..arms..on top of your your ankles..yea, that's.. it's like an 'imprint' that happen like (phew)..imprint. Oh and here by plexus and right here if you go right straight from your solar.. No! it's not the solar plexus, Veno! (laugh) sorry, your chest..people this is your chest Children, if you are watching please excuse me (laugh) this is your chest. c h e s t. Now from your chest..there is also a system imprinted straight to the back.. If you go straight to the back there is another system implanted there.. and that i'll also explain later why.. So, then it kinda imprints (chest) and (back)..wrists and here (arms) on top Now, your..the..the braces that are placed on your wrists, are connected to the sound resonance frequency of your 'chest' c h e s t! which is here..and then the bracelet here on top of your arms.. is connected to a sound frequency resonance.. of the system placed in the back that is.. It's like stretch right here(chest) to the back..from your 'chest' area, right here. ok? and then the grid line will be removed and you're a 'baby born system' - in this Consciousness Existence. Ok, guys..i'll continue, in my next interview. Veno..will remember where is the chest (laugh) where is the solar plexus. Excuse me for that one so, I was speaking so fast and with so much to say. ok. Well now you know, now you'll remember as well. 'this is your chest': imprinted in your Mind. Ok, thanks. it's Veno, bye. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, Fancis Bacon, Rudolf Steiner CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Veno through the Interdimensional Portal talking about humanity's enslavement as Mind Counsciousness Systems to keep Consciousness existing without realizing we are LIFE as One and Equal Desteni Productions Desteni

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