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Nasha Russia

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Voronezh. Everybody knows that our teachers are the best teachers in the world. It is only them who can turn a snotty first grader into a snotty school graduate. This is one of prestigious schools of Voronezh ,where kind and sympathetic teacher Svetlana Denisovna works. So boys and girls, the lesson is over. Everyone go. Good bye. Good bye. Kolya Turin, you stay. Who me? Kolya, This morning when I went to the school I saw Kolya that you were smoking Do you smoke, Kolya? No, I don't! Do not you know, Koyla, that smoking is immediate expulsion from the school! High school students offered it to me! But i don't like it... but I will never do it again. Plea... So you are smoking? Ok, I have to inform your parents immediately. Please, don't do it Snejana Denisovna! You are a smoker Kolya if you are bringing cigaretes into the school But I never had cigaretes And I have never had an Samsung conditioner The exclusive representative of this company in our region is your father. But I only tried once.... Kolya, cigarettes kill people. If your father finds out you smoke, he will kill you sooner than cigarette. . Well, what should I do then? I don't know what you should do . I don't know. I will help you Kolya. But it is the only time. Tell your father that your teacher is moving in new house soon , and she 'd like to get a gift And she does not have a conditioner at home If I get an air conditioner, your father does not need to know about the cigarettes. OK, I will say.... That's all. You may go. Go on ... Thank you Snedjana Denisovna.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Producer: Nasha Russia
Director: unknown
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Posted by: konstant on Aug 5, 2013

A comedy show

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