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16B01440_01 DRA Veritas Update_V02

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Imagine if you will an IT environment containing products from multiple vendors, managed by separate teams of experts using a variety of management tools. Together, your IT team works very hard to keep your customers, partners, and employees happy by protecting their data and keeping their critical applications running. You've got good people, and you've invested a lot in meeting always-on expectations. However, day-to-day operations, software and hardware updates, storage allocation changes, and any number of other actions can compromise your application availability and data integrity. Often undetected, this unfortunate and almost inevitable configuration drift can significantly reduce your IT environment's resilience. Perhaps a new storage volume is added only to the active node of a cluster and not to the passive or an application owner fails to turn replication back on following application maintenance or someone responding to an urgent production request configures SAN IO with only a single path. Even in the best environments, these things happen all too frequently and often go undetected. And, sure, you plan to run regular tests, but frankly, it's disruptive and potentially risky, and there just never seems to be a good time to test. Introducing Veritas Risk Advisor, the tool that can help keep your configuration under tighter control, help prevent data loss, and minimize system outages. It can help you meet compliance requirements and support your RPO and RTO goals without having to run lots of tests. Veritas Risk Advisor agentlessly scans your environment periodically looking for anomalies in your clusters, storage networks, replication, and database configurations, among others, to identify potential trouble spots based on a regularly updated knowledge base of nearly 6,000 risks and vendor-recommended best practices. And if you're running any of the major system management frameworks or enterprise ticketing systems, Veritas Risk Advisor integrates with them to make your life a whole lot easier. Why not reduce your organization's IT risks while lifting your IT resiliency, optimizing data protection and system availability? In short, Veritas Risk Advisor is in the lookout for issues in your environment, bringing them to your attention so you can fix them before things get out of hand. It'll even recommend the best way to do so. It's a bit like removing fuel from a potential fire before things get really out of hand because, when it comes to your business, that's pretty much the last thing you need. To learn more, go to

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Posted by: symantec on Jul 24, 2015

16B01440_01 DRA Veritas Update_V02

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