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Honoring the Sacred Substance in Creation - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Honoring the Sacred Substance in Creation by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Women have in their cells the light of God or the spirit present in a way that men don't. And this is because whether they become physically mothers or not, they have the potencial to give birth. What does giving birth mean? It means, esoterically, to bring the light of a soul, that divine light into the world of matter. So in women spirit and matter can never be separate. In a man they can be. In a man... men spiritually are actually made differently. It is something that is not really understood in the west. Men are made differently. Spiritually they have to do certain practices, and transmute something before they bring spirit into matter within themselves. A woman is the matrix of creation and if a woman honors that within herself, she honors it for the whole of creation because she is part of creation. Remember, nothing is separate. Separation is by its nature, it's actually a masculine idea. I am separate from you. A woman feels the connections in life rather than separation in life. And so, if a woman honors that in herself, honors the sacred light of creation in herself, she automatically honors it for the whole of creation. And that nourishes creation. Women can experience how that nourishes them, what they don't realize that also nourishes the whole of creation, because it's like the catalyst of life, the sacred connection between humanity, and life, and the Earth. And, of course this has to do with the ancient feminine mysteries, which again it has to do with grain, with life, with sustenance, with going into the underworld and being reborn in the underworld and all of that. But at its heart, there is the spiritual truth that the world is dying because of the lack of a certain spiritual nourishment; a certain sacred substance, I said, the Sufis call it the secret of the word “Kun,” to be, right? It is actually... It is like liquid gold, but much finer. It is a very, very beautiful substance. It exists. It is not an idea. It is not abstract. It exists. It is in a way the light of God made manifest in the world. And every woman carries it in the cells of her body, and if she honors it, then that substance begins to flow back into life. You see, consciousness, human consciousness is very powerful. And again, this is something that has been taken away from us, although it's beginning to come back in subatomic physics, the power of human consciousness. If you say I am separate from you, and you bring that into your consciousness, that is the experience you give both to yourself and to the other person or and to life. Your consciousness separates you from life, which is why for example holistic medicine is so important. If you carry the consciousness that you are one whole, then certain parts in your body can nourish other parts in your body. The energy can flow, the healing can flow. And if you have a bigger consciousness, you can actually allow life itself to heal you, to nourish you. If you take yourself out of your isolated thing, then other energies in life can come into your body and heal you. Now, if you consciously say, “I am separate from life,” you cut off, you close the door to that substance within you going into the matrix of life, which is why Jung said, “One of the great tragedies of our present time is that we have ceased to believe that the spark of our soul is a spark of the world soul.” And because we ceased to believe it, we stopped it from happening. That is why, when I talked about the inner worlds receding, about the light in the inner world becoming more and more inaccesible, it's because you stopped believing. It's like if you don't believe, it isn't there any more. It's something so simple and so fundamental. You can't have a relationship with it anymore. And women carry this substance in their own body. Now what the patriarchy has done so effectively, that the level of disempowerment has been so fundamental, because they have actually stopped women from being even aware they have this sacred substance in their own bodies. So, because they are not even aware of it, they can't use it. A certain feminine magic has been denied life. You know, it is the censorship, the depths of the censorship, once you look at it, it is so fundamental to be terrifying. And so, for example, we have all these images... --I shouldn't go on like this, but I feel kind of passionate about it-- of feminine empowerment that American women believe, right? I'm not denying their value--to be able to be educated, have a job, and equal pay and all of that. But the most fundamental feminine empowerment, the most important feminine empowerment, has been disempowered to such a degree there is not even a discussion about it! It doesn't even come into consciousness. Women don't even know they have it. They don't even know they carry the sacred substance in life that life needs. You know, it's a bit like this really, really sad joke, about the cats at the time of the plague. It is said that one of the reasons the plague killed a third of Europe, was because there weren't any cats. The reason there weren't any cats, was because cats were thought to be familiars of witches, and so they were systematically killed off. And so there were not so many cats left to kill the rats that carried the plague... You know... It is like when you realize the depths of it and the simplicity of it... There's a certain spiritual work that can only be done by women, because women are the matrix of creation, they carry the seeds of creation, the spiritual seeds of creation. But again, because we have been given this materialistic viewpoint that life only exists physically; it's a thing; it only exists physically; we do not understand how it comes from the spiritual, how it is born from the sacred and how it needs to be nourished by the sacred. So of course it is dying. You know, if you were treated just as an object, something in you would start to die. And what it's interesting is that women complain now about being treated just like an object, but they don't take the next step, which is to reclaim the light in them that belongs to the sacred, and honor it in creation. And then that connection between the light in them --this is called Indra's web-- and the whole web of creation, then it can start to sing. People don't even know that creation sings anymore! This has been part of the great patriarchal oppression. Let's take the song out of creation, then it can't do us any harm, then as men, we can have power over it. Because you can't have power over a song. But if you take the song out of creation, it's a thing, and we can have power over it. And this masculine power drive took over! And so we are left with creation that is dying. That's why I say, what is happening ecologically, yes, it is speeding up. But maybe, it is time to actually go back to the root, to the cause. Again, I find it very interesting in the West, I come from a tradition that is, by nature, even when my Teacher in India, most of his disciples were men. I work in the West. 70% of people who come to spiritual gatherings in America are women, right? Now either that is just because the guys are too busy, or they can't cope with devotion, or they can't cope with being vulnerable, or it is part of a bigger dimension, which I would call oneness, which says that there's a certain spiritual work that can only be done by women at this time. So women are responding to that, and are being drawn to spiritual life. This is how life organically wants to heal itself. So women are being drawn to spiritual life because they are needed, because the world is dying spiritually, and women carry the seeds of healing and rebirth in their own spiritual and physical cells because for a woman the spiritual and the physical cannot be separate like it can for a man. -

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There is a spiritual truth that the world is dying because of the lack of a certain spiritual nourishment, a certain sacred substance. A woman can provide that sacred substance—if a woman honors the sacred light of creation in herself, she automatically honors it for the whole of creation.

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