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JM: Hi~ V: Right now we are broadcasting on V app V: Last time we also did Mandako, and this one's the 2nd episode V: Oh and a lot of people liked it, so we came back because we wanted to do another one JM: That's right JM: Now, shall we get started? V: What should our topic be for today's episode? JM: "When we eat" V: When we eat? JM: "Before we eat"? V: Then for Busan we'll do "While eaitng" V: and for me um~ V: I'll do "When you call" JM: When you call V: When you call to ask for advice on something JM: ok JM: Then, let's try to have a conversation for "Before we eat" V: ok JM: We should just see how this goes, and then try to say it with a Seoul dialect V: ok um you probably won't understand any of this, but let's just start with Busan and see how it goes JM: Ok let's try this V: ok readyyy start! JM: Haaa... Is there a beggar in my stomach? Why am I so hungry? V: Did you not eat? JM: Oh! There's leftover chicken in the fridge from yesterday. Can you heat it up for me? V: Alright *V making microwave sounds* JM: It was a bit cold JM: Ding! V: hey this is so cold, how will you eat this? JM: Ah is it too cold? Heat it up a little more for me (V: ok) *JM and V making microwave sounds* JM: Ding! (V: Ding!) V: Here- JM: Ah it's so nice and hot~ JM: I like it~ V: Isn't it hot?~ (JM: It is~) V: Eat while it's hot JM: No no let's wait till it cools (V: Alright) JM: It's too hot JM: Yes, this is the kind of situation that may occur JM: Now, let's try this in the Seoul dialect V: ok JM: Oh... Why am I so hungry? V: Oh hey did you eat? JM: I didn't eat.. Oh let's eat the leftover chicken from yesterday (V: Alright) JM: Since it's a bit cold, heat it up a bit for me V: Ok I will go heat it up JM: Oh right that's how you say "heat" in Seoul dialect JM: He-heat it for me V: Here it's done JM: Oh! hey this is too hot V: Oh it is too hot JM: Make it cold for me- ah that's not right JM: Ah! Can you "cool' it down for me? (V: ok got it) JM: Hahaha... Seoul dialect is so hard *V making microwave sounds...* V: Here I cooled it down JM: Ah it's still too hot!~ V: Really? It's hot? Ok then, I'll blow it for you V: Here, eat JM: No you eat it first V: AH It's hot! V: AH let's throw it away JM: Hey why'd you throw it away?! V: ah It's ok JM: Look, you dropped it V: Ah yes you're right JM: Yup that's how it goes JM: Everyone here- V: probably didn't understand anything JM: What no- Were there any words that they wouldn't know? V: The fans would know a lot of this by now, so now let's try using Daegu dialect JM: What did you say you were gonna do? V: Me? JM: Before you said something about calling V: Oh right "calling" V: The "asking for advice" JM: When you're asking for advice V: ok ok call JM: I will now call~ *Phone ringing sound* V: Hello? JM: yeah wh-what V: Is it you Jiminie? (JM: Yeah) V: Hey, I need some advice JM: What is it? V: Do you know Taesookie from my class? JM: Taesookie? V: I'm going to go crazy because of her JM: Are you talking about the pretty one V: Why does her face look like that- she's so pretty! JM: She's really just so pretty~ V: I can't stop thinking about her waa~ V: We were together in a car last time, it was cramped inside and we were talking about a bunch of stuff JM: What did you guys talk about? V: Just- you know how life is and all V: So I said to her "Hey you look pretty neat" JM: "You look pretty neat"?! V: And she was just like "Hmph" JM: hahah oh man oh man V: So when I was on the phone with her before, I almost died JM: Ah you shouldn't die V: I was so happy because of that yesterday, that I kept eating JM: Ah you did good JM: Can you- do this in Seoul dialect? V: Yes I can do it JM: ok, ready start V: Hello? (JM: Yeah?) V: Is that you, Jimin? JM: Yeah what's up? V: I'm curious about something, will you listen for a bit? JM: tell me V: You know Taesookie, the one from my class? JM: Oh the one who's kind of pretty? V: Yeah lately I feel like I'm going insane because of her JM: Why are you going insane ahahaah JM: Don't go insane Taehyungah V: I can't get her out of my head V: So last time, I was with her in the car cramp- in the car hiding- ugh V: How do you say this in the Seoul dialect? V: Together in the car- V: Squished in the car JM: What did you say before? Did you say cramped? V: We were stuck to each other in the car JM: cramped in the car V: We were cramped in the car, and wow I talked to her for a bit V: and wow her voice is no joke V: Her charm is no joke JM: Then, should I take her and go V: No. So yeah I'm going insane because of her JM: Stop going insane V: Because of that, I couldn't stop eating yesterday (Daegu dialect) V: couldn't stop eating (Seoul dialect) V: Yes (JM: Yes) JM: Right now, we can't really tell which dialect we're using V: No! I believe that I am using Seoul dialect JM: I don't know what he's talking about but- everyone, if there's still other stuff you want to know, please leave a comment- what am I doing V: Really, really my grandmother told me that I use Seoul dialect now V: I was on the phone with her, and she said that I use Seoul dialect now JM: No you use neither Satoori nor Seoul dialect now V: No last time even my aunt said that I use Seoul dialect JM: Don't worry! That's not important for us V: "Daughter, this soup is too salty!" V: Later I will come back and have the Seoul dialect mastered! JM: Hwaiting V: Is this Satoori version? JM: What.. V: Since this is a Satoori show JM: See you again next time~

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