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Hi! I'm Jimin Hi! I'm called V. Welcome to Mandoko Today- You know in the past, the school days I want to do that school days? yes that's why I wanted to film you know those things like when you go on a school picnic, you'd see other school kids. right The stuff that would happen in those situations wha- like what Like in school there are those leader type kids who are you right right that kind of thing who are you what are you looking at When are you gonna stop starring I'm gonna eat you Now we're gonna express that to the max ahh scaryy so, I have something prepared What is it that you want to do This is a pretty well know dialogue but ok here I go What's up with you oh nothing what the- I'm Kim Tae Hyung from Gangsan uh I'm Park Jimin. I heard you hit my friends. eh I didn't really hit them Jungkookie didn't you get hit yes I got hit right here He said he got hit Are you kidding with me Does it look like I'm joking I don't exactly know why you guys fought But I heard your kids cursed at my kids You guy even look younger than us Wouldn't you get mad Ah so is that why you gathered people and- hurt them? Seriously aren't you embarassed hey friend, do you want to fight with a dongsaeng Jungkookie are you ready I'm ready hyungnim Is your side ready I don't think this is right with a dongsaeng... If it isnt... leave ah why didn't you do the thing- the end part leave leave ok now that In the seoul accent What's up with you Oh nothing What is it I'm Kim Tae Hyung from Gangsan I'm Jimin I heard you touched my kids- with fear I didn't really hurt them with fear I got hurt right here, hyung He said he got hit Are you joking with me ya does this seem like a joke I don't know why you guys fought I heard your kids cursed at my kids If that was you- you guys even look younger If it was you wouldn't you get mad ah so that's why you gathered all these kids and hurt my friends in fear What is "hurting in fear" hurt them? Truthfully- aren't you embarassed? That friend, wanna battle with our dongsaeng? battle Want to battle Jungkookie are you ready for battle Yes I am ready hyung And is your side ready? I don't think that's right with a dongsaeng.. If it isn't... leave The school days Is that what you did For me-

That's from a movie For me- well there were a couple of schools that were like that For me now, I was in the back and- when they go YAAAA YAAA I'd be like "Oh really" and I'd go and watch Ah but those things.. they really did happen.. in the past- these days not really. But in the past um like when you meet Seoul kids- there were those things. Like- using the Seoul language and making fun right At first, for me too when I came to Seoul, I really thought kids would think low of me Hey you Can you try speaking in the Daegu accent- I thought they'd be like that There are those things when you first come Alright I'll try Yeah they would ask us to show our accent Alright Since all their friends are around- you know you push your shoulders back and put strength into you eyes and say "What's up?" "Where'd you come from" "Are you from Seoul" "Who are all of you" is that how you say it? Woahh you sound tough First with your eyes you glare straight at them Where'd you come from You from Seoul you wanna go just leave elrugvelu;aeluhelfwue oh hey hey Looks like I need to learn You have to look at an angle, and then all together you have to stare like this again again What is it?! I'm coming out so ugly But yeah it was like that- but not me since I'm a good kid. today's Mandako finished! I'm not saying I was like that. I-I'm too nice. He probably couldn't have been like that either. For us we were probably just eating candy

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