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1-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Media Temple

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In this short video, we'll show you how to quickly get set up with WordPress, with your Media Temple account. So when you first log in to Media Temple you're going to be in your account center and you'll see your list of domains or a single domain just here. You want to click on the "Admin" for the domain that you're about to install on, and you'll now see that you've got a whole bunch of different options here for things that you can do. So close in on the "One click applications" option and click on that. Now you'll see any previous applications you've got installed, and the option to "Add New Application" So click on that, and you're going to see a warning telling you that this is not the way to upgrade but as we're installing for the first time, we don't really need to worry ourselves about that so let's just click on "OK" and obviously WordPress is number two here so we just click on "Install". On the next screen there are a couple of options for us. The first is do we want to install it in a subdirectory? For instance or alternatively we can choose to have that in the root directory, so when people go to our website WordPress is the first thing that they'll see, I'm going to do that in this case, so I'm just going to delete the blog part here, so my main site is my WordPress blog. But, say you had something else on that root directory: you could have, or whatever else you want Let's just leave it at that, though. Next we've got the database configuration, and here I can just leave this as the default because it's already set something up for me, but the name here isn't so important, so I could quite easily click on "new" and put something else in there - that's not an issue. Say I already have a WordPress install, I could have a separate one and call that WP1 or WP2, or anything else. Let's just leave that at default for now. Then, I've got a database table prefix which again is something you can leave as the default unless you already have other installations that you're adding to So when that's done, just click on "Install" and you'll see that the directory already exists in this case. I'm just going to click on "Install anyway". So now if I look at this green box here that says there's a "pending installation". It's just going to take a minute or two for that to be set up, but here's going to be the place where I'll find it once it's ready. So let's just wait for a minute or two, and once that's ready, That will change and let me know that the installation is ready to be finished. There we go. So all I need to do now where it says "finish installation" is click over here on "Finish" and that's going to take me to just do the finishing touches. So, first I might need to think of a title for my blog, and this is going to appear probably in the header of the blog— it's going to be the main title—it *is* something I can change later, so it doesn't matter if you're not 100% sure at this point. Just put in anything; it's not so important. Email: you should be extra sure you get it right; double-check this, because this is where all of your admin information is going to get sent to. Finally, I can decide if I want to allow my blog to appear in search engines, like Google and Technorati. As my blog's public, it's a good idea to help people find it. Otherwise, I can turn it off. Then, I just click on "Install WordPress", And I'm given a username, which is "admin", and a strange-looking password that's going to be hard for people to guess. So I'm going to want to copy and paste that, and I can change it later. So I'm just going to copy that now, and then the next thing I'm going to do is log in to my account. So, here, obviously, I've put in "admin", which is the username, and then I'll just paste that directly into the password box. I can have WordPress remember me for a future date, or not. And then log in, and here I am in my Dashboard. So now I can start customizing things and get ready to go, or I can just click on the title up here, and that's going to show me what my blog looks like in its current state. There we go: WordPress à la Media Temple.

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Setting up your own self-hosted WordPress blog only takes a minute or two with Media Temple. Here's how to do it.

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