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Kabbalah 3 - Class 1c TLE losing it creates desire

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What created the vessel? We learned One time we had a vessel Was when you had, you had something and you lost it then you have the desire to receive what's the vessel? vessel is the desire to receive if you didn't lose it you don't have the real desire to receive same way is with health when the person has health does he have a desire for it? absolutely not ask everyone on the street do you want health? of course I wan't, what's the question? There's never a consciousness there he wants health, never the only time he begins to have the consciousness that I want health is when he lose it! It's human nature! it will never change unless, unless we have the [ hebrew ], study Kabbalah is one channel that you always say to yourself, and your always conscious it can be taken away any minute is that, i learn Kabbalah for that? someone with a half of brain should say the doctors tell us, everyone is gonna have some degenerative disease, right? so ultimately health will disappear so stupid, why don't we keep asking for it? that it not disappear it's against human nature what I have in my hand is already mine Now I need something else that I don't have this here I have! Are you in total control of what you have? Are you in total control? In Kabbalah we say "no, I'm not". Even what I have, is only here as long I can retain it as long I can retain it but I got be conscious that it can disappear and therefore, because it can disappear, I want it! you got have a consciousness of desire of receiving the reason things leave it's not because God up there has, in His mysterious ways reasons that He wants to punish us we learned this lesson for four years I'm not saying we always, we still remember it if you want, what's the rule, if you want, God gives you Who ever doesn't have something? how come he doesn't get it? Cause he didn't want it. What you mean he didn't want it who doesn't want health? you don't want it! I don't want it? yet, the only time you want it, is only it is took away from you oh, then you want it stupid! you should have wanted it when you had it because, you should be conscious that in one minute it can disapear! so you didn't ask God not to take it away! that right? You didn't ask God, and when I say God doesn't take away I mean if I'm deserve it, it shouldn't be taken away I didn't come to God and say "look God, I know got it, but who knows what I did yesterday that as a result of my negative actions yesterday oh oh, I know now you as the producer, I require to take it away now from you, right?" because of the negative action of yesterday! oh, I wish I can help hold onto it even though I did, so you go through this hole trip, "why do I do that"? that's the process, then you'll keep it! cause there is no desire A conscious desire? [ hebrew ] there's no conscious desire to keep his health doesn't exist! who is conscious all day? "I need this health that I have, I need it" To be honest with ourselves? Very few people say all day "thank you God for the health I have"

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