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European imperialism in Africa

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In the late 1800s imperialist European nations came to control over much of Africa Imperialism is the domination of one country´s political, economical and cultural life by another European countries had been establishing colonies and building empires since the late fourteen hundreds Imperialism brought wealth and power to Europeans but the people living in the colonies were often opressed, abused and in some cases , even killed The purpose of this conquest like most conquest in history was to make money for the conquerors and they did so and killed many people in the process Most Europeans started colonization with essentially a noble undertaking after all they said Europeans had strong economies, well-organised governments and powerful armies and navies Meanwhile , African nations were troubled by economic weakness and political divisions The trasantlantic slave trade which did not end until the eighteen hundreds had drastically reduced the population of African societies The slave trade had also contributed to enter tribal warfare European power was fueled by the technology of the Industrial Revolution New weapons and steam-powered locomotives and ships gave Europeans the ability to move quickly and fight wars with proved efficiency. European manufacturers won access to natural resources such as rubber and petroleum European missionaries coerced Africans to give up traditional beliefs and accept Western ways and religions Missionaries opened hospitals and schools thorought the colonies. Sometimes they also furthered the political and economical goals of imperialist nations. Many Europeans exploited and opressed needy Africans Some of the worst opression occured in the Congo King Leopold and wealthy Belgians exploited the land and people of the Congo African labourers were forced to harvest ivory and rubber Conditions were so horrible that the population of some areas declined drastically . Belgian explotation of the Congo served as example of the scramble for colonies Britain, France and Germany rushed to make claims in the region. But Joseph Conrad , a British seaman witnessed the hardness of imperialism in Africa was moved to write a novel about the dark side of imperialism Conrad´s novel, “Heart of darkness” is the story of a journey up the great river deep into the Belgian Congo A businessman named Marlow is sent into the Congo to discover what has happened to a river boat station chief named Kurtz When Marlow finally finds Kurtz , he is horrified by what he sees Kurtz has gone insane and he has set himself up as a kind of primitive god to the natives He demands total obedience and his reign brings death to the jungle. Conrad´s novel brought the harsh of imperialism to life for European readers but it did not end the scramble for the colonies. By the early 1900s, only Liberia and Ethyopia had resisted European colonisation For the rest of Africa, there laid ahead a long and difficult struggle for independence.

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This is a short video of 4 minutes that explains the main reasons of European imperialism in Africa

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