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Phase 3 pt.8 (The Holy Land)

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Finally, there is something very curious about Modern Western Civilization. I consider it to be the most important thing of all. What is it ? It appears to be a civilization which is essentially godless. It appears to be a civilization which is committed to materialism. It is a civilization which is constantly And as a consequence of that war on religion, religion is in the state of decline around the world today. Yet, the reality is that Modern Western Civilization was coming into being as a consequence of a reconciliation, a curious reconciliation And we're strangely, ingly And we're strangely, mysteriously, And we're strangely, mysteriously, mystifyingly in Modern Western Civilization the world has witnessed Jewish/Christian It appears to be. There is a ... I mean, you know I used to say ... when I was a kid I used to say ... when I was a young children I used to say if I were you I would be a Zionist. I am a Zionist. You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist ! You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist ! So what brings you to Christians United for Israel ? Well, I was in in the ground floor. I have worked with John and Diana Hagee for many many years on many different projects. And how much of an inspiration is the "second coming" in your sDefaultport for Israel ? Obviously, it's what I live for. I hope It comes tomorrow. And God is doing a miraculous thing as now millions of Christians in the United States of America have rallied to the cause of Israel and the Christians United for Israel. And we go to Washington once each year to give testimony to our congressmen and senators that we're Christians and we are from your district Therefore it is time for America and consider a military preemptive strike against Iran to prevent a nuclear holocaust in Israel and a nuclear attack in America. I have a deep sympathy for the Jewish people. And I think as Christians, we owe them a deep apology for the incredible suffering we've caused them over centuries. And that would apply also to Islam. I think what they have gone through and not least in the latter years under the Nazi holocaust, I think it's absolutely pouring and the world did not help, so the state of Israel is almost a survival mechanism. I can understand why people who had been rejected by the world and treated like that should want a place of there own. Where I have a problem though is when Christians use the Bible to say When I was in Israel, what I found was When you look at the way it operates vis-a-vis the Palestinians, you have to say it is founded on Now if you're going to call that the fulfillment of prophecy What do we make of this ? If that was the end of the story, that is already strange enough but there is more to come ! Modern Western Civilization Jewish/Christian reconciliation and alliance, but more than that ! Modern Western Civilization has witnessed not only this Jewish/Christian reconciliation and alliance, but more than that ! This is a civilization which has an obsession with the Holy Land ! And they also believe that the history would end with event that will unfold in the Holy Land. as the Christians do, as the Jews do. Modern Western Civilization has displayed its obsession with the holy land in many instances in history. A secular state, What does it say ? That false Messiah in order to impersonate the true messiah must rule the world from Jerusalem, from the State of Israel. It is Modern Western Civilization which presided over the return of the Jewish to the Holy land, without the Modern Western they could not have managed. It is Modern Western Civilization which created the state of Israel. European people did it ! in 1948. I believe it was

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Posted by: memica on Feb 16, 2010

Phase 3 is intended to be a film of reflection rather than only information. It is meant to involve the viewer and to expect a level pro-activeness within us all, inshallah.

Another groundbreaking and riveting series from the creators of The Arrivals and The Divine Book. Phase 3 aims to set a new standard in online films. This production will (inshallah) wake up the world, and unite the people from every country, religion, culture or creed against injustice. A film by the people, for the people.

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