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[JAUDY SIDT ORGAN REMAPPING, SYSTEMS INTEGRATION DIAGNOSTICS & TREATMENT] Jaudy Systems Integration Diagnostics & Treatments detect and uncover complex and hidden layers. We do this three dimensionally by very closely investigating and diagnosing underlying compensatory layers to target the neurological origin of a patient's symptoms. We diagnose what's wrong in the X, Y, and Z-axis and then use the blueprint and map of how the brain intersects with other systems using brain-based analysis and technological testing. through various diagnostics, tests, and technology. We zero in on the several sections that represent each individual system in order to determine what's gone wrong, at what level, and in what region. After the data collection is complete, we apply targeted applications to the specifically indicated system combining pathways to recalibrate brain regions causing signal transmission summation to create neuroplasticity. [We Merge Multiple System Dimensions] We then merge multiple system dimensions [Neurologically Physiologically and Metabolically] to increase the global outcome of the target region. Each dysfunction in every layer is like a lock, and each prescribed application acts like a key. Once all of the locks are unlocked, the function of all the systems come together in harmonious firing, orchestrating the functioning of all the body systems. In other words, the central integrated state is returned, and the neurological firing is normalized. We use quantitative outcome measurements. This means we do no guesswork employing no opinions and no beliefs. The response either happens or it doesn't happen. [JAUDY SIDT ORGAN REMAPPING SYSTEMS INTEGRATION DIAGNOSTICS & TREATMENT] These are live clinical results, and after months, even years, chronic conditions are translated into rapid and profound changes in only a short period of time. We don't do the minimum and expect maximum results. We use state of the art technology and advanced knowledge of contemporary neuroscience to implement nonsurgical, drug-free procedures. Dr. Jaudy combines technologies to address and zoom in on several levels of the neuro access, which is the brain, the spinal cord, and all the organs, divisions, regions, and systems. Discover the extent we go to in order to target the causal mechanisms of symptoms, disorders, and diseases. We leave no stone unturned. [Diagnosis, Treatment] Individuals that have not been exposed to this cutting-edge healthcare [Results] may ask if this is too good to be true. Our answer to you is, it's not too good to be true. [DR. BILL B., MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS] I packed up and drove back here within three days because I needed more of what was available here. This experience is the most profound, different medical experience that I've ever experienced in my life. I have been to umpteen doctors over the last 20 years and many neurologists, and Dr. Jaudy has accomplished in the first three days what no other medical practitioner accomplished in 20 years or even knew to initiate in 20 years. [NANCY S., SCOLIOSIS] I was thinking about surgery. I was looking into this steel rod they put in your spine and all that. I also was supposed to do surgery for the prolapsed organs. My organs are no more—they're not prolapsed any more. And my spine is now only—the curve is only millimeters from the center point— from the midline of my spine. It's amazing. It's just miraculous. You really need to try. If there's anything you have that you're dealing with, I say to you get here, see this man, because it is the answer. [JAUDY SIDT ORGAN REMAPPING, SYSTEMS INTEGRATION DIAGNOSTICS & TREATMENT]

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