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Hello, my name is Carolina Bonjorn and she's Aida doz and we are going to do the best firend TAG We will ask a series of questions that we must awnser for the other First question is: where and when we met? We met at first of baxillerat at Marius Torres highschool and was the year 2017, yes The second question is what did you think when we met for the first time Em, I saw her for the first time at sociology class And, I saw her at the front of the class and I thinked Oh, I like her makeup, so when the class was ending, I told her. The first day of school I saw her because she looks like a person that I know and, after she told me that, i've thought Oh! How cute and she was the first person who has come to talk to me And, I thought, I like her, and I didn't know anyone and I was very nervious and she helped me so much What is the favourite color of the other? Black. Blue. Hahahah, yes it is. What's our higher fear? I think that your highest fear is yourself. And, your highest fear is fail this subject, no, it is failure in general Yes, fail in the life What is your favourite movie? Your fauvorite movie is Fast and Furious? Yes, but what of them? Five. Hahhah oh yes! And I don't know what is your fauvorite movie because you never told to me I don't really have a favourite movie Fauvorite season of the year Yours is winter. Well I thought that yours is summer but, is winter too. Yes, is winter What do you admire from the other person? Uf, I admire a lot of things about Aida but if I have to choose one is the capacity that you have for write like a very professional writer. She writes very good I admire that you always see good in people, you are not a pridefull person For much harm that made to you Okay, Thank You! Thanks for watching

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Posted by: carolbonjorn on Nov 12, 2019

this is for a activity class xddddd

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