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AARP Real Possibilities in Action

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[AARP®] [Real Possibilities][♪ big band swing ♪] [Real Possibilities in Action] [Real Possibilities In Action] [Achieving Our Social Mission] [Through...Information, Advocacy, Products and Services] [A Half Million Drivers Took AARP Smart Driver Course] [35,000 Tax Aide Volunteers Provided Help to 2.6 Million Older Adults] [With Filing Tax Returns Free of Charge] [Drive to End Hunger] [AARP® Real Possibilities] [30 Million Meals Donated] [telephone ringing] [Tips for 42 Million Caregivers] [Medicare] [Social Security] [7 Million Members Called for Responsible Solutions] [Experience Corps] [AARP®] [Real Possibilities] [27,000 Children Learned to Read Better] [Connected 1,500 Seniors with Hands-On Technology Training] [Watchdog Efforts Saved Consumers $3 Billion in Utility Costs] [Saving you REAL Money] >>Tony the Tiger: They're Grrrrrrreat! [Money-Saving Benefits for You & Your Family] [35.2 Million Readers Get Trusted Information] [From the World's Largest Circulation Magazine] [] [15 Billion Page Views] [1 Million Fans] [Facebook] [YouTube] [16 Million Views] [George Takei On YouTube] [George Takei On YouTube] [100,000 Views] [20,000+ Subscribers] [George Takei On YouTube] [100,000 Views] [20,000+ Subscribers] [In 72 hours] [Helping You Discover Real Possibilities] [And Navigating What's Next] [Life Reimagined®] [AARP®] [Real Possibilities] [A Series of Experiences That Guide People Through Life's Transitions] [AARP®] [Real Possibilities In Action] [Achieving Our Social Mission] [AARP®] [Real Possibilities]

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Posted by: aarp on Mar 26, 2014

Learn how AARP's members are connecting with others while enjoying real savings and how AARP can help you get involved, start saving, and make a difference in your local community.

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