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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 06:30:00-06:59:59

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Buy breakfast here. Porridge. Do you need breakfast? Oh my god! Are you on TV? Do you want to order food and come over here? Wait for a bit. Huh? Come over after you finish eating. Oh. Hi. Hey, I finally got off work. Oh. Was the cleaning staff off last night? What? Was the cleaning staff off work? Yeah. Well, on No. 3, there's a person in a hard seat. Pay attention for a second here. Then go help him. And then...on Car No. 8, I filled the hot water. Most of the soft seat passengers aren't up yet. They haven't used it. Okay. Guangyuan. What else is there? For the guy in the middle of car 8, you can just write it yourself. I changed Yang Pingguang's ticket. He said he went to car 2. There was just that one. I'm going to go. Officer, do you want to eat? Going to the dining car for dinner. Ah, I see. This foreigner can understand. He knows the meaning. Impressive. Yes it is. Ha ha ha. What's going on? She's also here? Huh? Sitting down? Sitting right over there. Hey! What are you doing sitting by yourself? I'm very hungry. I've been very active. You should face that way. Hahahaha. Did they start filming at breakfast? Where will it broadcast? That's impressive. Oh, you just saw? You look too calm on the outside. Yeah. You don't need to film. We're eating! Hehe. What's this nonsense? Haven't managed a family yet? Right? Finish your own food. Eat. Sorry. Ha ha. It seems like nobody's eating the steamed buns. Huh? It seems like nobody's eating the steamed buns except for us two. Sit here. You can't sit? Sit here. You're saying that to me? Ha ha. I thought they weren't coming. Look at them. Right now they're running hastily to get here. Ha ha. They usually don't come. They speak Chinese super fluently. Oh. Does it have any influence on your salary? What? Does it influence your salary? It doesn't. Ah. It should be alright. I see. What level was that? It should become a high profile thing, ha. In their minds, it's just us two in the car. Can you speak English? Me? I can't. Their Chinese is very good. They've spent several years in China. How many people? How many people? They can all understand. Are they shooting for Chinese or English? ? We're all eating breakfast. Tell them to stop recording. No. Huh? It won't work. Huh? Why are you eating so late? I covered the night shift. Did you run here? Yeah. It's not so convenient during the day. Huh? During the day, it's not so convenient. What do you mean? Are they shooting video? Yeah, they are. Will the video come out? Of course. He saw you and came over. He caught up with you to say, "This!" This is a...non-government organization. Shooting a film. What are they shooting this for? Huh? What are they doing? Shooting. Shooting a film. Ah...Twenty-four hours. Eat. To eat until you're full is a blessing! If you eat too much, you won't be able to sleep. That went on. He only ate one. What? He only ate one steamed bun. You two keep eating. We should. I can't accompany you anymore. I've got to go. You go first. You're finished and have to go immediately? Yeah. Go, go. I'm going. Put the dishes aside. They'll take them down in a minute. Ok. I'm coming through. Do you want to take it? Huh? Do you want to take it? Oh. Yes. Huh? Why can't I see it? Tear some paper for me. Thanks. Thanks. I'm going. Ah! I'm exhausted.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
Views: 45
Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan sits in the onboard train office after finishing her morning duties. She walks to the dining car and eats breakfast. The K165 train staff is served steamed buns, pickled cabbage, stir-fried chicken, and rice porridge.

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