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Jacque Fresco - Childhood Observations, School, Religion

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Yes, thanks. I remember when i went to kindergarden. Yes, i remember that. My mother took me to kindergarten, PS2O5. She took me in one hand and went to kindergarten, and i walked in there, and i just look around, a little, like the hat you buy now for me, and said, and i walked in and kids sitting around, and i had tremendous tedious, my mother were around there. And then i remember coming in to 1A, which was the class, the next thing. And i came in lay, and i had these ear flaps for the winter, and the teacher bent down as i came and says "oh, here comes Jacque!" You know, as a little kid, i remember that well. I remember that teacher because she seems to care about all the kids in the classroom. And then there are teachers that have no humanity at all. They were cold, and came in, keep on desk and keep hands class, you know? Under the regiment of tight teachers, they turned me off, because they were not like my grandfather, was a very warm type of person. Very humanistic, very concerned, but not able to come up with any answers, you know? He said that is will of god whatever happened, you know that, whatever happened was the will of god. And he apparently accepted that. I was not, i didn't deal much with religion at that time. I had no way of looking at it. Although my parents did in sort of a, at least in a tight way, they went to house of pray because that was what people do. And it just looked incorrect. Then, with the motion picture, the original, (?), Ten Commandments, and i saw, i think i made them 8 or 9, and i saw that movie, and i came out, and i went to my older brother said, i don't understand why the egyptian said they didn't believe in our god. And he said that maybe they were atheist. He just said that, and i said what is an atheist? And he told a little bit of that evolution, and that makes a lot of sense as a kid, makes much more sense that those stories i heard. Then i watch religious people, i watch the pastor of a giving church, walking down the street, and i watched a well straight girl walking in line, and then i was looking at it, you know? And he even don't know what was doing that, and then a rabine coming out of a synagogue on a holiday, and there was couple of bucks, or a buck on a pavement, and they kicked it in the bushes, because he was not supposed to touch money on saturday, you know? And then i know this, things like that, they are contradictions. There are so many funerals in my neighbourhood, people were dying, you know, and not living very long, and i know that because they are crying and screaming behind the (?), why, why, the prime of life, you know, taking my, that, and they even didn't believe in god, they were supposed, if you believe in god, you know, you have no, there in a happier place that can even possible be. And you should celebrate the death of a person. You know, it's not violent, or so. But anyway, you always see behaviour in contradictory ways. And they were not warm, they did not personify the teachings of Christ, or Buddha, or Moses. None of them seem to personify that kind of teaching. When i say none, i mean maybe some of them went to form countries, or people was starving and worked for a year, saved up their own money, or (?) the church, or went there, and help people, bent on their legs. Those are the real religious people to me. The others were like investors, after they couple a bucket a day, they wanted some kind of security out there, but they also kept money in the bank, and they fist on material things, and a bible in their hand. So they seem to invest in both directions. But being a christian in behaviour was very rare. Particularly that time i was talking about, when i was hitchicking. And this woman driving a brand new car, she opened the door apart of the way, and she said, are your question, very cold like, and i said, we don't, what else, and so she says get in. And i said i have not sleep for days, and i felt to sleep. And she hit me in the ribs heart, she said you're not sleeping in my car, you are singing, all the way to Texas. And i said what you want me to sing? Jesus loves me, that i know, because the bible tells me so. That was something strong account on with, and they call themselves christians, you know? And she calls herself a christian. And she don't know how to be a christian, she didn't have enough depth. She was like a little girl, she was about 56 years old, but behave like a child. Had no real in depth appreciation. In fact, i found christianity so interesting and so warm, and i wonder why it was in practice. And so then i became into social design, because they talk about good and bad people, some were evil, and i saw a movie called The Bad Seed, did you even see that? It is a (?) over there, that we was talking. Really? Yes. That is a terrible motion picture, because they didn't show the factors that made the child that way, just like he was born with some insufficiency. And with a little bit of psychology that i had, i knew that was wrong. I knew then by the italian community, when i walked into it, everybody spoke alike, and then the italian kids spoken something like: "And where are you going at? Moron, you know what?" "You done that, man? You are a good drawer." If you are an artist, you know? And then when i went to a jewish neighbourhood, you know, the neighbourhood, separated neighbourhood, the kids were saying "would you making a living?" "I mean a living", i can making money. And there was so scarcity oriented, not all of the kids, but many from that community. And the parent says, "what does he do for a living?" "What did he learn in school", you know? And the italian family was, "come on and eat, it's good for you" "take up the suspenders, put them out, and then eat the good food." You know, and so, that was sweets that are very cold, they didn't show much emotion. Very few family put their children on their laboratory and tell them stories. Either they would brought up to be some of ashame of saying i love you, or i care, or you mean a great deal to me. And i know that all these people seem to be alike, and the arabs, the arab community was a, "your father he make living", you know, "what he do for living?" "You work with path, what kind living he can make with that?" And they spoke just like that. And the irish community, it was, you know, if you're in an irish community of the palette, and your name is too much in your path. And they was so uniform, that almost look like they inheritaged that pattern of behaviour. But then, the 3rd and 4th generation, i know that the chinese, when i was very young, they came in town with their hands and their lives, and they wear that black thing up to their neck. And then later, the second, third, fourth generation, get a (?) cigarrete, they spoke in an original dialect. And that to me, shown the effects of environment upon human behaviour.

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Jacque on childhood observations, school, and religion.

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