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Zeus Video Blog 26.04.2016 NaVi vs mouz

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Hello everybody, this was my greeting to you Danya Zeus here, on the background is this fancy new thing A gift from my dad Reminding me of my nickname in case I forget it In general, I want to talk to you about different things Let's start off with Why I didn't do too many vlogs lately and videos in general Guys, lots of traveling and tournaments Periodically we shoot some videos But right now this is how it is First thing I wanted to say, today we have an important match versus mousesports We're playing cache and dust2 These maps Kind of fun Main thing is, today stars must align Fnatic should lose 2-0 to Astralis Just 2 should lose to NiP Fnatic are playing without olof, Astralis are ready That match isn't too important for Astralis But it decides what placing they get, second or third And just the fact that you win versus Fnatic G2 should lose to NiP We must win vs mousesports Why you ask we will play these maps? Cache for example, I'm explaining ESL has these rules, that about 10 days before the match Maybe 8 days, doesn't matter You have to veto and pick maps We were playing in the final of DH Malmo Admins wrote us on Friday We reacted on Monday They decided it would be best for the robot to randomly draw maps So the robot chose cache and dust2 One of the strongest maps of mousesports ESL is a german organization, if you know what I mean I don't know, maybe the robot is a friend of mousesports I have no idea, maybe the robot is just a fan of mouz So it won't be easy for us As you may know cache is a map that we don't play We couldn't practice fully, because everyone was tired and flamie and seized went to the 1v1 tournament Yesterday we played 3-4 maps, cache dust2 You can see that the team wants to win, everybody is charged up, atmosphere is great I can feel it and it's important We practiced some stuff, but obviously there is not much practice, we'll have to rely on our pure skill For us this is a super important match, so we have to play both maps on our maximum So come watch and support But, I don't understand this decision from the admins Their argument is that these are the rules that they applied to other teams And they can't make us an exception Firstly, both teams agreed, even mouz agreed to veto the maps fairly They understood that we had a finals to play For them this match isn't too important, I don't think they can advance from groups at this stage in the league anyway So they're just ready to play with us fairly But admins are not ok with it Secondly we played in the finals of a championship And there was no chance we could reply immediately. "Oh we applied these rules to other teams" Well, I don't know, seems weird to me The championship is dope, and we want to advance to play-offs Yes it's our fault we lost a lot of important matches in this league But let's not remember the past and discuss what happened there There is a situation, a chance, and we'll fight for it So, if we advance to LAN, we'll practice for it, if not, we will Get more vacation, and then practice for StarLadder in Kiev In May, so If you guys want to go there, get tickets in advance There will be lots of seats, great atmposphere The event will be awesome Let's move on About lost finals Yeah, last two finals were not the best for us First of all we're losing emotionally All the tournament we're moving, not caring too much It's all calm, but in the final the emotions get to us, all the nerves And second time, after MLG We lose when we're favored to win It's hard guys, morally, we're working on it We know that the main wins are ahead Know that we should just overcome that barrier There are also positives, because right now we are as consistent as ever We're #1 in the HLTV ranking Though we understand that if we don't qualify for ESL Pro League we will drop down But right now we're there And we're doing our best to remain there It's awesome and I think we're on the right track We're practicing, working, but sometimes you just want a couple of days of rest Honestly after all these matches, traveling, leagues There is literally no time to rest And that's why there are less vlogs from me too Now, what I think about Nuke I'll say that valve's behavior is weird to me They change a good map for a half-baked map Also we won our last 5 games on inferno We just started to gain momentum And the Valve is like "Boom bitch" There are lots of opinions, and I myself played Newke I have a powerful PC and it still drops frames There are lots of textures, super cool graphics But it's uncomfortable Plus lots of bugs and other things The map has to be properly polished and then put in play There is still time until major, so I think they will polish and change some things Let's see Going forward tournaments will still use inferno Sooo I don't care, although it's still weird for me About tomorrow, Wednesday, 27th of April We will play, I will stream We'll have a great time, but most importantly In my VK group, link in the description I'm doing a giveaway There are keyboards, mices, it's like 40 prizes there Tomorrow on stream, 12:00 CET It will be 4-5 hour stream at minimum All of those prizes will be given away So come, test your luck I think there are some great prizes and hopefully everything goes well See you tomorrow on my stream: More things, about my videos I'll do a video where I will show you my new settings, new crosshair I'm playing on new, updated settings I think it should be interesting for many Follow me on social media, leave a like on this video, this was Danya Zeus, Tomorrow on stream, today cheer for us vs mouz Very important match, so it's time to do what? Take it Hugs, kisses, good mood, take my energy, see u on stream Hugs

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Zeus Video Blog 26.04.2016 NaVi vs mouz

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