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IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING - Motivational Video

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It's necessary - to know that everybody won't see it that everybody won't join you-that everybody won't have the vision It's necessary to know that! That a lot of people like to complain, but they don't wanna do anything about their situation. That you are an uncommon breed. You know, you have to know within yourself that I can do this, even if no one else see it's for me, I must see it for myself. If you want to be the best at that... If you want to reach the pinnacle of that.. must be (there's no way around) You have to be obsessed with obtaining that. Greatness in anything, GREATNESS! Cannot be achieved without obsession. People will tell you obsession is a bad thing. It's possible for you to live your dream. It's necessary that you associate with winners. That you work your system that you are relentless that you never give up. It's you, you gotta take the personal responsibility to make it happen. See, sometimes we can't say "I can do that", but what we can say that it's POSSIBLE. That I can have my dream. Somewhere along the line you changed, you stop being you. You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you, you're no good. And when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame. Like a big shadow. Until you start believing yourself, you don't have a life... IN this lifetime, you don't have to prove nothing to nobody except yourself. After what you've gone through, if you haven't done that by now it ain't gonna never happen. It's possible. All you gotta do is start, because it is soon as you start You know you gonna set records, you know you gonna take you to the next level You know what's gonna be that you gonna to do what's never have been done before. If you're willing to do a little bit more in the next. If you're willing to start up just a little longer. Sacrifice just a little bit more. The journey is not easy. Before you start that journey mentally, you must fuel yourself in the right reasons. the right fuel to sustain the entire journey. We all have the ability to do anything. You can have it. You can drive it. You can win it. You can fly it. You can have it. Impossible, baby is nothing. You gotta believe in yourself, you gotta believe in your dreams, you gotta believe one day is gonna be your moment. One day you gonna own the moment. Listen to me, IMPOSSIBLE is just a big word. Question the "impossible". The greatest achievements of mankind were when people questioned "impossible". The Wright Brothers. Question, what people called impossible.

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IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING - Motivational Video

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