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SpaceVidcast 3.17

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the marks are down into the that conference that the camp don't have them now but it was going to end up with these people and I think that like that benjamin thinking about them with me is beautiful and wonderful counted here in involvement and we expect that casters this is a with that the three seventeen for may seven twenty something like that check it out we're going to ask you this one thirty two had died down to Florida Kennedy space center we're proving he is yeah like and two hours and minutes ago that's you know what is in the house floor yeah but then the father have live coverage of that as one thirty PM- we're still planning on doing our high-tech coverage now how we go about doing that for some odd reason as eighteen he does that then with down at Kennedy space center to keep up their %uh the work with initiative and with the Kennedy space center with light it's a %uh the maybe some slight no one ever thought the internet would never work that anything that sixties was that and I don't know any where women really need for anything put this into perspective up for a for profit company your reviews sure thing to do %uh we have to make and it's upstream that within the enclosed in a debate in cleveland the US the for more a always wanted to do that and more in this series of twenty miles down down the road to our place that symmetrical fifteen-minute and with and we can get that from what I heard about a month but Kennedy space center that's really the whole two hundred and fifty six filibusters second I have yeah for those of us who are not technical can you explain numbers that we're trying to cram and a citizen of this be it is something that the state thank you that house just back from work just a said so I and we should %uh so on that is that she said well what we may have to about signal off of minneapolis and that was the gist of the any of us at Kennedy space center hopefully will be a terrible strategies that are used to about it up well well but you thought to be a at cannot and we're going to go of the lives of dependency and my plan is is it's we are pretty hot air and I wanted to that the fire happens to be Thursday and my hope is to do next week's show from the clean-up right so you're doing is not a the party that would be interesting welcome to show yes that it added investors wondering thirty two that is the loss may fourteenth intentions didn't know and it's going to be bringing up its primary well a couple of reasons first laugh live special and really the most important thing in the upstairs whatever else of all right this is the standard right now are actually potential last flight of the space shuttle atlantis our space shuttle atlantis is a long time the vehicle for instance with the three I would discovery so I did anything happen with a preview they wouldn't want to let us know the last month however since the inception of the loss and the program on behalf of the colombia's they have not needed the launch vehicles chances are at this point thirty two will be the last time space shuttle atlantis the space at her history in the making on the fourteenth spending not the only real house how losses go there's going to be bringing up the Russian the Russian maybe we should model and I hope by it ralph that what's that I think so the and are and not model along with an integrated our goal carryover there are vertical what the point is that the ICC the other that's what happens you can't pronounce this stuff other that primary a lot as they had done any research module and basically of the reasoning have these models and another talking poor %uh to Russia had canceled some stuff for the international space station and they are overlapping missions of what is the progress so use of a TV vehicle that they've got out there I mean you know of for docking port in this is going to bring up of the four thousand four on the ice us okay as regional and there's a rumor that we've talked about as a lot of others that scene yeah that hatch but we mentioned who or but and of the special mission that %uh the winner laxalt actually five designed to have honesty Bob what we have to show the winner it affects the it's acting out that I kind of like it I think they did a good job of one of the better ones before yeah I really like it that there's something there that day it was judged by a job on program manager John shanahan %um the right cane and three other shuttle program managers that were two guys seen all the package so we're centrist it's one thing to do because watchers with her feet and I'm watching my speech at risk and that if we're in denial right there it's in the anyway in other news like stuff that's happened more recently as was the stuff that may or may not happen in the future really you have a offer they've got the had a forecast which I believe we have the video what she wants what you're looking at or going on religiously off of that pat yes that decision okay okay do you okay a and it's a that that on and there's not I which I thought was kind of funny other white lasted about a hundred and thirty five seconds from launching the crew module touchdown bottom line on north of the padded cell %uh this happened at white sands I which is in was consistently well that we drove through through his whites and hispanics now it's a little the cutting edge of said after arriving that actually one said I was talking with I actually our customers here from of pearl river and they were talking about how the with your wife and and I was really excited that are a part of the beagle by two white the game now our own yes probably would the that very thing can you imagine I wish I had that I think so so they are forecast was cool in that in this is kind of congress the astronauts have case of a problem that population is not canceled yet technically technically it still masses mission until the congress passes the proposed two year twenty one budget %uh which means %uh it even if our consulates has canceled its the Ryan white that I believe this was the work arianna let of the stupidity but this this could be part of a consolation for elections the light of day that will be critical now and it's going to work with the weapons chemical I was with him into the video shows up but he does humble head over heels in that time what's be %uh a right not a law the people cummings jettisoned the module exactly who out what is what's happened like coke agents and at the company's annual week off the air how to get away from the largest on Iraq that they did me as energy but is not is not just for reentry in armor well yeah I mean it's is for it when you're during the if you have an issue night where the rockers there too it was rather than being a controlled explosion coming uncontrolled explosion I Iraq to go from you start losing control of said explosion are you going to get away from the vehicle fast as possible and that's what the life support system doesn't get you away from the vehicle sped possible an accidental that %um they are the main aboard were produced a momentary half million pounds of thrust the birds for about six that so eight in the polls them away from the vehicle it's fast as it can in a poll like a mile away I want to say of one point two miles and as a writer lara setting up are about the have for with work but you were great now speaking of working war mister with not working at actually did a really do the things aren't working earlier this week has lacked the land delay not working the way it has been a active and it seemed like certainly our daily stop in the middle of things you know that that was in the middle of a sentence and then suddenly there was an issue that's kind of a joke you know anybody that the defense wanted that that sort of made me laugh and people are looking for a little insight into how my mother works so we can lead to three days a week so Monday Tuesday Wednesday and on Thursday legal action over the post live from from it so five days a week do you do %uh I was thinking of doing forty least some of the things that they're going on Thursday we were in a posting previously on states had cast all for stop and then like show the ending of that video into the when and that's the the that the of government bombing and ground well I think have to come out of that not in lieutenant a a performer so I %uh the voyager to admissions for those who don't know where he too was a four-year mission nasa could it have been like ninety day mission the last thirty three what understand leaders I guess so offering initially supposed to be a four-year mission that has been going on for thirty three years now with who is that the and of or solar system are well it's solar system is that the edge it's actually get that he leaves here %uh he's here bomb was originally a foreign mission better an aboriginal art honestly think that the senate and it's eight point six did he in niles return for thirteen point only eight do you think about for %um there's a little bit of a problem it's when it's communicating back to earth there's a certain pattern is supposed to communicating that pattern is not coming back row so it's not quite making and outside nasa has commanded the order to that only send information on itself that us and probably on and they're going to try to a repair that she would be good to know who he wants to working just fine above where it hits you instead when on %uh so what a lot of having issues not talking all talking back to haunt few parties really and that's a picture that method graphic representation it the the houston wednesday's there was a all of this wonderful part and we sent him and of winter to thirteen how words generous box that's how far away the meeting you very good yeah of a larger one occasion that I wanted that ten point five billion miles away sixteen point now because when we come back or faces and she'll stop laughing stay with us once upon a time of social issues and issues something that set them apart everyone else Susan this visit do you stay with us there's nothing wrong with that every good thing in your life is here on the earth shelters not to mention yes he the streets she was on the ground sixty five and the ones with the gift of flight the space well the whole yes this place is too many speeches the line is we win it flies it's you unlike someone can you another the states the flight this please it's things in life right in ken I in in I a not quite whether I'm actually checked out you know couple of things before we go back to the of backed cabinet kathleen brown it and the white beard up and wait for everyone enough I think that if you look at it that was older I think it's called a if you see you one underscore ring three the plank the ones that are said that it would go in mind hearing let's keep talking he's going to do that this is definitely the %uh we're not trying to it yes so I woo you know group of that kneecap wolf all here ocean you it I was pretty cool and then if you want their personal safety testing towns and what it was okay the thing it does a by the united at or about the time the battle of action and we've also got some relief we passed up what papers as well some I found what papers you're my phones and mobile devices and stuff like that those are all available now I kept his life coming with did he play who do you play actually one of the differently not like that but that's the meantime thinley the camera zooming to isn't when I thank you and I guess the idea that up its prior outlaw that on all right of it if I had an unlimited amount of funds this is exactly what I want to do you know I'm going with this really like a real tree he admires it that really that it takes fact that he doesn't like I well vaccine turn that into a walk the plank a I think it's not the local same way about officially yes it's not exactly a month on coming forward sure it does I bet they are knowing it correctly class angeles flying around the well maybe you do is that the up and that okay felt camera is getting that the that I haven't met the nafta to say you know this is how you should be doing our that adult that up our troopers with better every beginning was the footage right I not my kind of our wait i'll tell you that the rocket scientists on I know you've done this for a very long time and I know that I've never put anything on another planet but here's what you need to do why the clip that with three D camera the easy to do on when wins barry can't read taken advantage of by three D camera for curiosity which as you remember is the rover that was open for people to said it means Cuba he was like names I'm going to be the camera unsettled on top of the rover time what his higher on authorities of what it's like series of nafta do it my way that Taliban as you're driving century make a movie JPL compounds said that they're like that really these robbers are still coal they can pretty much make a movie sergeant every said are and you know let me well a Iraqis should be watching %um right around twenty eleven so hopefully I can read it at that it's really funny if well it wasn't more pardon as that maybe then moreover will on opportunity of spirit looking at another wally the me speaking of the Iraq war star walker remember that capture Clinton for yet not this there's music in it that we just we can't you up next our walker for those of you who may not remember %uh was supposed to be this reality TV show all I we always joke %uh American idol but for astronauts and the whole thing was that it was going to be reality show for all these different people going through all of these different yes and stuff like that and out of these different camps are going to be the chosen but top ten and all those people go to a different camp training in Africa and two people were actually go up into space that was the premise of this show week we covered this story a while back a year ago would know it was in the three hundred years but one week over did I would basically said we're here to do when they're looking the launch there are any projects interesting that they wanted a lot like twenty twelve so tonight that in releasing that sounded like well not quite right and that a bunch of us when online you can I you can't stand it your name online or by a text message but it was at a text message which was another hearing sort of thing and %uh and one of the other things in order to promote this whole thing they wanted a whole style of writing seacrest ask people to go out and pretend like you are the host of this dollars are walker show and that and so there's a lot of great ideas a new jew the relationship is out awesome there really are terrible terrible also possibly terrible on that of daughter what do you think is that he's look they back it up a and literally that I've been very very funny and of course the australians sort of current affair if you will and he came out of this whole thing is a huge eugene share all right what was the a bunch of us put our names and of course every single one of us that letter and mean that's the one of us no sort of background check no other information just here's my being here is that you know great year for well if they really anything and I doubt there's also approved but a I'm not that all the fact is there's only one little problem a vote on the draft your story on the two other them but I do work okay well a %uh their and don't know what the name of their efficiently %uh only called a current affair it's kinda that you know this guy is a complete lack %uh he's been disbarred %uh plan I'm back anyway and he ran the other thing is that a guy who was running this supposedly CEO of that company %uh also loves conspiracy theories and has other videos also want you to please go out and spend more what you're talking about the yacht how the killings has surrounded earth and of the moon and how one of the reasons we need to go to space is that we can negotiate with them now unfortunately Montana wars minuses my mind this time unfortunately if you want to sign up for star walker %uh the the web site isn't a exactly taking applications and more what had occurred to cut but information and so I this could cut nato that's what the web site well it looks like I don't think %uh it on on things barrel on there and peas and I know all of these instances where well for any actors often for walkers right back up doing is using up action people e mail addresses for free the that I would I thought idea all over and that happens to everyone if you want to go to the station at than two hundred thousand dollars to play and like the that age of five minutes or as we and are a couple of summers ago aren't you just have to spend enough for it for and an economy trip on a seven forty seven the tradition and probably with him Don rickles and speaking of balloons all my not yeah acting is the author of I've given myself a pat on the back I know you're I did not plant at all know you know my goodness that was that way ever the for those of you wondering as recycling the lawyers of course we are the lowest finally and kind of doing their coming out prize by and they are finally deciding to get their name into of a common after if that makes any sense yeah they want to make sure that people know the lawyers a had these you know inflatable the station's better out there already that was the thing that I didn't know you really think they were already there are a couple of and that was just kind of cool and you have that one picture that I had which one them on with that you really quite see that on when on thought that was really fun when the the on a lot of the within a Frank well on that and but helping to enforce the habitat how many cubic meters have the answer and a larger me three %uh the be anyway %uh %uh they're hoping and that a lot of the being deployed by a twenty fifteen %uh or that Sunday as a redeployment twenty fifteen and then three thirty a couple of years later and there really are they are looking for the average Joe to be going up on the that virgin galactic %uh customers we're going to spend some time in bigelow this is really more for the countries who have the astronauts but at a space station with them to get them there you know all that fun staff but that I thought that that was the things that its candidate and they are looking to I've been keeping a close eye the sax keeping a close eye I started to go through this problem targeting the with us worries many humans with ray so the key and Ryan they're keeping an eye and that Boeing the out prototypes and that that now we'll see he said they're the quantities before honor yeah yeah the sixty six are we entitled states that I was when he was little business a while the thing is that we're going down for that yes I wanted to on you know you can't confirm that but his annual mammograms is that actually making watched it hopefully state be watching I make a point they're nominated whatever I think that it is before there with that another update i'd like to mention really quickly %uh is the March five hundred makes it him here in the US and we've got the daytona five hundred like it just sounds like another reese way that sounds like the March five hundred something that and that that that has put together %uh thing if kutab individuals on a real Mike when they tried thinking actually try to stimulate would be like for them to be on mars all right isolate them King communications back to their loved ones and delayed and the proper amount of time rates on if they are allowed to continue there are a lot because I think that he's doing sir no I don't know because it depends on where martha stewart but I think the answer to some the way I've got wrap up lady is that accurate is worried that these missions hey you know that's so long this one that they're doing the latest on that they're doing it five hundred and twenty days any so it's going to be testing psychological nature these missions not yes you know can and should be done work we can figure that out that part of it out and we are the hearing that part of it out but the psychological affected the have on you know the kremlin's people that he's you if you don't don't underestimate this think for a moment and ask you for a moment the are in the room with me four over a year in only me yeah what will your mind by us while he's not in a exactly and had a mars mission so terrific to the trip to mars thirty days on a surface of mars and two hundred forty days for the return journey totaling the five hundred twenty days this the model that they've set up and so the great parties you will see is sort of like the UN trusteeship if you will the living quarters the at scientific or that in the red part the minute of mars' surface still that they would be spending quote unquote time on margin of thirty days on the surface %uh in the wings staff there and I think it's fascinating and a and I think it's really interesting that the jury does %uh yes that'll be the hunt square meter or one thousand-square-foot month will which is time that's the only time you can make big enough do you feel like you're getting away from your crew here miami and thanking these now thank you yes good audience I like the media is it funny yet people anyway well I am in a meeting in Kentucky you know how this though and in the view of cameras set up in God forgive their sin Gary emerging the he also be cut off their hands than they like that they do have medics I'm more benefits of the mathematics can't on you know the guys who were medically trained if they can't solve it the military thing if need be time were medically trained no what he's done dennis the menace them into Gaza they were other people who were met as opposed to part of the crew I'm at it %uh it once and that was completely postal on the other guy's the will break in if need be %uh because they that's not they don't want any one day on the stand but of interesting to see what happens yeah I think I I you know what I think if you do that you have usually and street twenty fourth just like you would be like big brother but like for all three it is not singled him out for the greater of all the cameras inches and was it is one thing their family think about it preview that's our show for this week to become that we love you guys next week I Florida now whether we have a show on Thursday in it or not little questionable certainly not high definition there's no family in Florida of but we will will try to be nice something at the very least and then %uh on what will probably be coming to you live on Friday again with something was still trying to figure out exactly how that's all that work out but the is going to the pasta and i'd like to thank everyone who signed up for they suggest that we have people do that for show on it was it was it and we wanted to get a shot out to train strained watching from he's in austin the yen and me all right away he's also were struck by what I think in you that the world were all hoping that a exchange you're feeling better %uh we've heard about that one patient who thousand if we put it that way on town is that for action they should said three there I I I just got stranded postal about action wrapping up the real of activity that for out my daughter join us next week off last Thursday and Friday hopefully visual and will be able to take up on may fourteen if not we actually have we did not come down there just in case it is too late you know what it would take the polls on last times for sure what atlantis will most likely ever lost person and it's going to be %uh continue that things here it's my personal favorite I'm glad animals all the high and ironing out but you know I have access and about half a dozen lawsuits but never from the media side and I'm being told from the I just sent him %uh who are the correspondence from the Kennedy space center that his original samples given there's like I want to have a was difference between being in the mostly for a concert and being on stage and somebody else said it's the difference between what the a constant TV for being there in the front row so either we it works out over to his running mate in will be there you go well no that's actually seven he will be there and so we're looking forward to seeing you guys absolutely Al sadr's fighters and the thing that we can all and on that between at were that will see you at the without and will %uh would give everyone together on the party's so I think the first scientific test that which is what makes all of this will a you guys next week I I Susan missus issues in case the in

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A look at the upcoming STS-132 mission, the Pad Abort Test conducted by NASA for the Orion escape, Voyager 2 is sending back garbled data, James Cameron wants to see Mars in 3D, Starwalker has been exposed, Bigelow Aerospace is looking to put their real inflatable space station in LEO and a MARS500 Update.

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