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Yosef Shneor Promo Turkey Prosperity Seminar cut last seconds about join me in turkey

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Hi my friends. You know today many people in the world experience all kind of negative feelings around financial affairs. It can be fears, it can be stress, it can be doubts about the future. What will be tomorrow? According to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, we were all destined, from the moment we were created, from the moment we were born, to experience a life of prosperity and abundance. to have everything we need exactly when we need it. Why is it not happening in this way for most people or for many people? The Kabbalists explain that prosperity and abundance is not something you have or don't have--it's not an experience. It's basically a dimension. There is a metaphysical dimension from which all abundance flows to this universe to us. All we need to know is about the existence of this dimension and how to connect to it. How to increase our connection to it. The more we connect and the more we interact with this dimension, whose official name is called Mazela. We'll talk about it in the seminar. The idea is the more we interact with it the more we grow our connection with this dimension, then our experience of prosperity and abundance in our lives will grow and grow and grow. Basically, we'll have more and more of what we need, when we need it, exactly how much we need. Not too much, not too little--exactly. Please join me in the seminar we'll have this coming Monday in Istanbul. We'll introduce you to those ideas, to those concepts. We'll give you practical and simple tools to use. We'll also do together Kabbalistic meditation to open the gates of abundance and to interact and to connect to this Mazela to this dimension of prosperity and abundance. You can do it for yourselves and the beautiful thing is you can also do it for others. All the best. Thank you very much.

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Posted by: kabvids42 on Aug 16, 2019

Yosef Shneor Promo Turkey Prosperity Seminar cut last seconds about join me in turkey

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