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HEP240 Presentation

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Hi my name is Ashley and this is my presentation on NCCPA certification And American Academy of Physician Assistants So what is the NCCPA certification? NCCPA stands for National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants It is the only certifying organization in the United States In order to achieve this certification you have to take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam Which is also know as the PANCE exam And upon passing the exam, you receive your PA-C designation which stands for physician assistant certified This test is supposed to demonstrate your level of "clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning, and other medical skills and professional behaviors So what is the PANCE exam? You take this as a step from transitioning from a student to a certified PA It is taken after the completion of an accredited PA program And it can be taken up to six times within six years of graduating And you would achieve this before state licensure So the testing itself has to be completed within 180 days after graduation So, you submit an application and a $475 examination fee You can take this test at a Pearson VUE Testing Center We have one here in Boise We also have one in Salt Lake City And it's scheduled at your own convenience So, any day within that 180 day period is when you have to take your first exam And it's a 5 hour exam and it's 300 questions So NCCPA Certification is good for 10 years and after the ten years is up, then you can renew it through the PANRE exam And the R just stands for Recertifying There's five two year cycles, and within these two year cycles you have to log 100 Continuing Medical Education credits And there's a 130 dollar certification fee every two years So this is just a pie chart on different CME requirements And so 50 of them have to be Category 1 And 50 of them should be Category 1 or 2 So why should I pursue this certification? It's necessary for practice if you'd like to be a practicing physician assistant. It's one component of state licensure And there's a flexible testing schedule So the American Academy of Physician Assistants is the organization I chose. And it's mission is to ensure the professional growth, personal excellence, and recognition of physician assistants, and to support their efforts to enable them to improve the quality accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of patient-centered health care So how would this organization benefit me? It offers a lot of different benefits, one of them being it allows me to easily search for jobs, and there is an element of advocacy, so it tells you different ways of being reimbursed, and and there's also an updated list of legislative information regarding PAs And it also offers discounts on clinical tools So, review resources for passing the PANRE exam, and discounts on malpractice and liability insurance So, the membership itself costs 295 dollars And there's an annual conference And for this conference there is a 555 dollar registration fee But, at this conference you can earn multiple hours of CME And there's chances for networking And every year it's offered at a different time of the year So if you can't make it because that time of the year is busy for you, you can try again next year So student membership is 75 dollars which is a lot less than the 295 dollars for regular members And it offers a lot of different study resources to help you get through PA school And there's a lot of career help and helping you find jobs after you've graduated And there's an online community that allows students to connect with other PAs And read different debates on different topics So there's also a journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants It's a monthly clinical journal that they do and it's peer reviewed So, why would I join? This organization offers many useful resources to help me be successful in my career And there's lots of networking opportunities And there's also a sense of companionship that helps people connect with other PAs. And these are my references.

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HEP240 Professional Organizations and Certifications Presentation

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