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Mingmar Lama - Tsum Valley, Nepal - Nepali (Global Lives Project, 2013) 17:00:00 - 17:29:59

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Is it hard?—What?—It's hard. Why?—Hard ones are good ones.—It's hard. It's hard.—It's dry. Pour some tea. It's very dry.—Yes. Can you check my yartsas? Eat the tip of the mushroom.—Why? Mushroom will look smaller.—Is it how to keep? Eat the tip. If it grows then yartsa will get hallow.—OK. That Khampa was very tough. Said this is not good quality. Migmar, pass me medicine from there. What?—Medicine! It's in there...little further.—What's there? Medicine... Do you know which one is for the stomach? Do you have stomach ache?—Yes. What are these? What are these?—Let it be. Pack them. Is it this? Or this one?—Yes, that's the one. Is this for the stomach ache?—Yes. Thank you. Kumar have some tea.—I'm fine. I have to put this one my eyes. Blue cheese.—It's there. Put it there. Can you move that water and put it there? OK. I'll use it for porridge. Let it boil. I'll boil it in this one.—OK. Can i cook in this? For the porridge?—Yes. For three of us.—It's enough. Did you put yartsa in there?—Yes. They also look at the color, right? Yes, color and the shape matters. Add more water. This won't be enough. Add some water. Is it enough? Bit more. Put firewood. Don't just sit. Hey! Put it from there.—Yes. Where is Lakpa Buti? You like her?—Who is Lakpa Buti? This worm is strange.—Let me see. Only the head is good.—There's soil. Is it due to soil?—Soil is stuck on it. Mingmar Tashi Delek!—Tashi Delek! Move aside kid. My hand is cold.—OK. I came to chit-chat with Mingmar. It was fun today.—Yes. Tomorrow where are going?—To Duptser. You? Other side of the hill. Really?—I don't find here. You came empty today! I didn't look today at all. Migmar found a lot. You find where others don't find them. Lucky people find it everywhere. Migmar, put that last song.—You mean Cocktail? Wait. Tenzin, put some water. It's getting hard. Pour it from the side. Kumar, porridge is ready. Serve the porridge. Pass me my bowl. What shall we offer to our guest? Kumar, get your plate. Don't you need towel?Is your hand not burning?—No. Kumar, bring it closer. You serve first.—You can serve. Have some more. One scoop only. Small one. Thank you. Is there enough.—Yes. Put just small scoop only... Thank you. Put that butter on top. Is it enough for you? Here. Thank you. Put that kettle on the stove.—This one? Amen! You want noodle soup? Kumar?—It's good. It's smoking.—Wait, i'll make fire. How is the porridge?—It's tasty. He's the best among the guys to make good porridge?—Really? I heard it. That's great! That's good. Finding lot of yartsa and cooking good food as well. Alright! I couldn't eat.—You want curry? You want curry?—I'm fine. Mingmar?—OK, i'll play your song. That was tasty! OK! What time is it?—Six-thirty. You had enough?—Yes. That song is gangnam style.—No. No.—The beat sounds similar.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Producer: Rinzin Lama
Views: 90
Posted by: globallives on Nov 7, 2013

The group cleans the catepillar fungus they have harvested. They make a meal and listen to music. One of Mingmar's friends comes to meet them.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Mingmar Lama.

This video was produced by Rinzin Lama, Andrew Mahlstedt, Dawa Yakpa, Yog Shakya, Tenzin Norbu, Ravi Shrestha, Karma Ghale, Santa Bahadur Tamang, Arjun Magar, Tenzin Norbu, Thepe Tamang, Maila Tamang, Santosh, Jit Bahadur Gurung, and Kancha Tamang.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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