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Assassination JFK

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: My Assassination - John F Kennedy This is john F kennedy, and I am certain there are many..beings that want to hear about.. the conspiracies about america experience in america.. and what the hell is going on in america, and the world and..god knows what well, what I am able to say is that..I was very very sad when I died, sounds like a child saying: 'I was sad' (laugh) but.. sadness was quite immense..and vast, and extensive because.. you know, I was here to make a difference and I knew I had the ability to make a difference.. I had the power to make a difference and I had the control to make a difference. I knew exactly what was required to..have be, the directive in change in america. and..not only there, but with all foreign affairs, and.. I knew that if I did not do it, what will happen to america.. see, a country is able to sway two ways. you have a country that, is.. that supports the people, people supports the country, the country supports the people.. the president, the government supports people it's all about support: you have a support infrastructure. and it's equal and one..and I had the ability to do that, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it, who are required in what positions, god..I had everything planned. and then I got shot (smile) and..then you realize something, because..i.. I looked at..why? when I died..i'd everything perfectly in was perfect, I mean..I am not stupid, people are not stupid. People know exactly what to do and how to do it, and ..what is required to be done. but then everything always veers the other way. always! if you have a look, always! I mean that nothing ever just go straight, direct, to the point..manifest, get it done.. this is how it is, this is how it must be, and that direct statement, that direct placement of..the necessary things that are required to be done, is the best for all..and I always had - the best for all in..consideration it is not difficult! even in my position, it is really not difficult, it is the most simplistic..manifestation, be taken, and.. what I discovered is an interesting thing is the following: I may have been shot..but that shot was not only by the being or the person who did it. but by..all the people in the country. I discovered an interesting thing..people are who they are, not just because of themselves but because of all of humanity as collectively terms of me being shot, it is the inherent, desire for men to struggle. the inherent desire for men to..trying survive in hardship difficulty. frustration - the desire for men to..have to want to blame someone, or something.. for their world, their life, their experience for themselves.'s interesting because what happened when I got shot? everything happened exactly the way that man desired it to.. look at where america is the moment. look at where the country is at the moment. are able to blame the government, you are able to blame george bush, you are able to blame..dick cheney, but it's not them. A government..position is the position of man in that country - the presentation of man in that country. and..their application, their position their expression.. is everyone in that country..together's expression. you're probably asking 'why'? 'Why would..we do that? are we doing that? i'm not aware of it' but of course you are not aware of it. it's inherent, it's who you've.. what you've accepted and allowed, it's like a: habit. it's who you are. you know you can't see something, unless someone else points it out - who sees it, beyond it..which would be me. when you're in something as something of course you won't see it. I mean have a look, when..for instance, your an ice cube, and.. you experience yourself as this ice cube, inside it as it, but you communicate with me. You are 'so' this ice cube, are these molecules, in this ice this ice cube. You are a molecule..and, you are communicating with me and, I said to you: 'you're a ice cube. but did you know that? but you are in a singular molecule as an ice cube' you say: 'no'..i'm this molecule..something like that, I know you'd say it's a very poor (laugh)example, maybe but.. this will give you a perspective. So, what is george and cheney and..all those people in government in america showing you? 'What you are accepting and allowing inside yourself as yourself - that's it.' and..i'll give one suggestion, I would say stop blaming. I would say stop being angry. I would say..stop justifying, and I would say stop denying, look at what it is that in you that you desire inside you to want to struggle.. to want to survive! to want to experience hardship, why else would something exist like that human beings? Why would anything exist in this world but the power we give..give it to for it's existence. Who else is 'Here'?..but us. and..i'd say, the dimensional beings are quite on their way in cleaning up their act. Yet, they have no influence here. all that manifest influence in this world: is us. Because who else is here?! please. have a look, have a look right next to you.. if you look right if you look left if you look forward if you look back if you look at yourself.. who is here? you're Here. Do you want to sort out america, sort out the world? start with yourself. You know, start with yourself. and..if others, don't want to hear yet - don't bother yourself with them. first i'd say focus and stand inside yourself: make sure you are clear. So i'd say'd..maybe next time just first have a look before you start blaming, justifying..the current existence expression of america. it's not george's not dick cheney. they're merely presenting a position, the expression of the entire country - collectively. and, but for my death..the same thing happened. it's what everyone actually asked for Because no one wanted to accept and experience.. a world of support, a world where I had the ability to do what was necessary to be done. you may ask for it. you may scream and you may cry and you may desire and you may wish. but.. that: asking, crying and wishing for're actually asking for more. This is john f kennedy..Thank you very much. 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John F. Kennedy himself talks about how He Feels about his Assassination and his view about USA. JFK himself Speaks/Speech in Aug 22, 2007!

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