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Second round in measles vaccination campaign allows children to 'catch-up' in India

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You're watching UNICEF television. unicef Today looks like a normal day of school but for these children from the small Gujarat village of Dhabipur this is measles catch-up campaign day The government of India hopes to prevent an estimated 60-100,000 child deaths per year through this immunization campaign. Today, 200 children are getting the measles vaccine injection. Manju Joshi Health worker, Vaghrol PHC We got the message from the Primary Health Centre about the measles campaign We prepared a list of villages and schools as well as a micro plan to anticipate the total number of children, requirement of syringes, needles, and number of booths Measles vaccines and diluent vials are carefully kept in vaccine carries before mixing at a temperature range of 2-8 degrees Celsius. Cold chain maintenance and management of vaccine stocks are an essential part of the program. On the back of the tally sheet, we write the mixing time, the batch number of the vial the name of the manufacturer, the expiry date, and the names of the children who have received the vaccine from that vial Once the children have been vaccinated they are kept under observation to avoid side effects This campaign is stocked in full coverage of Indian children between 9 months and 10 years old To reach the school, outreach sessions are also organized in remote rural areas to get young mothers like Sushilabahen to vaccinate their children ASHA workers informed us yesterday, and they also came this morning Sushilaben Gandaji Thakur to tell us to come now. It's important for the baby Drawing young mothers to vaccination points is the task of the local health authorities Dr. Ajaria manages the district vaccination planning Every Monday he holds a coordination meeting with officials from the blocks the districts, and the monitors from UNICEF, and WHO Some parents wrote to us that they don't want their children to be vaccinated and there is a village, Sadapur where there are around 25 children who are still to be vaccinated Dr. Arun H. Asharya Chief Distric Health Officer Whatever coverage we want, that coverage is not achieved, due to the absence of some children, due to the seasonal harvesting, work in potato field, many such type activities At present, the measles vaccine coverage in Gujarat is under 80% The government plans to cover 134 million children in 14 high risk states of India like Gujarat to ensure them a future free from measles This is Geetanjali Master

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Posted by: nand on Feb 9, 2012

UNICEF reports on the measles 'Catch-Up' campaign held in India this past July.

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