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[ENG SUB] 161107 宇宙少女微博直播우주소녀 WJSN

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Exy: Everyone, I'm very happy today CX: Personal introductions? CX: Hi everybody! Exy: Good morning Right now, we will introduce ourselves one by one CX: Hi everybody, I'm a Chinese member and I'm Xiao Xiao CX: You all know right? DW: Hi everybody, I am WJSN's Dawon. Thank you! Luda: Hi everybody, I am WJSN's Luda Seola: Hi everybody, I am WJSN's member Seola, I love you~ Yeoreum: Hi everybody, I am WJSN's Yeoreum. I love you all! Exy: Hi everybody, I am WJSN's leader Exy. I am very happy today. I love you thank you! Eunseo: Hi everybody I am WJSN's Eunseo. Eunseo: Nowadays, the weather is very cold so everybody please do not catch a cold! Bye bye Bona: Hi everybody, I am WJSN's Bona Bona: It's been a long time and I miss you all! Dayoung: Hi everybody, I am WJSN's Dayoung. Thank you! I love you! Soobin: Hi everybody! I am WJSN's Soobin. Soobin: I feel like I am very charming with my smile and sweet voice (?) Soobin: Please look forward to me! Thank you! CX: I am the MC for today CX: What will we be talking about? CX: Today we will be discussing about... CX: Thank you~ Eunseo: You're welcome <OMG EUNXIAO> Host: Hi everybody Host: What you are watching now is brought to you by Weibo's Hallyu "Raise your hands if you love me" series on WJSN's stream. Host: The members all did a personal introduction. CX: I feel so awkward :> CX: Should I be setting a tone here? Eunseo: We don't know, so xiao xiao will talk CX: Right, I am the host/translator for today CX: If there are any questions you can leave a comment CX: And we will answer CX: Do you guys have any questions? Exy: Recently, our hair... Exy: We feel that good or not good (?) CX: I'll explain I will start from this CX: Everyone do you see a table, a piece of paper and a coloured pen over here? Now what are we going to do? We will be showing everyone what we are all thinking about recently Everyone will be drawing a diagram of their brain on the paper On what exactly they are thinking about Okay? CX: Oh, there's a comment here saying "Giving out girlfriend, I still don't know what this stream is about" CX: So right now, everyone is starting to draw Seola: Cheng Xiao! Seola: Do we do it now? CX: Yes CX: I will start first Soobin: Start! CX: One by one? Seola: One by one? Host: They will start drawing their diagram one by one Host: And explain them one by one Soobin: This is mine! Dayoung: This is Dayoung's! Exy: This. Hair Exy: How do you say 'nose'? Exy: Ah nose! Exy: Can can Exy: Ah cute Host: She meant to say 'cute' Dawon: Ah so difficult~ Host: The members are drawing their diagrams very seriously Host: This is Cheng Xiao's CX: Don't look. This is a secret. I will reveal it in a while Host: She drew it very well Luda: It's so difficult~ :ludakillme: Yeoreum: Xiao jie jie~ Dumpling (?) CX: Sleep! CX: Sleep! (Yeoreum repeating after her) Exy: Ah, thank you! Host: Many people are wishing you happy birthday~ Exy: Thank you~ I love you~ Bona: (Trying to say "lose weight") CX: Lose weight! Eunseo: It's been a long time everybody~ Eunseo: Ah ah Mei Qi. Ah today, there's no Mei Qi and Xuan Yi so... (I think she's trying to say please understand} Eunseo: Are you guys doing well? We are doing well. Eunseo: Oh ha ha, Eunseo Eunseo are you feeling good? Thank you Fighting Eunseo: Have you eaten? Yes I have eaten. Eunseo: I am full now~ What about you guys? Eunseo: We miss you too~ Bye bye! Soobin: I'm done! Host: Has anyone completed their drawing? Soobin: Me! I have (completed)! Soobin: I am done~ Soobin: This is mine~ Soobin: Help me please! Eunseo: Hi~~~ Eunseo: We are a new group CX: I'll do it~ Host: MC Cheng Xiao will help to explain Soobin's diagram CX: I'll help you Soobin: Help me CX: Rookie group award CX: Rookie group award (Soobin repeating) I wish to get the Rookie award~ CX: It's the end of the year now and there are many award shows at the moment CX: As a rookie group, we yearn most for the Best Rookie Group of the Year award CX: She wrote it in Korean: Rookie Group Award CX: Someone sent us a lollipop I saw that~ Soobin: Christmas CX: Christmas Christmas~ Soobin: It's similar in Korean! CX: Right? Christmas CX: Say this Soobin: This is chocolate CX: She is well known for loving chocolate in our group CX: She will eat chocolate everyday CX: Snacks that won't put on weight eaten Snacks that won't put on weight eaten CX: She asks everyone: What are some snacks that are not fattening? CX: Almonds Soobin: Almonds CX: I told her its almonds Soobin: This one: Recently, ice water (?) CX: Ice cream Soobin: Ice cream~ Ice cream~ Soobin: Recently in Korea, theres a new fad about a particular ice cream CX: In Korea there's a new brand of ice cream that's very tasty. What is it? CX: We are not advertising ^^ Soobin: Because.. Soobin: Because winter. CX: Washing clothes CX: Because when it's winter, we have to go to the laundry shop to have our clothes washed Soobin: Bye bye! CX: That was Soobin's diagram for you all CX: Next~ Bona: Hello! CX: This is Bona's diagram Bona: I had watched a movie recently Harry Potter! CX: She recently got addicted to watching Harry Potter Bona: WJSN Comeback~ CX: She wrote a... CX: She wrote: "Cosmic small girls" instead of Cosmic Girls CX: Oh, this is Weibo CX: This is about WJSN's comeback CX: You can do this Bona: Practice CX: Practice and preparing for comeback Bona: We are learning Mandarin nowadays CX: They have been taking Mandarin classes CX: This is the same as what Soobin drew: Rookie of the Year Award Bona: There is a drama recently called The K2 CX: Does everyone know the drama, The K2? Bona: It is very interesting CX: Yoona is so beautiful~ Bona: That's right! CX: Yoona is very pretty CX: What is this? Bona: Shopping Bona: Winter shopping Shopping for winter clothes Yeoreum~ CX: But its winter now CX: It's winter right now Yeoreum: That's right {Members saying bye to her) CX: Because her name is Summer and Winter is coming so the members are saying goodbye to her Lunch~ CX: She is like a glutton, a little kid Yeoreum: I'm hungry! Hungry! CX: This is... CHRISTMAS! CX: What is this? Fans~ CX: The fans that she wants to meet CX: This? Yeoreum: COMEBACK! CX: We are all practicing hard for our comeback CX: Oh right, we are streaming with 10 members because... CX: Our Xuan Yi and Mei Qi are very busy and... CX: And also Yeonjung is also busy so please understand everybody~ Yeoreum: Xuan Yi jie jie and Mei Qi jie jie! CX: We haven't seen them for a very long time right? Random AF Bona cuts in: I miss you all! Where are you all~ Yeoreum: Rookie of the Year Award CX: She said the Chinese like red in particular so she drew her diagram in red CX: So cute~ Don't you guys think she is like a little child <3 Yeoreum: Thank you! NEXT~ CX: Oh, its Eunseo! Eunseo: Hi everybody, we are EunXiao! CX: Show us CX: She has many thoughts Eunseo: Yes! CX: She has many many thoughts Eunseo: A lot! Do you guys know? Family~ Our family~ We love you! Eunseo: Friends Eunseo: Friends in the school and in the company Eunseo: Many friends Eunseo: It's too cold Eunseo: The weather is very cold recently CX: Is it very cold in China? Eunseo: I think its cold in China, right? CX: Wrong. Eunseo: Oh wrong? Ok CX: It's very hot in my hometown Eunseo: It's very cold in Beijing right? CX: Yes Eunseo: Ah. Cold. Hot. Where is it that it's hot? CX: This. CX: The biggest one CX: This amount shows her curiosity and the things she is curious about CX: What is in there? Eunseo: What more? CX: I asked her why she is curious she said what more Shoes Clothes CX: This is slightly more special: she said this is 'Loneliness' Eunseo: I don't know how to write 'loneliness' in Chinese (Hanzi) Eunseo: Loneliness CX: Cosmic GIrls Eunseo: The WJSN that I love Practice Eunseo: We are preparing for our comeback CX: What is this? "What should I eat today?" Eunseo: Yes. What should I eat today? Our fans! Eunseo: I don't know how to write 'fans' in chinese as well CX: She doesn't know how to write 'Fans' in Chinese so she wrote it in romanization CX: Oh, and there is me! Eunseo: XIAO XIAO CX: Nowadays you are always with Luda *JEALOUSY* Eunseo: That is because you are very busy recently CX: Nowadays she is always with Luda because I am very busy Eunseo: No, its not like that! It's because Cheng Xiao is soooo busy nowadays Eunseo: She is never around me nowadays T_T CX: Ok then, I'm sorry <3 Eunseo: It's okay <3 Eunseo: However, when we are together, we have many things to talk about CX: Rookie of the Year award CX: Rookie of the Year award CX: Everyone wishes to get the award CX: I will promote a bit about our nominations for the awards CX: There are many award ceremonies now and we are nominated for the rookie awards CX: We hope everyone will help us to vote and support us, Cosmic Girls CX: Even though there are many strong competitors and we love them a lot as well CX: But we still hope everyone will show us support CX: For example, MAMA etc.. Eunseo: You are speaking too fast CX: Oh you cant understand ^_^ CX: VOTE FOR US! (Yes please vote for them <3) BYE BYE NEXT NEXT CX: There's an autograph Host: Every member's diagram will have an autograph below and we will give it out to fans CX: Then I'll have to draw it better Diet CX: She say she's been trying to losing weight recently CX: Exercise and dieting Dawon: Christmas CX: I realized everyone is especially looking forward to Christmas Dawon: Hungerrrr CX: We came here without having food so we are hungry CX: Perfume. She likes perfume a lot Dawon: Winter! CX: Is it cold? Dawon: Cold~ Very cold Dawon: Health? CX: Fitness. I think she is a fitness expert CX: You seem to like fitness related stuff Dawon: 2017! CX: Everyone is looking forward to what they'll be doing in 2017 right? CX: Let's say 'fighting!' together~ Jiayou! CX: 2017 fighting~ 2 0 1 7 JIAYOU! NEXT Luda; Hellooo~ CX: Oh someone sent us rice balls and a fairy wand! Thank you~ Luda: Mine CX: Yours CX: Thoughts diagram Luda: I like animals CX: What kind of animals do you like? Luda: Cats, dogs and bears CX: Big bears? CX: She said she likes cats, dogs and bears CX: I asked her if she likes big bears and she said yes Meat~ CX: Are you hungry? Luda: A little bit CX: Rookie of the Year award (Luda repeating) CX: Try repeating after me: Vote a lot for us! Luda: Vote a lot for us (OMG SHE IS SHO KYOT) sry Television drama Nowadays I watch dramas a lot Comeback CX: Everyone is working hard preparing for comeback Luda: Christmas Christmas CX: What do you want to do for christmas? Luda: Go up together CX: She said we should go up together Cold It's been way too cold nowadays Luda: I don't like it T_T CX: Do you prefer if it's hot? CX: So what do you like? Luda: But I like winter CX: I asked her if she is afraid of the cold during winter she said yes CX: I then asked if she preferred summer, she said no she likes winter Bye bye~ CX: It was her birthday yesterday CX: We should sing a birthday song for her together! *singing the birthday song in Chinese* EXY: My birthday... Members... Cooking... Our members cooked breakfast for her CX: In Korea, when it's your birthday you have to eat the seaweed soup EXY: Seaweed soup and meat EXY: It's delicious EXY: 23 years old! CX: She said she will be 23 years old next year EXY: It's sad. I made a cold joke just now. She said she'll be 23 soon and she's sad CX: A fan said happy birthday to you CX: The fan sent many cakes to you EXY: I'm eating. Delicious~ CX: I asked why she was sad and said the prettiest age is 25 years old and theres a song like that NEXT EXY: COMEBACK CX: She said she prefers to be busy and preparing for comebacks CX: She said if she's resting she will think too much CX: She said she wants to meet everybody soon Rookie of the Year Award! CX: 20 people sent you cakes! And they are still sending non-stop EXY: The fans that I miss a lot CX: The fans she wants to meet CX: She misses you all~ EXY: I miss our fans so much, want to meet everyone soon~ CX: Why is there two here? CX: She wrote 'diet' here but she wrote two EXY: It is so difficult really~ CX: She is writing songs currently CX: She is addicted to writing songs CX: She said she wishes that her songs will be in our album Christmas CX: She said she really likes Christmas and hopes it will come soon CX: That is the thoughts in her head nowadays Hello! CX: She has many many thoughts in her head Dog CX: Do you like it? Dayoung: I like dogs the most Dayoung: Eat Likes to eat Dayoung: Singing Dayoung: And clothes.. Dayoung: I.. very.. *gives up* CX: She said she doesn't know how to wear clothes Dayoung: I am trying hard to learn how to wear clothes CX: Wearing clothes and matching with accessories Comeback Sleeping Dieting CX: You are very skinny DY: Thank you! WJSN Fans TV Dayoung: I like to watch television Dayoung: Running Man CX: If we have a chance, we will go to Running Man together Family Shopping Rookie of the Year Award CX: Wow there are 10k viewers at the moment CX: There are 10k viewers Dayoung: How do you say 'end'? Dayoung: I am done. I love you all! Seola: Hi everyone! I am WJSN's member, Seola Seola: I am happy to know you~ I love you~ CX: It's so pretty CX: She drew it the best Seola: I like the colour red Seola: Cold? These days I feel very cold. Seola: Therefore... CX: Blankets? Is that right? CX: She said she likes to cuddle in her blanket Likes to practice singing CX: Soobin! CX: Soobin-Seola love WJSN~ The best Seola: I like bread CX: She is the member who likes to eat bread the most Seola: I eat it everyday CX: She says she eats bread everyday V-Line. Seola: I wish to have a V-line CX: What is this called? CX: She said her face nowadays had lost some fat and there's a V-line now Seola: Yesterday I did this. CX: She had this black coloured manicure done yesterday CX: Me too~ CX: Because yesterday we.. shhh its a secret~ Meat Nowadays I like to eat meat CX: Do you eat a lot? Seola: Yes Seola: I want to see you all fans. I want to see the Chinese fans~ Seola: I love you~ Seola: We want to go to China to have activities soon CX: Your Chinese has improved a lot Seola: Ah really? Thank you so much Seola: Goodbye~ CX: Am I the last one left? Host: We are left with Cheng Xiao now Eunseo: Ah Xiao Xiao has ended (can't figure out what she's trying to say lol) now Eunseo will hello (?) Eunseo: Yeoreum will also MC Yeoreum: Hello~ Eunseo: Chinese fans, are you guys well? Eunseo: Eunseo, Seola~ Yeoreum Eunseo: Bona! Bona: Hi! Host: There are comments that keep saying that you all are very pretty Thank you! Bona: We really miss you guys! Bona: We also would like to go to China for activities soon~ Eunseo: We are coming soon It's a secret~~ Host: When we asked them when is their comeback, they said its a secret Host: Eunseo's Chinese is really good Eunseo: Thank you everybody <3 Eunseo: I had worked very hard! Eunseo: We can't see Bona unnie Bona: I miss you guys too! Eunseo: We are practicing nowadays Host: They have been practising Bona: Nowadays we are working very hard to learn Chinese Host: Their Mandarin speaking skills are getting very good Where is Dayoung? Dayoung is here Dayoung: Hello! I am here~ Host: Chengxiao is done CX: I am here I drew one rapidly CX: This is my thoughts diagram~ CX: This is 'shopping' CX: Because it is very cold nowadays, so we need winter clothing Bona: Nowadays... I... CX: We bought clothes together CX: The two of us bought a pair of pants together. She ordered it for me CX: Our work. Nowadays we are working like crazy Bona: You are the busiest CX: Thank you~ CX: It's 'home' here. Because I keep wanting to go home Bona: Do you miss your sister? CX: I miss my family. Parents, sister, grandparents, uncles and aunts CX: They asked what is this Comeback! Fighting CX: My friends. Friends in both Korea and China Winter CX: This is 'exercise'! CX: Recently, I went for a fitness course Bona: You have been working hard CX: Yes I have been working hard. Thank you! CX: Written here can you see it clearly? My lovely fans! CX: Yes the ones watching the stream right now! CX: Over here: WJSN! (Bona is saying something. I think she is trying to say 'shy/embarrassed') CX: My brain and thoughts are only this much~ Seola: The most... The biggest one~ CX: It's work Busy Seola: Because she is busy Bona: Are you healthy? CX: I am healthy. I did not catch a cold. Everyone be careful of catching one! CX: It's been really cold these days Bona: How are you feeling? (Mood) CX: I am feeling great Why? CX: Because of everyone~~~ Dayoung: Soobin did this CX: Why? Dayoung: I don't know CX: After we are done, we will hold our drawings together and take a group photo CX: So what are we doing now? Many netizens are praising WJSN for their beauty So can we share some exclusive WJSN tips and tricks on beauty CX: They said we have no secrets ~All saying "there is none"~ CX: Do you guys have anything you want to say? Bona: I do I do CX: What is it? Bona: Recently my hair is not in a good condition because it lost some colour CX: Her hair condition got pretty bad after dying Bona: Therefore when I am sleeping... CX: When she's sleeping, she will apply the hair conditioner on her hair Eunseo: Oh, Seola. She has something to say CX: You will become prettier by sleeping more Exy: I have something to say, me me me~ Exy: You know since its winter now, your skin will be dry and irritated Exy: Please have more pig's skin CX: She says its delicious Soobin: I have something... Bona: Her skin is very good CX: She says her skin is very good Soobin: Thanks everybody~ CX: They say she has the best skin out of all the members Please share with us Seola's slimming tips Seola: Don't eat! CX: She's saying to starve herself Seola's slimming tip is: Don't eat anything Soobin: Drink ice water! CX: What is it? CX: She said drink more water CX: I agree with this. More water consumption leads to better skin overall! CX: Shall Cheng Xiao explain about this? Eunseo: Xiao Xiao should say it Dayoung: Slimming down... Dayoung: Ahh~ Losing weight is a secret CX: Losing weight is a secret? Why? Secret's dance CX: We will dance and exercise for everyone in a while CX: We practice this everyday for long hours CX: I think this can also be a good method for slimming Does everyone want to watch them dance? CX: Want to? Want~ Want to see them dance Then we will ask them to dance for a short moment Is that okay? Could you show the viewers a dance? Over here~ over here~ They will perform a dance right now for the viewers Exy: No Mei Qi and Xuan Yi~ I miss them Exy: Yeonjung as well~ Exy: Mei Qi and Xuan Yi are you guys watching? They are preparing~ Please wait a moment Wait for one minute and they will perform a dance CX: How was it? How was the dance? Was it good? Did you guys listen well? How was it? Eunseo: They are saying it was very good! They totally loved the performance Thank you everyone! CX: I think this is the first performance with the Chinese version of the song CX: And then, while practising... CX: Oh, snatching the red packet CX: Snatching the red packet CX: In China, this is something you will need No, not this Cheng Xiao got the red packet CX: It suddenly feels like we are celebrating the New Year! CX: There are 13000 viewers right now CX: However, there are only around 100 viewers snatching the red packets Thank you everyone! CX: There are 13000 viewers on right now CX:: It's 14000 viewers now! 13.9k viewers CX: 14000 viewers tuning in If anyone has any questions for them you can comment right now And they will respond to everyone's questions Any questions you can comment right now What are we doing now? We will choose the questions now CX: Somebody asked us if we are a 10 member group CX: There might be people who do not know we are a 13 member Chinese-Korean girl group CX: Two Chinese members are in China shooting a movie CX: And Yeonjung is currently promoting with IOI and is especially busy CX: Please vote for us PLEASE VOTE FOR US Thank you~ How do the Korean members learn Chinese? They are all saying: teacher and chinese classes Seola: And there is Cheng Xiao CX: Thank you! What kind of Chinese cuisine do you all like to eat? Hotpot and lamb skewers Eunseo: Mala xiangguo (Chinese stir fried numb and spicy hotpot) CX: Spicy fish and Chinese sausages Our members love to eat it Chinese mangos CX: Which city in China do we want to go the most? They want to go Hainan and Shenzhen And Nanjing CX: They want to go to our Chinese members' hometowns If there are any more questions you can leave a comment~ CX: They want to see some aegyo Yeoreum will show us some aegyo I am Yeoreum~ Ready~ Go~ ~ My precious ~ So cute Does anyone have any personal talents to showcase? CX: Shall we do the PPAP together? I HAVE A PEN I HAVE AN APPLE UGH APPLE PEN I HAVE A PEN I HAVE PINEAPPLE UGH PINEAPPLE PEN APPLE PEN PINEAPPLE PEN UGH PEN PINEAPPLE APPLE PEN This is the latest trend: PPAP Where did Mei Qi and Xuan Yi go? They went to shoot a movie CX: Meiqi and Xuanyi are filming a movie right now And we hope when the movie is showing please be notified and support them. Thank you~ They are shooting a movie now We miss them There is a red packet that you can grab, Cheng Xiao The red packets are all snapped up Cheng Xiao is asking if there are any more questions When can we go to China? We are not sure yet~ They are not sure when they are able to visit China again CX: "When are we making a comeback?" ~It's a secret~ Please wait and expect us~ Does your group have a name? Our group is called WJSN Cosmic Girls Have you all eaten? CX: Did you guys eat already? We have not eaten yet. We will eat after the stream Have you guys (viewers) eaten? Exy show us a rap Secret Dawon sing a verse as well ♪ Sweetly~ Your smile is so sweet ♫ ♫ How I'd wish the flowers will bloom in the spring breeze ♫ ♫ Blooming in the spring breeze ♫ Eunseo: I have a song I want to sing CX: We only have 5 minutes left noooooooooooo Bona: We would love to go to China soon~ (her pronunciation is really good) That side that side~ Perfect~ CX: Let's do our farewell greeting CX: Asking them to tell us their thoughts and feelings Cheng Xiao hold this and talk CX: Then I will stand up Seola: To our Chinese fans, thanks for watching us Soobin: I am very happy today, I love you all! Exy: It was nice to stream for everyone today and we hope to go to China asap to see our fans~ Bona: We really wish to have activities in China. See you then~ Bye bye Yeoreum: I am also very happy and I love you all! Luda: It was a great opportunity to meet everyone Luda: I miss you~ Dayoung: I love you all. Hope to see everyone soon~ Dawon: I am also very happy Dawon: See you guys next time! I love you~ Eunseo: Thank you!! CX: I will do the conclusion~ CX: Being able to do a stream on Weibo and interacting with everybody CX: We are extremely happy. Where is the doll? CX: We are extremely happy and we hope to see everyone next time We will also have a lucky draw for the viewers The prize will be our autographed album Let's see who is the lucky winner of our autographed album~ We really hope we can go to China soon to meet everyone CX: We are extremely happy today that we get to interact with our Chinese fans CX: We haven't met for a long time do you miss us? CX: We hope everyone will support WJSN and anticipate our comeback CX: And some award shows at the end of the year CX: We wil show everyone a better stage CX: We miss everybody Miss you~ Bye bye See you guys next time in China! Subbed by Kendrick Tan (Please do not re-upload) Thank you!

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宇宙少女微博直播우주소녀 WJSN 微博直播

WJSN's Weibo stream on 161107. Subs will be up asap as soon as I complete them!

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