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LEAD Weekly: Building Trust, by Cheque Garcia

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly . This is LEAD Weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. We are exploring that skill of building trust on a team. And today we will listen to Cheque GarcĂ­a who is working in the Dominican Republic. Creating and building trust. Building trust is a skill that all staff need to have. It doesn't matter if you are in a leadership position or in a position on staff. It doesn't matter what area you are working in, you need to develop trust, because it will help you as different situations arise. When problems occur communication and teamwork will be much better because there is already trust built. For me one of the most difficult challenges and obstacles was when I moved to the Dominican Republic. It was a new and different place, and a different circle of people. We had to connect with other organizations and ministries to understand the work they were doing with orphaned and vulnerable children. For us building trust was a bit difficult, because we always had to have a positive attitude and take the first step. Our attitude was humble, simple and open to helping. We always had to be empathic and look for ways to connect with people. We needed to know what they needed and what interested them...what they liked and how they did things. Also, we realized if there was a way to offer them something, that would create a stronger feeling of trust. There are times when you are at a place where you don't feel needed, or you don't feel like someone is building into you, but when you move to another place or to another position sometimes not having developed relationships makes our work more difficult. When you continue to develop relationships, you always seek to connect and empathize and that creates an environment of trust. This helps make your work environment, goals and challenges much easier. I encourage you and I invite you to work on building trust, no matter what role you are in. Practice this and always be looking for ways to improve through the different situations you are put in.

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