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Shabbat Night Live - June 21 - From Here to Eternity: Part 3

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[Michael Rood] Yeshua told his disciples that before the end of the age— before the Messiah returns to rule over the Earth as the conquering king— there would be wars and terrorism. And even now we are being spied on and terrorized by those claiming to protect us from terrorism while the executive branch hires known Muslim terrorists sympathizers to protect our embassies in the Islamic countries. What is that all about Hillary? Yeshua said that there would be earthquakes in many places. He said his followers would be hunted down and put in concentration camps and exterminated by the guardians of the New World Order. And then his followers would hate and betray each other to the death. But even then he told us the end is not yet. Yeshua said that preachers would deceive the masses assuring the people that they represent Jesus. But they would in fact lead the sheep all to destruction. Yeshua said that these deceivers would claim that Jesus is going to return and rapture them at any moment. Yet Yeshua said that they are all liars—do not follow them. Until certain legal prerequisites are fulfilled Yeshua cannot and will not return. If you think things look bad on the world scene today—cheer up. Yeshua promised it was going to get a lot worse. But it does not get any better than this, but that he promised us a Sabbath rest when he rules the Earth in the Sabbath Millennium. It is now the end of the sixth day of the week. The sun is now beginning to set. And it is now time for Shabbat Night Live. [Male Speaker] It is Shabbat Night Live from Charlotte, North Carolina with your host Michael Rood. Join Michael and his cohost Chaim Goldman as they welcome from Liberty High School, the valedictorian—Roy Costner and musical guest Anna Maria Soprano. Now—here he is the Messianic matador Michael Rood. [Michael Rood] Shabbat Shalom Torah fans. Good sabbath to all the followers of Yeshua Messiah out there in cyberspace. And welcome to you. Shabbat Night Live is coming direct to you from post-apocalyptic, downtown Charlotte, North Carolina as it was known before Zechariah's thermonuclear war as the Messianic Disneyland of planet Earth. Well—in reality we are in the third episode of the series From Here to Eternity: The Good News of the Apocalypse and the Demise of the New World Order. We thank you for joining us for the leaven-free gospel of the Kingdom. Here there is no Rabbinic takkanot, no Babylonian sun worship, and no papal bull. This is a no manmade religion zone. We are restoring the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith— bringing back the faith once delivered to the saints. We are harkening back to the days before post-Christian America when our nation's founders stood on these self-evident truth that all men are created equal and endowed with absolute creator-given rights, creator-given responsibilities which includes the right and responsibility of liberty. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the producer of the internationally syndicated television series A Rood Awakening from Israel—Chaim Goldman. Chaim. [Chaim Goldman] Hey Michael. Shabbat Shalom. >>[Michael Rood] Shabbat Shalom. Chaim—well speaking of liberty we have a very special guest with us here don't we? >>[Chaim Goldman] Yes—he is the valedictorian of Liberty High School in South Carolina? [Michael Rood] South Carolina—Liberty, South Carolina. [Chaim Goldman] And he is the valedictorian, and he did something when it came time for his valedictorian speech that is going viral. It is approaching a million hits on YouTube now (both speaking at once). [Michael Rood] It has hit YouTube; it is standing close to a million views just on one site. And he has taken the atheist socialists—these "freedom from religion" wackos who continue to propagate the religious fairytale of evolution. And he has stood them on their ear, and the national media is picking up on it. [Chaim Goldman] The crazy thing is this should not be that big a deal. The fact that someone at his own graduation— as the valedictorian—would decide to do the Lord's prayer or the prayer to our Father—what Yeshua taught his disciples— that he would choose to do that—that that is upsetting people, turning the country on its ear is crazy. But—. [Michael Rood] It is crazy because he is just exercising the right that everyone in America enjoyed for a couple hundred years. [Chaim Goldman] But we are going to hear his story—how they had shut— they had shut him down, but he decided that he wouldn't be shut up. [Michael Rood] That is right—ladies and gentlemen we have a short window of opportunity to reach the world, to speak the truth over the Internet, over the airwaves because this is where it is going. It is all to shut down because there can be no God in post-Christian America. You can have false gods, you can have moon gods, and—you know—seven-headed elephant gods with blue arms and stuff like that, but you cannot have the true God that has given us his word and his revelation of what his life was all about. And as long as we are drawing breath we are going to exercise our rights. So we are so thankful to have him with us. [Chaim Goldman] Roy Costner IV. >>[Michael Rood] Roy Costner IV. That is right. He is actually a cousin of the actor, but this guy is the real thing. He is not an actor; he is the real thing. We also—tonight we have the author of the Astronomically and Agriculturally Correct— >>[Chaim Goldman] No way. —Biblical Hebrew Calendar with us at the time of the winter— excuse me—the summer— >>[Chaim Goldman] The summer solstice. [Michael Rood] The summer solstice—you know—as we like to say winter solstice, summer solstice, vernal, and autumnal equinox—amen. We also have America: Designed by Geniuses, Run by Idiots section tonight. [Chaim Goldman] And Dr. Jeff Hazim from Biblical Health TV— >>[Michael Rood] Dr. Jeff Hazim is going to be with us— [Chaim Goldman] —is going to be joining us. >>[Michael Rood] —from Biblical Health. That is right, Chaim. [Chaim Goldman] For that we are having a health-related run by idiots segment. [Michael Rood] Yeah—we have got—we have some really idiocy happening in America this week. We have—of course—viewer mail communications from cyberspace—Area 51 and beyond. And we also have our Israel update—very special. I love all of what is coming up tonight with Ariella. And a special announcement from Annie and Laura concerning the chronological gospels—ladies and gentlemen—it says right on here this is number 1,000—1,000 of 1,000. And—you know—we are going to find out what happens tonight—okay? And— [Chaim Goldman] Wow—that is all just within the first hour; we are going to do all that in the first showing. [Michael Rood] That is right—all the first hour. >>[Chaim Goldman] My goodness—we better get going. [Michael Rood] And then—of course—in the second hour we are going to be doing our teaching from post-apocalyptic Charlotte which is the series from Here to Eternity: The Gospel of the Revelation and the Demise of the New World Order. And tonight's episode is the Epitome of Hyperbole. So— [Chaim Goldman] By the way the zombie congregation is growing out there. [Michael Rood] The zombie— >>[Michael Rood] And they really enjoy your teaching. I just wanted to bring that up. [Michael Rood] Okay—well—great—well—Chaim is running the zombie congregation right—right in the— >>[Chaim Goldman] In the former Bank of America building. [Michael Rood] Former Bank of America building right down here, and it is going real well—he's teaching them kosher which it is really saving a lot of flesh and blood humans now from being devoured. >>[Chaim Goldman] We do what we can. It is a tough sell with zombies. >>[MIchael Rood] By zombies—that is right. And we want to thank our ambassador club. Those who are standing with this, giving at least $100 a month or more—because of that we are in over 150 countries on the Inspiration Network. We are on TBN's The Church Channel and Enlace which is TBN's Spanish Christian television network reaching into every Spanish speaking country in the world. We are on the Gospel Channel in Europe, Omega Television in Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. Of course we have thousands joining us right now on our live stream which is a high-definition network and also on YouTube where last month we had 1.4 million minutes of viewing on our YouTube site—absolutely unheard of— unprecedented. You know—people get—you know—little cute videos— they get a lot of hits on them—millions of hits— but who is doing 1.4 million of views? We are reaching the world ladies and gentlemen. It is working; this revelation that we had concerning building this high-definition studio. And because of our ambassador club members and those of you who have been out there supporting us—that is why it is happening today. We are so thankful for you standing with us. We are also—we have iTunes downloadable podcasts on high-definition and for the 36-hour Shabbat high-definition network at All high-definition, 24 hours a day beginning right now all the way until Monday morning eastern time. [Chaim Goldman] And there is a new program on there we are going to talk about later that we just added. >>[Michael Rood] Oh really? >>[Chaim Goldman] It was just produced this week. [Michael Rood] Okay—a new program? >>[Chaim Goldman] Yeah. >>[Michael Rood] Just produced this week? [Chaim Goldman] Yeah. Yeah. >>[Michael Rood] Okay—all right. [all speaking at once]. I cannot wait to see that. Well—ladies and gentlemen—here we are. It is the winter solstice on the Pagan calendar which is a mathematical moment in time which is calculated down to about 1/10,000 of a second that the summer solstice actually transpires. But here we are on the biblical calendar, and what is the date? We are on—wait—first of all—this is how practical this is. First of all—I have the totable version—the travel version— unlike—well—unlike the travel version in Spanish I can actually read this one. Okay—and unlike this one which has big color pictures and are beautiful for your wall—you can take this with you. And as you sit down at a restaurant you pull out your calendar, and then you turn to someone and say, "Excuse me— what is the Pagan date today?" And they say, "What do you mean Pagan day?" "Well—the date on the Pagan calendar—you know? Like June named after a Roman goddess. And so what is the Pagan date today? [Chaim Goldman] I think it is the 21st—the 21st of June. >>[Michael Rood] It is like the 21st. Or it would not be the— >>[Chaim Goldman] Right—it wouldn't be the summer solstice. [Michael Rood] It wouldn't be the summer solstice—so here we are. In the 4th month it is the 20th day—the 21st day of June. And it is at sunset which is now the 12th day of the 4th month. The 12th day of the 4th month—so when you turn to someone to ask them the Pagan date, then you look on your calendar, find the Pagan date, do directly below that, and then you find the biblical date. We have thought of everything on this—okay? A great tool to wake people up to the Hebrew roots of the faith, to let them understand that the Pagan calendar— every month of the year—is named after a different Pagan god or an emperor who became god. And every day of the week is named after a different Pagan god. [Chaim Goldman] So all you need to do is add a Pagan who can give you the date. [Michael Rood] Just find a Pagan— >>[Chaim Goldman] And then after that— it just takes off and you got to go. >>[Michael Rood] That is right. That is what it is. And you are going to love the calendar because as you take it around with you you have all the articles about the restoration which is over a 20-year word by Rabbinic scholars in the land of Israel, vicariate scholars, and messianic scholars to restore the ancient biblical calendar, and this is it ladies and gentlemen. It is the only published calendar. It is the longest, living, published calendar of the astronomically and the agriculturally corrected biblical Hebrew calendar. So that is where we are on our calendar right now. And we also have some upcoming events for Sukkot, but we are not going to announce it right now. We are going to hold it one more week, but it looks like Denver is the place it is going to happen. Well—Chaim—I believe that we have— wait—first of all I have to mention our elders at the gate— we have got an extra Sunday this month, but our elders at the gate which is the mens fellowship at the Rood Awakening headquarters meets on the first and third Sunday of each month at 10:00 in the morning. This is the kahila Ha-Notsri—this is an interactive elder-led fellowship just for men—sorry—there are no women allowed—absolutely not. We do check at the door. No one gets in. No one even sneaks in. Organic coffee, organic fellowship, and an in-depth study of the chronological gospels, and then—of course— we invite you to attend the House of the Israel 11:00 tomorrow morning with Arthur Bailey and every week Thursday 7:00 discipleship training. Ladies and gentlemen—you do not get any more in-depth teaching of the word than what you do with Arthur Bailey restoring the Hebrew roots of the faith—a pastor of five different denominations. And his search for truth finally brought him to the Hebrew roots of the faith and has changed his life and is changing the lives of people around the world. Ladies and Gentlemen—this is why we went to Bible school and seminary. We wanted the answers; we have searched for it. And Arthur is one of those who taught at Bible college and seminary and continued his search and finally someone handed him some DVDs on the feast of the Lord—changed his life. And now he has launched off with the House of Israel here in Charlotte. Ladies and Gentlemen—this is what makes it the Messianic Disneyland of planet Earth. Just the festivities available week by week right here. Well—Chaim—I cannot wait for this next segment because this is America: Designed by Geniuses; Run by Idiots. [♪ music ♪] [Chaim Goldman] It is so festive. >>[Michael Rood] Yes—we have festive music by John Philip Sousa and the Marine band—okay. [Chaim Goldman] Yes. >>[Michael Rood] Well—Chaim—I see you have got your Biblical Health Television hat on. [Chaim Goldman] Yes—because we are doing— >>[Michael Rood] What is going on out there in this idiot-run nation? [Chaim Goldman] Well—our headlines this week that lead into this are about the AMA—the American Medical Association— and they are our idiots of the week—our run by idiots because they are very much running this country. The medical/pharmaceutical establishment if you do not believe that they are running this country along with the oil companies that are—. [Michael Rood] Billions of dollars a year they are raking in. [Chaim Goldman] So this is a big thing— >>[Michael Rood] Oh man—have we got stories. [Chaim Goldman] And so what we wanted to do is bring on— and we have with us via Skype from Fort Lauderdale, Florida—Dr. Jeff Hazim— who is the executive director of Biblical Health TV. So Dr. Jeff—we have you on. [Michael Rood] There he is—the smiliing face of Dr. Jeff. >>[Jeff Hazim] Hi—Hi Chaim. [Chaim Goldman] Shabbat Shalom Jeff. >>[Jeff Hazim] Shabbat Shalom. I really love this word idiot; that is powerful. [Michael Rood] Okay—we got a little stuttering here, but—. >>[Chaim Goldman] Are we doing well on the feed? We are trying to do hi-def video over Skype—we are always on the cutting edge here. So this is—. >>[Michael Rood] The cutting edge of failure—right at the very edge. [Chaim Goldman] Well—we try to stay right there where we have the littlest bit of success— we just push past it as far as we can go. So—the AMA—the American Medical Association—is having a conference in Chicago, and they were deciding— among other things— they were deciding whether obesity should be classified as a disease. [Michael Rood] Obesity as a disease. >>[Chaim Goldman] Right—and they have their official council on science and public health—who is their fact finding council— and they checked the facts and the research. And they came back, and they decided that obesity should not be classified as a disease as far as the American Medical Association is concerned. And yet the voting body of the AMA decided that it is; and so the official policy—. [Michael Rood] It is—oh—what a surprise because they have people from the pharmaceutical corporations in there— [Chaim Goldman] Sort of a revolving door going in and out—. >>[Michael Rood] Right. Right. Okay. Yeah. [Chaim Goldman] So even though their own fact-finding showed that they shouldn't do it—why should we let facts get in the way of medical profits—right? [Michael Rood] It should never get in the way of medical profits. Never. Never. [Chaim Goldman] So—this goes very deep. We do not have a lot of time to talk about it tonight. We are going to let you know where we are going to take it elsewhere. And run on Mondays where we are doing something—we are going to invite people too. We are going to go in-depth into this topic. But I wanted to bring Dr. Jeff on now; he is a chiropractor and nutritional expert. And he has been in natural health about 25 years. [Michael Rood] And the guy is healthy too. >>[Chaim Goldman] He is very, very healthy. It is to say—you know—what is a disease? We are going to decide whether something should be classified as a disease or not. Dr. Jeff—what is a disease as far as you are concerned? [Jeff Hazim] Well—technically disease is dis- meaning something is not working properly. So in the broadest scope—you know—so—. >>[Chaim Golden] How are we doing on the audio? Is that how it is coming through that we are hearing out here? [Michael Rood] I think we are going to have to kill the video. [Chaim Goldman] Let's go—let's drop the video. >>[Michael Rood] Drop the video, and let's have him live there. Kill the video Jeff. >>[Chaim Goldman] Welcome to live TV. [Jeff Hazim] Okay. >>[Chaim Goldman] There he is. >>[Michael Rood] Oh—there he is—his smiling face. [Chaim Goldman] If you could just come back on the feed. >>[Michael Rood] Okay. >>[Chaim Goldman] We'll keep the audio. Jeff? Try it again. [Jeff Hazim] Is it okay now? I am still getting feedback. [Michael Rood] Well—just talk, and we will find out. [Jeff Hazim] Okay—anyway—so technically in disease— anytime the body is at dis-ease, so in reality obesity is a disease. The problem with the classification that they are using is that it gives people an excuse to become victims. Instead of someone taking responsibility—and this is where the biggest issue is going to be— besides a lot of what is going to go on in the food industry and the restaurant industry and of course the drug industry— but the biggest issue is that once somebody is tagged as a victim of something then they no longer have to be responsible. And so people kind of throw up the white towel and say, "Well—it is not my fault anyway; I am just going to go ahead and just live the way I live." And so—you know—it is a disease, but the disease is not caused by its cells. It is caused by something else, and that is what we are always driving towards in Biblical Health Television is to teach people what is the origin of disease? And if we know the cause we—of course—know the solution. [Chaim Goldman] Right—in this article that I got in Forbes— this person who wrote about—it is a very balanced article in Forbes— his name is Hank Cardello, and he said, "It is still too early to tell how the disease badge might ultimately affect medical research, treatments, insurance payouts, and public policy since the AMA has no legal power. But like a promising new medicine the decision is likely to have unintended side effects." And goes on that, "Labeling obesity as a disease also ignores the almost taboo subject"—as you said of personal responsibility. And that they are finding out in research that they are doing that people who tend to—who are obese—tend to be—just do not have discipline. There are a lot of personality factors, impulsiveness, low conscientiousness, and willingness to take risks. And that they also tend to believe that they can just eat what they want and that supplements and medicines are going to come to cure them. [Michael Rood] There has got to be a vaccine for this—isn't there? [Chaim Goldman] Right—right—we have got to have a vaccine. So this personal responsibility—where does that come in? And Michael I want to have you comment about it because you had a heart attack—had this James Gandolfini who was an actor. He was Tony Soprano—just died the day after this decision at 51— dropped dead of a massive heart attack, and he has been basically obese his whole life—was almost proud of it. He said it made him a better mafia character to be 6'1" and upwards to 300 pounds— dropped dead at 51. You know—how do you feel? How do you handle this? Do you believe you caught this? You know—caught your extra weight by hanging around overweight people? [Michael Rood] Well—you know—my mother was overweight all of her life; after becoming pregnant with me she was at 102 pounds. And after that she always struggled with her weight until it was just three years ago she went on the cleanse, changed her lifestyle, and now she is trim and svelte at 80 years of age. Finally—and it was just taking control of this. Now—I don't know exactly what happened to me, but I did—I stopped at Wal-Mart. I had to get some batteries. And with me in line was James Gandolfini and several other fat people, and I think James and I picked up some fat germs while we were at—. [Chaim Goldman] Well—it is a disease—. >>[Michael Rood] Oh yeah—it is a disease. I mean we picked up fat germs, and the pounds just came right back. So—you know—it is—you know—I cannot wait to line up for the next government-approved vaccination against the fat germs. [Chaim Goldman] Well—certainly there will be a lot of money toward—and it—. [Michael Rood] Oh—yes. >>[Chaim Goldman] Even at this meeting they were talking about obesity drugs. Jeff—can you comment on that even more? Just like sort of where you see this going? [Jeff Hazim] Well—you know—I was just thinking as you guys are speaking is that I just came up with a revelation of what the solution is to this entire problem. Here it is—ready? >>[Michael Rood] We are ready with bated breath here. [Jeff Hazim] Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come—thy will be done. That is the answer to the question. I thought that was appropriate considering your guest tonight. But the reality is—you know—we have to just tell the truth, and people have to face the fact that they have to be responsible for their lives, what they put in their body, and of course this creates an entire controversy in the food industry because we have a food industry that is regulated by an agency that allows poisons to be sold and fed to people. >>[Michael Rood] That is right. [Jeff Hazim] The other side of that is we have to have freedom to make our own choices, so we are making choices to kill ourselves. And so we really have to take personal responsibility. I have always said this if you do not cause yourself to die young you won't die young. And so this is nothing new, but it is just another way of taking the responsibility away from people and saying, "Well—now you are just a victim." But you know what Biblical Health Television we are not going to let that happen— at least not in the body of believers. We are going to press in and make sure people know the truth. [Michael Rood] That is right, and so now Chaim—in closing— [Chaim Goldman] Thanks Jeff. >>[Michael Rood] Thank you Dr. Jeff because we are going to be doing something on Biblical Health Television. >>[Chaim Goldman] Yeah—we just started—we have been doing a radio show with Biblical Health Radio—Biblical Health Television on Mondays at 2:00 pm. But as of last week we also are doing it as a video live stream. So it is Biblical Health TV, Radio, Television now. >>[Michael Rood] Wow. [Chaim Goldman] And we are doing that, and that is the new show that is going to be on—I believe we are going to roll that this weekend— the show from last Monday. >>[Michael Rood] Okay. [Chaim Goldman] And coming up this Monday we want people to join us because we are going to spend a half and hour going in-depth on this whole obesity issue and where it comes from. >>[Michael Rood] Where do we find it? Where do they find it? >>[Chaim Goldman] Well—they should go to everywhere— And on there you will find under programming the information about the radio show. Please sign up for free membership because we want to let you know about other stuff that we are doing; we have webinars, a lot of great programming that is coming. So go to, sign up for a free membership, and then you will be on our list and join us on Monday at 2:00 pm. [Michael Rood] Or you can go down and get your your free fat vaccination at your local pharmacy—okay. >>[Chaim Goldman] At Walgreens or— [Michael Rood] Well—we are going to be right back after a word for our sponsor with viewer mail. See you then. [applause] [Shabbat Night Live; From Charlotte] [♪ music ♪] [Male Narrator] This month Michael and Judith would like to give you a gift of apocalyptic proportions. For your gift of $120 or more a Rood Awakening International would like for you to receive these three resources. First—you will receive Michael Rood's thought-provoking book The Mystery of Iniquity: The Legal Prerequisites to the Return of the Messiah. In this book you will learn the legal ramifications of Satan's rebellion, the deception that has been the dangerously false hope of the modern church, the key event that will begin the last seven year countdown to armageddon, and much more. Then you will receive the DVD teaching Zechariah's Thermonuclear War. This is the DVD teaching you will want to watch again and again. Michael explains revelation from Yahovah that reveals more of the timeline to the end of days. [Michael Rood] Eisha, fire offering—I knew this was revelation because there is no way that I could know it. There is no way that I could see it. I had nothing in front of me that would even let my mind go in that direction. But when I sat up on the edge of my bed I said, "This is not a woman. This is a fire. [Male Narrator] Finally—Michael would like for you to receive four ounces of his exclusive Rood-brewed coffee called Fire Ball Espresso— a taste that is as complex and distintive as a thermonuclear blast. But when the smoke clears it is sweet and never bitter. And as an added bonus this month Michael would also like for you to receive this beautifully made scarf from the Lydia Project. 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But he has been ministering in the United States and on Bulldozer faith; he has put a video of the testimony of lives that are being changed with mikvehs going on up in Pennsylvania of baptisms and people coming back to the Hebrew roots or the faith. And Steve and Leona who were on our Israel tour after Kenny's first visit—just a precious couple. The great things that are happening there—check out Bulldozer Faith. And—also Kenny is going to be at Jim Staley's Passion for Truth Ministries this Shabbat. So if you are there in area do not miss being there. Take part in Jim Saley's Passion for Truth. And then after that they head down to Franklin, Tennessee to the mountains there. So—well—Chaim—I think you have got some letters and questions that have come in. [Chaim Goldman] We do—it is such a jam-packed show we just got a couple questions. We are going to get right into the questions this week. Patricia S.—she has a question. She says no one wants to touch Numbers 24:12-19. Is that about something that has already happend? Or is it about the second coming? Sometimes it is hard to get my Christian mind to see what the Hebrew scriptures really say, but the part right before he leaves to return home— is he speaking about a future even or prophecy? That is from Patricia. [Michael Rood] Okay—Patricia—Verse 12, "And Balaam said unto Balak spake I not under they messenger which you sent unto me," and he is rehearsing something—this is the last statement that he is going to make. Balaam—they sent emissaries to Balaam. They said basically, "You write the check. You come and prophecy and curse these people. Curse Israel before they come in to their promised land." And so Balaam—after he had this incident with the ass speaking to him and circumventing him being slain by an angel. Finally he says, "You know—this is what the situation is. I can only speak that which I have been sent to speak. Even if you give me your house full of silver and gold I cannot go on beyond the commandment of the Lord to do good or bad." And then he said, "And now—behold—I go to my people. I am leaving, I am going home, but come— I am going to advertise or advise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days." Okay—this is—these are Amalekites—okay? And he took up the parable—see—you know—when you use the word parable here there is a parallel. It is something that happens at that time. And it is something that happens in the future. It is something that he is stating then, but it has a parallel fulfillment in the future, and we see this with a lot of scriptures and prophecies Chaim—is that there is more than one fulfillment of this. And we see it repeatedly in the scripture. And so he said that he took a parable and said, "Balaam, the son of Balar, has said in the man whose eyes are wide open, has said—which heard the words of God and knew the knowledge of the most high." And then he said, "I see him, but not now. I shall behold him, but not yet. There shall come a star out of Ya’akov. And a scepter shall rise out of Israel and shall smite the corners of Moab, and shall destroy all the children of Sheth. And Edom shall be a possession, Seir shall be a possession for his enemies, and Israel shall do valiantly. Out of Jacob shall come he that shall have dominion and shall destroy him that remain of the city." That has not transpired yet. This is a messianic prophecy; it is understood as messianic prophecy. This is the scepter who would come up and who would reign as King, who would have dominion, but as it says the the dominion of the Messiah would be—he would relinquish his dominion over Israel for a season until the fallest of times. So we are waiting for that because this is the series that ran— the series that we are in right now From Here to Eternity. And for those of you who have not yet gotten this— this is a very important one where we explore the details of The Beating of Balaam's Ass— prophetically speaking. And this is an excellent resource because it tells us what is going on in this generation was prophesied by Balaam with uncanny accuracy. Ladies and Gentlemen—get this video on the Beating of Balaam's Ass— prophetically speaking. Chaim—what else do we have? >>[Chaim Goldman] Can we do one quick one? One more? >>[Michael Rood] Sure. [Chaim Goldman] Okay—Ken and Kathy: Dear Michael, just finished the Jonah Codes Series. You stated by the pattern the confirming of the convenient would happen mid-6010. Can you tell me if that took place, and—if so—how was it confirmed? Please excuse my ignorance of the Hebrew roots. [MIchael Rood] Okay—no it did not take place. I was looking at a pattern—a mathematical pattern. And I said, "If this is true—if this pattern follows course that we would see the Zechariah's thermonuclear war. We would see —. [Chaim Goldman] That hasn't happened yet. >>[Michael Rood] Yeah—the Damascus being a ruinous, uninhabitable heat. >>[Chaim Goldman] It happened over—it happened in the window. [Michael Rood] It did not happen—okay? What we are waiting for is the confirmation of the covenant and the confirmation of the covenant has to do with the ark of the covenant, and where it has been hidden, and the revealing of the ark of the convenant because that is the most important artifact ever on the planet because it represents a throne of the Almighty upon the Earth. And the ark of the covenant—it is still in the mind and hearts of everyone, but Jeremiah said that when the Messiah rains upon the Earth that the ark will no longer be thought of—why? Because it is his throne; you are not adoring the throne—his seat. You are there to worship the King Yahovah Sevaot. And that is when the ark will be forgotten. [Chaim Goldman] And by 6010—if people are wondering why—what this year 6010 is— what did she mean by that? >>[Michael Rood] Oh—6010 or 2010 on the Pagan calendar. [Chaim Goldman] Oh—okay. >>[Michael Rood] And so—no it has not happened. And so that particular mathematical series I said it could be a coincidence because it is just math, and these are just patterns. So that is just what we are watching for, and it hasn't happened yet—so—okay. Well—we do not want to linger any longer because we have our Israel report—Inside Israel report—with Ariela Steagall, and our musical guest from—Chaim—one of the great crime families of New York—Anna Maria Soprano. [Chaim Goldman] We got to tie in—tie in the Sopranos again—second mention. [Michael Rood] And our special guest—the high school valedictorian of the year 2013 for planet Earth—Roy Costner IV. [Chaim Goldman] That is an honorary degree we are giving him? >>[Michael Rood] Honorary degree. He got it right now; here is a man that has taken a stand—honorary degree, valedictorian of planet Earth. We will be back in just a moment. [Shabbat Night Live; From Charlotte] [♪ music ♪] [Male Narrator] Around the world today people are hungry for answers. They are asking, "Who am I? Is this all that I am?" and praying to gods of wood and stone who cannot hear and will not answer. Who will help them understand? As followers of the Messiah we know the truth— the truth that sets men free, the truth about the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who sent his son Yeshua, so that we may have eternal life with him. And the gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations. On November 2, 2012 A Rood Awakening International began to take the word of the Messiah to over 150 countries around the world on Inspiration TV and the Church Channel. 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Additionally—each month you will receive an exclusive teaching from Michael Rood on DVD that is only available to Ambassador Club members. These teachings are powerful lessons that will inspire you and enhance your walk with Yeshua. [Michael Rood] We can go back because we have the ancient texts of the Gospel of John. [Male Speaker] I am sponsoring Ireland. [Male Speaker] I am supporting Iraq. What are the souls of your brethren worth to you? Call today with your monthly gift of $100 or a one time gift of $1,200. And partner with Michael and Judith as a member of the Ambassador's Club. Together—we can bring it to the world. [Shabbat Night Live; From Charlotte] [♪ music ♪] [Michael Rood] Thank you all of our bring it to the world ambassadors. Because of you we are in over 150 countries around the world. Yeshua said that this Gospel of the Kingdom—the one that he was preaching— must be preached in all the world for a witness. And this is what we are doing. Be a part of this. Faith is a verb. A verb is action—take action. If your life has been changed by this broadcast then help us reach out to other people around the world be part of this ministry and bring it to the world. Well—we have an exciting update from Israel with Ariela Steagall. So we are going to take it right straight to our news desk for Inside Israel. Ariela? [♪ music ♪] [Inside Israel] [♪ music ♪] [Ariela Steagall] Thank you Michael— welcome back to Inside Israel for Shabbat Night Live. I am Ariela Steagall. Ten Israeli teenagers—five Jewish and five Arab— were selected to be part of a friends forever program. These ten teenagers spent two weeks in the New England area of the United States. In the beginning it was difficult for these young adults to step out of their comfort zones. But by the end of the program barriers were brought low, and these young people began to work together and live together peacefully. These ten teenagers were chosen based on their leadership skills and hopes to take this life-changing experience to their friends and families in Israel. In other news the media in Israel has turned their attention to a ten-year-old Palestinian boy who received a new life from a kidney transplant. The boy suffered from a kidney dysfunction and underwent dialysis for seven years. He had been waiting a long time for this transplant. The donor of the kidney came from a three-year-old Jewish boy who passed away from a severe brain damage after a tragic fall. The father of the Palestinian boy was lost for words with gratitude towards this Jewish family. This family released their son's kidney in order to save the life of a Palestinian child. Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of Inside Israel. I am Ariela Steagall. [♪ music ♪] [Inside Israel] [♪ music ♪] [Michael Rood] Ariela—thank you—that is just an incredible story of compassion, and this is Israel—this is really what the Arabs enjoy in Israel— a high—not only a high standard of living—but they really have people that love them and want to have peace with them. [Chaim Goldman] Definitely—and when I worked for a children's hospital I did a video piece on them—excuse me—and when going into this children's hospital there were so many Arabs there getting their children treated in Israel, and it doesn't get on the news. Nobody shows that side of Israel that Arabs are coming in to have their children treated—the hospitals are filled with Israeli/Arabs who are benefiting from living inside Israel and not in the Palestinian territories. And I wish the world would show that because for the most part the people do want to get along, and the news shows anything but. [Michael Rood] That is right; right down at the Sea of Galilee— Judith and I were down there just last summer— 2,000 Arab kids getting on Jewish boats, getting out there, they crank up the music and dance—they have no enemies in the land of Israel. The Israelis, the Jews want to live peacefully in the land. It is just we have got a few wackos out there that want to exterminate the Jews still, and they have to go behind a security wall. [Chaim Goldman] And the media likes to tell the stories that are controversial. >>[Michael Rood] Yeah. That's right. [Chaim Goldman] So that is why we show this side of Israel here on Israel Update. That is why we are alternative media. We will show you what the rest wont. [Michael Rood] Well—speaking of alternative media— we have had something that has taken place in America. It has hit YouTube—it has gone viral—of a young man— valedictorian of his class who has taken a stand. He is shaking up the world because of the stand that he is taking. And I want to go right to this video right now, so you can see and watch as his prepared speech is then—which has been approved by the school board, by the principal—is then torn up. And he takes off on something that is shaking up the world—ladies and gentlemen—. [Chaim Goldman] It is just a short piece—a short piece; you can watch the longer one. [Michael Rood] Here is a short piece because he is going be our guest on Shabbat Night Live next. Take it away. [applause] [Roy Costner] As I stand here before you—members of the school board, faculty, staff, family, friends, and fellow graduates—I first wanted to say that I turned in my speech to Ms. Wynn—which she somehow seemed to approve. So obviously I didn't do my job well enough, so we are going to have to use a different one here. [Michael Rood] Okay—ladies and gentlemen—all the way in from Liberty, South Carolina, the valedictorian of Liberty High School—just flew his plane up here to be on the program—everyone please welcome Roy Costner IV. Roy. [Roy Costner IV] Hey. >>[Michael Rood] Good to have you here brother—welcome, welcome. Welcome to Shabbat Night Live. Now Roy—I have been inspired by the stand that you have taken. And—of course—you have been on CNN, you have been on FOX News, you have been on media all over the world just in the last couple weeks. Tell us—give us a little bit of background now of what inspired this. [Roy Costner IV] I mean—God has been a very important part of my life—he always has been. I grew up in church, and I was saved a very young age. And— >>[Michael Rood] Your father is a pastor—youth pastor. [Roy Costner IV] Yes, sir—he is at Fellowship Community Church. And what was so odd was that this group organization called Freedom from Religion Foundation—and they—. [Michael Rood] Freedom from Religion. >>[Roy Costner IV] Yes—Freedom from Religion. [Michael Rood] It sounds like an atheist, evolutionist kind of group. [Roy Costner IV] It is, and they contacted our school board. And they said that they needed to remove prayer prior to the school board meetings. And in return—. >>[Michael Rood] Prayer in a school board meeting. [Roy Costner IV] Yeah—so—and that caused a lot of issues and frustrations within our community. Community support was outrageous; we had—I dare say thousands in attendance— standing room only outside the building just in argument to have the prayer just before the school board meetings. And in response the school board then revised—after speaking with several attorneys and the South Carolina state's attorney revised all policies removing any types of aspects of prayer from the school board— or from the school altogether unless it had—unless it was completely led by students. [Michael Rood] Okay. >>[Roy Costner IV] And it caused a lot of frustration. And so our administrator—Ms. Gwen—she told me— and sat down with the salutatorian about two weeks prior to the commencements and said that we could not have any illusion or any talk of God or any talk of any type of religion—Allah—whoever it may be. And this is my speech that I have worked to get here and it is—. [Michael Rood] That is right; it is four years of hard work. You are the only valedictorian of the class; you have earned the right to speak— you know—what you are. [Roy Costner IV] Yeah, and so she basically told us that I couldn't speak freely— that they had to approve whatever I had to say. And in—. >>[Michael Rood] So you wrote your entire speech out. [Roy Costner IV] And I knew immediately that I wanted to include a prayer of some sort, but I wanted to include it for all denominations that I could. And so after—I spent about three or four days praying—it was three days I spent praying. On the third day and devotion I felt like I was led to do that. But by the fourth day—I mean—I was sure on the fourth day that I should do that. And it was the week before—because the commencement ceremony— I felt led to do it, and I am sorry if they got offended. [laughter] [Michael Rood] Well—I am not sorry; I think that kind of offense needs to happen. We have to be offensive in our faith because it was the atheist socialists out of Wisconsin that actually threatened to sue your school board because of having anything to do with God in the school board meeting or in the school. And they had to shut that thing down. [Roy Costner IV] Yeah—what is so crazy about it is that they had—there was no internal complaints within the community. [Michael Rood] There you go. >>[Roy Costner IV] It was brought from outside— from someone in Wisconsin who contacted our school board. And our school board was scared—I assume scared— just due to the fact that we may not have the funds to go through a trial like that. [Michael Rood] My goodness—so what you did is you had your speech prepared ahead of time, it was all approved, and then we watched— and the whole world has now watched—as you stood up there, you ripped the speech up, and then you spoke what is called the Lord's Prayer. In Hebrew it is called the Avinu—Prayer to Our Father— that Yeshua taught his disciples to pray. And you actually ended up leading it—didn't you? [Roy Costner IV] Yes, sir—I know—it was overwhelming. You cannot tell from the video I was completely overwhelmed with emotion at the time because I didn't know what kind of response the school board or any of the students would have. It was unique because the class actually started saying the prayer with me. >>[Michael Rood] Amen. [Roy Costner IV] It was amazing—it was just to the point that I was brought to tears because I could not hear myself speaking anymore from such loud applause. [all speaking at once]. [Michael Rood] Well—maybe it wasn't you speaking—. >>[Roy Costner IV] It was God speaking. [Michael Rood] It was the spirit in you. >>[Roy Costner IV] That is right. >>[Michael Rood] That gave you the strength to do that. And I applaud you. Now we were talking earlier about— there's a lot of talk about generational curses in the Christian world, but here you are—you're Roy Costner IV. Your father is a pastor and you have inherited from your forefathers a spine of steel, a mind like a steel trap, and the Almighty has really had a very profound impact on your life from the very beginning. Has he not? [Roy Costner] He has. Originally, when I was born—my mom had a syndrome called HELLP syndrome, and they had told—the doctors had come back—I was born— I was brought out as a C-section, and I was supposed to be born 6 weeks later—in June. Instead I was born in April, and my lungs were underdeveloped, and they said that— they told my father they did not think that me nor my mother would live. It's by our father's grace that— [Michael Rood] Right there. Your father was actually told to make arrangements, because both you and your mother were expected not to live through that heroic intervention. Then we come a few years later, and you were originally not going to be valedictorian. Is that correct? What happened to put you into the spotlight of planet Earth? [Roy Costner] Well originally— I had always been salutatorian or lower, and this final year—I happened to take last semester—fall semester of this past year— I happened to take an extra class—valedictorian—who was ahead of me. By taking this class, it pushed me a little bit ahead of him, but I was going to pushed back down, because I had a B average in another class in the spring semester— or the most recent semester, and it just so happened this professor— I don't know why or what his reasoning was— he doesn't believe in extra credit—he told us that at the beginning of the year that he would not give any extra credit. He felt like— that he should give me the credit to boost me to keep an A to maintain the valedictorian spot. [Michael Rood] That looks like that was the best decision. If I was watching the video and you started out Our Father Who Art in Heaven— when you did that— it's like I could see the faculty behind you is like— they froze, and yet I was wondering how many of them were saying, "Go for it, Roy!" Did you feel that you had the support of the community— even though they couldn't say anything, what did you feel was going on in post-Christian America as our president likes to say— we're no longer just a Christian nation. We can equally endorse religious wackos from all areas of life, but in your area—you're in the Bible belt, what did you feel was going on there? [Roy Costner] I felt the community would support me. I definitely felt that they would support me just because of everything that's going on and the turnout we had whenever they had the school board meeting just to oppose the Freedom from Religion Foundation. I was not sure how the school board or the staff members would react, because I had not spoken to them prior. I was hoping that they would be respectful of what I chose to do, and they were. [Michael Rood] As I understand, you already had your diploma. You graduated. There's really nothing they could do. [Roy Costner] Yes, sir. I hate causing issues—I didn't mean it to be so big. These events that took place— it was only meant for our community. I didn't expect such an extraneous—sense of magnitude of response. [Michael Rood] We are thankful that this caused a stir. This is the kind of thing that needs to happen around the world, because we have lost it. Ladies and gentlemen, we have lost it here in America. This was a nation that declared to the entire planet that we are a nation that believes in Creator-given rights, that there is a creator to whom we are responsible for. The Creator has given us rights and responsibilities and now in the public re-education system— the Department of Re-education of D.C., they've taken the whole concept of Creator completely out of the picture. I suppose you probably didn't have too many classes on the Bible as you would have at Harvard and Princeton in previous generations, but you're in the Bible belt. [Roy Costner] We had no classes like that. We covered no topics of religion at all. We would cover it as an overview, like this has happened in the past, this is why people believe what they believe, but we didn't get into different measure into it. We didn't elaborate more in class—it's very direct, and they push for evolution in school now, which I don't agre with. [Michael Rood] Where are we going from here, Roy? Where do you feel that you're being led? [Roy Costner] I'm not sure. I'll do whatever—wherever God leads me, I will follow, and that's how I go day by day—I have to take it a day at a time and see what he wants. That's the biggest thing. I'm planning on attending Clemson and hopefully getting my Computer Science degree from there— a bachelor's of science and hopefully continuing local news site we do for the upstate. Well, our prayers are with you. Our support is with you and may Yah bless you and all that you do in your life. Thank you for being with us, Roy. [Chaim Goldberg] For such a time as this. This is your time. The media's got the attention, and he'll give you the words to speak. Take advantage of it. You're in a good spot. You were bold! [Michael Rood] Thank you for being with us. What we're going to do now is we're going to take a short break and then Ana Maria Soprano will be back with us with her new song, Never, right after this message for our supporters. That's you out there! [Anny] Hi, I'm Anny >> [Laura] and I'm Laura, >> and you're in time for the Rood Review. >> This is not Fox News. We're not ABC or NBC. We're getting straight to the news that you want to hear! >> No teasers? No wait til commercial breaks? >> Not with the Rood Review! >> Laura, do you remember last week when we announced that we needed $75,000. You said it was bad news? >> No, I don't remember. >> Run the clip! >> Seventy-five thousand! That's the good news? >> Yes, that's the good news! >> Wow, that's a lot of money! >> Okay, I remember! >> Nothing is impossible for Yahovah. 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Just wait til he hears 7,000! >> Michael, you've got to hear this! >> That's it for tonight. Be sure to join us next week for the Rood Review. [Michael Rood] Well, girls, here it is. Right here, I've got my note on it. Number 1,000. Now this is not going to go towards any favoritism, but this is the last one—number 1,000. That is what's going to go out, but I'm waiting to see who gets number 1,000 at this particular point. After our musical guest, then I invite you to join me in the tent of Abraham for the kiddush—the bread and the wine, and then for the next episode of From Here to Eternity, the good news of the apocalypse and the demise of the new world order, and tonight's episode: The Epitome of Hyperbole. Now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome with me Ana Maria Soprano! [♪ Never by Ana Maria Soprano ♪] [Michael Rood] The traditions of modern Judaism remind us of what we did during the temple period. Not what we did, but they remind us of what we did, but the followers of Yeshua also have some other traditions, some other things that are reminders of what has been accomplished for us. There are reminders of what goes back long before the temple period, and it reminds us of what happened the very year that Yeshua was crucified and resurrected. At the last supper that Yeshua had with his disciples, the Greek scriptures tell us that he took our tone, he took leavened bread and broke it. Of course the English, the Greek, and all scriptures tell us that this last supper was before the Feast of Passover and the following morning, the Pharisees refused to go into Pilate's hall, because they didn't want to be defiled so that they could eat the Passover. This is not the Passover meal. Everytime we serve bread and wine gives us the opportunity, as Yeshua says, "As often as you do this, you do this in remembrance of me." And so as Yeshua said, "This represents my body which we've broken for you; This represents my shed blood." He spoke the prayer that the Sadiq shared with Avraham thousands of years ago. [speaking Hebrew] Blessed are You, Yahovah, our Elohim, King of the universe, creator of the fruit of the vine. And Yeshua took bread, and he blessed the wine, saying, "Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha’olam, ha’motzi lehem min ha-aretz." Blessed are You, Yahovah, our Eloheinu, King of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth. As often as you do this, we do this in remembrance of Him. L’Chayim. Welcome to From Here to Eternity. Please take your Chronological Gospels, turn to section 10, The Revelation of Yeshua Messiah where we will begin this episode not reading the King James but reading from the corrected King James, the CKJV version, which is what is found in The Chronological Gospels. The Revelation of Yeshua Messiah. We begin in verse 1: This is the revelation of Yeshua Messiah, which Yahovah gave to Yeshua to show to his servants the things that must rapidly come to pass in the day of Yahovah. In the previous episodes, we covered this— these are not things that shortly will come to pass as in a short period of time, but when they begin, they will then go on with great rapidity, and we will see that the context of this is that John was in the spirit on the day of the Lord— the common terminology used by all the prophets of the day that the Lord does the judging. This is the revealing of Yeshua as the righteous judge. These are the things that most rapidly come to pass in the day of Yahovah. He authenticated and sent this revelation by way of his messenger. His Bondservant, or doulos, Johanan, who bears first-hand witness of the word of Yahovah. Notice the word first-hand is in italics, but to be a witness, you have to be a first-hand witness. In order for your testimony to be admissible in a court of law, you cannot say, "Someone told me this is what they saw." You had to be a first-hand witness, and if there's not a witness and in the case of many times in famous murder trials and organized crime, the witnesses would mysteriously get blown up on their way over to testify, and without that first-hand witness, there is no testimony. It doesn't matter what anyone says they heard them say. He is a first-hand witness of Yahovah and the testimony of Yeshua Messiah, because he was there, and he is a first-hand witness of all things that he saw. Now we're going to continue one. Blessed is he—this is Johanan's promise— Blessed is he who accurately knows and those who hear and obey the words of this prophecy and those who guard the things which are written herein at the time that their fulfillment is engiken or close at hand. In our previous episode, we also covered that very thing— that until certain things happen, his coming is not close at hand or at the engiken. There are things that must transpire first and he even said, "Those who say my coming is engiken— "that it's going to happen at any time— "don't believe them "and don't follow them. "They will come and say that I'm the Messiah. "They'll come in my name, say they represent me, but they are liars," and until certain things take place, he cannot and will not return. In this revelation, we will see is to the servants of the Messiah, and that is to whom it is written. Now we continue on. Greetings verse 4 and following. From Johanan to 7 Kaheelot in Asia Minor. Now kaheelot is a little bit cryptic, and we have to go down and see our first footnote on that and this is where we read— derived from the Hebrew word, kaheela, singular or kaheelot, was translated as ecclesia in the Greek septuagint. Ecclesia was used for the first time in Deuteronomy 18:16. It's translated as assembly in the King James Version but in the septuagint, which is the Jewish translators version, Greek version translated from the original Hebrew, the word kaheelah the assembly gathered at the base of Mt. Sinai was actually translated as ecclesia. The first time the word ecclesia is used in the scriptures. It was when Israel was called to the mountain to hear the terms of the covenant pronounced by the Almighty. The word church, as we read in the King James Version, from the old English, circle, was derived from the Greek krikos, literally means circle, which was adapted as circus, which was performed in a circle, the same seating pattern of which those believers in the early assemblies assemble in their homes—in a circle. The word assembly could appropriately be used in the text here. We could say in the 7 assemblies, but the word church should strenuously be avoided. William Tindall translated Greek eclessia as church just 2 times in his Bible. He was the one strangled and burned at the stake for translating the Bible into the English language. Why? Because he did this. William Tindall translated the Greek word, eclessia, as church 2 times— both times were in reference to Pagan temples. Every other time he translated it as congregation. Now this caused the ire of Rome, because Rome had already turned the church into this monstrosity that had murdered millions of people and put them under their Nicolaitan authority and anyone who challenged the church was executed, and when he used the word church in English as reference to Pagan temples— otherwise the assembly or the congregation— that is why they burnt him at the stake. Ladies and gentlemen, I will stand with William Tindall on this. I will not use the word church. The church has become a circus. The modern Christian church is accurately called the church, because church means circus in the original language. Eclessia, the assembly, but I prefer to go back and use the original Hebrew term, which is kaheelah. The kaheelah, or the kaheelot, which is the 7 kaheelot or the assemblies of the Messiah in Asia Minor. We'll continue. Grace—Grace to you and peace. From the one who is and who was and who is to come and from the 7 spirits which are before his throne. And we're going to see that the 7 spirits before his throne are typified on the earth as the menorah. When people talk about is God—is he one? Is he 3? Right here, there are 7 spirits before his throne, so you've got—well, do you have the 7 spirits and then the father, son, and the Holy Spirit? That would make a do-deca-tuity. Whenever we try to take English words and to describe and define the Almighty, that's what you call theology. Theology is the science of defining the most high, and you've got to be bigger than that which you define, and that is impossible. All we can know of him is what we have in his word, and when he says that there are 7 spirits before his throne, we're going to see Yeshua walking among these and they're representative of the 7 assemblies. All we know of them is what he reveals to us, and as we are faithful and as we obey him, Yeshua said to those that obey more will be given. To those who do not obey what I say to do, even that which he has will be taken away from him. You don't need anymore truth, because you won't do it, anyway. You'll be ever learning and never able to come to knowledge of the truth, and that's where we are in the world of religion. Ever learning, can't come to truth, because we won't obey what the scripture says. Ladies and gentlemen, that was the turning point in my life— when I decided— in my repentance, I wanted to obey. I had used grace as a license to live however I wanted. I didn't get into any gross immorality or anything. I didn't become a televangelist church leader and buying prostitutes and all sorts of stuff. I never went there, okay? I never went into that perversion of the grace—perversion, but yet I knew I wasn't being aggressively obedient, and because of that— when you step on that banana peel of not being obedient, then where does it end? The first step was—okay, I want to be obedient. So the Holy Spirit then directed my heart. I was haunted like a dog on a scent. The Holy Spirit was after me—would not leave me alone, and what it was was the Sabbath. The very question I had as an 8 year old when I got on my knees and asked Jesus to come into my heart after the pastor had given a rousing sermon, and I knew that I wanted it, and I dedicated my life to the Lord, and then I went to my mother and would say, "Mother, what is this about the Sabbath?" And she tried to explain it— "Well, our ancestors kept the Sabbath, "but we don't do it anymore. We keep Sunday." At 8 years of age, I knew that her explanation didn't work for me, and I don't think that she was convinced of it, either, and at 80 years of age, my mother keeps the Sabbath, okay? It was that first thing, and this is why I would encourage people all over the world— try it. Just step out in faith. Take action. Take God at his word. He said this is a sign of his people— engage in the Sabbath and you'll find out that you don't need to work 7 days a week. You can rest and dedicate that day to the Almighty, and he will bless you in such tangible ways that you will be sold forever. Do not let Satan and Satan's system— I don't care if you call it church or the circus— talk you out of it when it says in the 4th Commandment Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. He means it! Nothing changes! Yeshua didn't change the Torah! He didn't add. He didn't subtract from it. If he did, he is a liar. He's a false prophet! Where are we? We're preaching! The 7 spirits before his throne—verse 5. And from Yeshua, grace you in peace— from Yeshua, Messiah, who is the faithful witness and the first born among the dead. The King James says the first begotten from among the dead. The first begotten from the dead— ladies and gentlemen, that is not right. Greek word is monogenés. It's not the first begotten from among the dead. It's the first born from among the dead. See, the King James translators missed something. You have to understand the Greek language and culture in order to get this, because the term born again that we find in the King James version of the Bible is from the word gennatha anothen. Born again. But the word gennatho— it sounds a little bit like Genesis, and it is. It's related to Genesis, okay? In the beginning— the book then called Genesis, which is gennatho, which is birth or the beginnings of, and so the term born again has become the epitome of hyperbole in the modern Christian church. Now let me explain that, because epitome and hyperbole are Anglicized Greek words, and in order to understand what the epitome of hyperbole means, we have to go back to the Greek language to understand this, but ladies and gentlemen, we do not understand— generally speaking, and the King James translators did not get this— born again—when you use the word gennatha— in Greek, it's either from the male side or the female side and only by context can you tell which. See gennatho from the male side is to beget, and any adult knows what to beget means when he is a child—is begotten of his father. After that seed is implanted— if the father were to die 5 minutes later, that child would still be gennatho by the mother, but gennatho from the female side is to birth or to bring forth into the world in a body that's equipped to live in the physical universe. If a woman gennathos or gives birth early, that child may die, and before modern heroic intervention, that's what happened a lot— is that any premature children died, because there was no way to keep their lungs aerated and to keep them nourished before the world of modern intervention. We're thankful for some of the great heroic interventions that have been created by the medical establishment. We just don't like their definition of health and nutrition! There's no money in keeping people healthy! There is money in heroic intervention, and those heroic interventions— there's only 1 nation that's better than America, and that is Israel. That's where America goes to get their updates or else basically they have Jews in America that help them by this uncanny revelation from heaven to save people's lives. That is Israel, and we've seen it just this week on our Weekly Update. But gennatha anothen, born again— you have to ask—does it mean begotten again as seed implanted or is it born again as in delivered into the world in a body which is equipped to survive in the world? First of all, I would like to start out by saying that the term born again has been so misused, so twisted that it has become the epitome of hyperbole. Now epitome means the embodiment, the exemplification, the typification, the quintessence. This is—epi from the Greek prefix means upon, on, or over. Tome, which is a cutting, is from the Greek word, temno, which means to cut, and to define these words, the best place to define them is the Bible itself. If you turn to 2 Timothy chapter 2, verse 15. This is something you should have memorized. It reads—and tell me if I'm wrong, Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. The word rightly dividing— 2 words—1 word in Greek— and it is orthotemno. Ortho—right, as in orthodox, which is right doctrine. This is orthotemno. It's a right cutting, so we are to study to shew thyself approved unto God. Now that does not mean just opening the Bible, looking at it under a microscope. The word study is spudaso in the Greek, and the word spudaso means to make haste, to exert one's self, to earnestly endeavor. As it tells us to earnestly contend for the faith, it's an earnest contention— there is exertion that it takes, because the truth is not easy to find, ladies and gentlemen. Facts are facts. Facts are easy to find. The truth is very, very difficult to find and very few people are even looking for the truth today. They're looking for entertainment. They really don't want truth. We've got great church services down here. They have lasers. They have fog machines. They've got light shows. There's great entertainment in modern Churchianity, but where's the truth? Where's getting back and earnestly contending for some truth? It's being lost in our culture today. It's slipping away. It's up to 18 year olds graduating from high school to try to grab some of this back before it's all gone, because too many people have had moments of silence instead of prayer. There will be no more moments of silence among believers. We have been silent too long. We need to speak up. Earnestly contend, study, spudaso, make haste, exert yourself to shew yourself approved unto God workman that needeth not to be ashamed— orthtemno—rightly dividing the word of truth, But shun profane and vain babblings, for they will increase unto more ungodliness, And their word will eat like a cancer of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus. Shahul wasn't afraid to call a cancer and a false prophet— and a false teacher a false teacher— was not afraid of it. No, this is not evil speaking. He's telling the truth. He is warning people so that they will not be taken by these people that will make merchandise of you that are doing it for the money so they can make a living and they'll tell you anything out there. With great glowing words, they will tell you things, but is it the truth? That is what we are searching for. In 2 Peter 1:20, it says, Knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. Not at any time—it wasn't in the Greek— at any time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. Knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation or eidos epolitos. It is from where we get the word idiot. Epolitos, which is letting loose. You just don't let your mind loose and "Oh, I think it means that. I think it means that." No, we have to rightly divide the word of truth. We have to let the plum line come down and say this is truth and this is error. We need a sharp sword to come down like the word that comes out of Yeshua's mouth— it's like a 2-edge sword. Truth is what we are looking after. The epitome is the above cutting— the cutting edge of hyperbole. Hyperbole, which is hupair. Hupair is excess or exaggeration and hyper and bole which is to throw, like ball—bole. So it is literally a grandiose overstatement— a figure of speech. That is what hyperbole is, and this is what the term gennatha anothen, or born again, has become, because ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to tell you something that the whole Christian world is going to shutter. Nobody is born again. We are begotten again, not born again. When you use the term born again, it is an accomplished fact, it is like you've been delivered into a world in which the Kingdom of Heaven in which we know that the coming kingdom you don't enter in flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. You must be born again. Flesh and blood can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Mortal must put on immortality. The corrupted must put on incorruption. When that happens at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised, the righteous rewarded. His servants of prophets, small and great, raised and rewarded, and they will be given a new body at that point. We are born again. To use the term born again as if we are born again right now is the epitome of hyperbole. It is a grandiose figure of speech that lulls us into comfort because it sounds like we've already made it. Oh, yeah. I got born again. I got saved. No, you didn't! Salvation is still a future event when the captain of our salvation saves us. We have not been saved. We do not have a new body. We have not put on incorruption. We have not been delivered into the Kingdom of Heaven in a body that can go from here to the throne to the sea of fire and glass like Yeshua did when he took the first fruits and present them before the Father's throne and was back on the earth to intercept the women coming back from the gravesite. We don't have that kind of body. We have been begotten again. Now to illustrate that, let's go to 1 Peter chapter 1. We'll start off with verse 3. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Yeshua Messiah, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Yeshua Messiah from the dead. Okay, by his abundant mercy has begotten us again. I'm reading King James. He has begotten us again. Correct! Begotten us again, because the seed has been implanted. That is incorruptible seed— the spirit of the living God is that incorruptible seed which has been implanted in us. To verse 4, To an inheritance incorruptible—our inheritance is incorruptible— and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. When will salvation be revealed? Apocalypsis? Apocalypse revealed. When? In the last days—in the last time. Now we are being kept. The seed has been implanted. It is the Messiah in us right now, but that seed is supposed to grow into the fullness and stature of Messiah. When we use the word wrong, it makes us like we have already made it to the end and there's nothing more to do. There's no sanctification. There is no treating our bodies like the temple of the Holy Spirit. There is no doing the will of God, because we've already made it—we're in. We've got our ticket to heaven punched and all hell can't stop us. Once saved, always saved. People say, "Do you believe in once saved, always saved?" I say, "Yes, absolutely, but nobody's saved!" Yet! But when the captain of our salvation saves us, we will be saved forever. We will be rescued from destruction forever. There is faithfulness that is required. As Yeshua said, "He that endures to the end the same shall be saved." The word saved is the word sodzo. Sodzo in Greek means to be made whole. The 10 lepers— it says Yeshua cleansed the 10 lepers. They all went their way, and as they went their way, they were all cleansed. They still had fingers missing, part of their ear was gone, their face was mangled but it turned white, and the leprosy was gone. All they had to do is now go present an offering in the temple, show themselves to the Kohanim at the temple, and they can go back and be amongst society, but 1 of them turned back and thanked Yeshua, and he said, "Your faith has made you sodzo." Bam! All those fingers are back! His ears—he's completely made whole. His skin is like a newborn baby. He was saved at that moment— saved sodzo—completely healed. That's what it's referring to, okay? We have used these words incorrectly. We've used them as figures of speech, and the figures of speech have led us down the wrong path. Now go to verse 9. Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls. Receiving the end of your faith. What is the end of our faith? Does that mean our faith ended? Okay, let's look at this, because we have to understand what this means. In Romans 2, it says the zeal of God but not according to knowledge. These people are idiots. They may have great zeal, great fervor for God but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God's righteousness and where is this righteousness revealed? His righteousness is revealed in his word. They're ignorant of God's righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness, and this is it, because we have righteousnesses or righteous acts. What are righteous acts? These are acts which are in accordance with God's word. If you're in accordance his word and you're acting accordingly, then you are doing righteous acts. If you are in violation of the Torah, that's what's called sin. That's unrighteous acts. If you're in violation of the Torah— if you violate God's word, if you murder somebody, if you commit adultery with someone else's wife, then those are unrighteous acts, but because they did not submit themselves to the righteousness— God's righteousness, they went about making their own rules and regulations. Judaism? The Baptist Church? Presbyterianism? Every one of them have got their own rules and regulations of what is righteous. But it's different from God's righteousness, so they go about to establish their own righteousness, and they have not submitted or surrendered humility themselves under the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law. Wait, we just read about the end of your faith. Now we've got the end of the law. Now does that mean that our faith ended? No! All we have to do is look at what the word telos or the word end means. Telos means determination point at which a thing ceases to be. Or the end to which all things relate. The aim or the purpose. Now all we have to do is take a look at this. That receiving the end of your faith— the end of which all things relate— the aim—the purpose of your faith which is the salvation of your soul. It's the same usage for Messiah is the end of the law. He is the end to which all things relate in the Torah. He is the aim. He is the purpose of the Torah. He is the living Torah. We can't just take these words completely out of context and say, "Christ is the end of the law. "Now you can commit adultery. "Now you can kill. Now you can steal. "Now you no longer have to keep the Sabbath. "Now you can have other gods before me. "You can celebrate Easter and Christmas— "the great celebrations of Babylonian sun god worship, and it's okay, because Christ is the end of the law." No, you moron! You idiot! You have eidos epolitos! You have completely gone off on your own wildtangent, and you've let your mind go! You're a moron! As the Greek scriptures say. In verse 10— we are now in verse 10 of 1 Peter chapter 1, verse 10. Of which salvation— which is what we're going for— this is the end—the aim, the goal of your faith— your believing action is the salvation of your soul. Hang in there! You have been begotten! The prophets have enquired and searched diligently who they prophesied of the grace that should come unto you. And they were searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify— not it's what manner of time the Spirit which was in them did signify of Messiah. The Spirit that was in them did testify and signified of the coming Messiah. All you have to do is read this in the Greek and you'll see the syntax is simple. It testified the spirit within them—the spirit of the living God to testify of the coming Messiah. When it testified beforehand the sufferings of Messiah and the glory that should follow. Verse 13: Wherefore, which is therefore— Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the telos— hope to the end— hope is the evidence of things— faith is the evidence of things hoped for. See hope is not, "Oh, I hope I win a million dollars." No, it's something real that is not yet available. Like paradise— we hope for paradise because we expect to be in paradise, but paradise is not yet available. Paradise isn't until this new heaven and the new earth. Paradise in the beginning was terminated. The new heaven and new earth—again, paradise, righteousness. The end—the telos—the end of your—hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation—the apocalypse of Yeshua Messiah. That's what we're into, ladies and gentlemen. It's the apocalypse—the revelation of Yeshua Messiah as a righteous judge, as our salvation, as our savior. As obedient children, not hoisting yourselves according to the former lust in your ignorance but as he which hath called you his Holy so you be holy! He's calling us the holiness and righteousness. His seed is in you, but are you going to grow up? Are you going to grow up in holiness and righteousness? Or are you going to say, "Oh, I'm saved! I'm born again! I went down to the crusades!" That's a Jew doesn't like! "Crusades and I got saved just in case this God thing is really true!" Like Billy Graham's crusade—Ahhh! No! No! No! Oh, oh, oh. Billy Graham's crusade—that's not so bad Be holy as I am holy—verse 17— And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man's work pass the time of your sojourning here— on this earth, in this life, in fear and respect to the most high. This doesn't say get a Gospel of John, a pat on the rear end. You're taken to heaven and do whatever you want. No. It's calling us to holiness and righteousness. Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation—lifestyle—received by tradition from your fathers but you've been redeemed with the precious blood of Yeshua, as of a female cow 3 years old— excuse me! It says as of a lamb. That's an inside joke for some people. He's the lamb of God. He's not the red heifer. He's not a female cow! Without blemish and without spot Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world but was manifest in these last times for you. I'm just going to keep on reading here. Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory that your faith and hope might be in Yahova. Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently, being born again, not of corruptible seed—gennatha anothen—wrong! It's begotten again, just like it was in verse 3. Being begotten again—it's the same Greek word! How do they translate it born again—the female side here and begotten again—the male side before? Because they don't understand what they're doing. They are translators. They have not lived this. That's why they can't see it. This is why the word of God is alive and real to those who will obey it now because his spirit leads us into all truth. We have not been born again. We have been—what—begotten again! Not of corruptible seed, but from our father, we are begotten by a corruptible seed. This body is going to die. it's going to rot in the grave if the Messiah delays. It's going to be killed by the new world order if we don't make it to the end. But we have been begotten again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been begotten again, but we are supposed to grow up in the fullest and stature of Messiah. And we are to live this life, recognizing that the Almighty is our judge, but he has put Yahovah— the father has put all judgement into the hands of his son, because we will be judged by one of our peer, because Yeshua was at all points tested and tempted like we yet without sin, and because of that, he not only knows how to sucker and to lead us and to help us and to encourage us and to work in us to know and do as good pleasure but also he can be the righteous judge, because he can say, "Hey, buddy. I've been there. I've done that. "Don't give me any of your haki fadi. "Depart from me—you worker of Anomia. "You disregarded my Torah. "You went about to establish your own righteousness "and your own righteousness stinks. "Your entire denomination—God damned denomination stinks. "It is man made "and it's going into the lake of fire. "Now get out of my face and vamos—" I had to use a little Spanish here. We have so many Spanish-speaking people. Did I use that word right? Vamos, right? Anyway! Yeshua is serious that one day he is going to be the judge and his word—the word of our heavenly father will be what we are judged by. That is the standard of righteousness, and if we want to do righteous works— because he said that your works may be seen and may glorify your father in Heaven. Do righteous and good works. So those of us who are begotten again by the spirit of God— will grow up into him. We're going to take a break for a few moments. This is the portion of our program each week which we invite those of you around the world who are watching this on television— who are watching this by way of the Internet, on Messianic.TV, ARoodAwakening, YouTube— to bring this to you take a big crew. It takes a lot of work to get this to you. We are ministering the Gospel of the Kingdom to you. We are not raising money so that we can take the word to some place in Timbuktu and not give it to you. No, we're ministering to you. This is not some kind of con job where we're going to do something some day if you give us enough money. We're doing it whether you stand with us or not— whether you like it or not, we are taking the Gospel of the Kingdom out to the world, and if you don't like it, change the channel! You want to whine and cry and moan, change the channel, all right? You want to go to hell? Go to hell! Somebody's got to go—it might as well be you! But those of you who want to know the truth, we're here for you. For that small group, we need you to stand with us, okay? You've never asked anyone ask for an offer like that before— telling you to go to hell, but I'm telling you—ladies and gentlemen, I'm too old to put up with this haki fadi anymore, which is Arabic for nonsense, all right? Stand with us. Be a part of this ministry. If we're ministering to you, you know where you need to sow to help us reach others like you who are hungry for the truth. We're putting it out there. We have freely given— now is your opportunity to freely give. We'll be back in a moment. Go right to Romans chapter 10 and verse 8. We are going to read. Here we'll answer the question once saved, always saved. Romans 10:8. This is the word of faith that we preach. That if thou shalt confess my mouth the Lord Yeshua and shalt believe in thine heart God has raiseth from the dead, thou shalt be saved. The words thou shalt be saved in Greek in one word. It is sodzothane. It is the future tense of salvation. Thou shalt, in the future, be saved. Salvation—being saved is not a current reality. Just as we are not born again; we are begotten again, but when the captain of our salvation returns, that is when our corrupted body— our mortal body will either put on immortality— a corrupted body will put on incorruption— that is when we're born again. We will be delivered into the kingdom in a body that is equipped to live in the spiritual world— in the kingdom—in eternal kingdom of Yahovah. That is the picture that we have gennatha anothen. Born again, begotten again, and now this is— if you confess—believe in your heart God raised from the dead, thou shalt be made whole. When will we be made whole? First of all, we have seed implanted, and then we are to go through life in the purification process in a desire to be obedient. Those who don't want to obey the Commandments— it's just—don't worry about them. They don't belong to Him. They belong to a religious system. Yeshua says that the path that leads to destruction is extremely broad and most people are going to take that path. Don't worry about it. We're here to help rescue those who the father calls by his Holy Spirit. You're looking for him. We're looking for him all the time. When people just don't respond, then just realize they're extras on the set of life. Okay? We see this in the scripture. Let's continue on. We're going to continue to 2 Peter chapter 2 verse 1. Oh, this is perfect, because it's the word. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies— and heresies, which is an active capturing or storming a city. It takes action. A heresy is brought forth by someone who is actually storming the city. He wants to capture you. This is what Satan wants to do, and he uses agents to do so. And denying the Lord that bought them and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious— which is malevolent or destructive ways— by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. I don't get hate emails, ladies and gentlemen. They don't even bother me. I get hate web sites— entire web sites dedicated to hating me, because I just cut somebody's Christmas tree down! I just shot their Easter Bunny! I just dragged Santa out from under the Christmas tree! Okay! I exposed the Christmas tree as the penis of Rah with its gold and silver testicles on it. I expose this stuff. People hate me for it! They'll make up lies about me, because they can't possibly tell the truth, and that's why evil of the right way is spoke out— because they don't want the truth. Don't worry about these people! Why? Continue on. And through covetousness— these false teachers shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you, whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. And then we have this whole area from verse 4 through verse 8 about the judgement of the Almighty. It is real, okay? Don't worry about it. He's going to take care of these people. The Lord knows how to—verse 9— He knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished. In verse 10. But chiefly—primarily the pinnacle, the apex, the zenith of these tyrannical, pernicious, covetous false teachers is that they walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness. They despise government— and this is not the United States government. It's not the government of Mao Zedong or Hitler. These are gift ministries— apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers which are given for the edifying of the body of Messiah— to bring us up so they all walk in the fullness of Messiah. That's what we're talking about— they despise those who have been sent by the Messiah whose lives are a gift to the body of believers because they are false teachers. They are after you to make merchandise of you. They want to drag you away into their Sabbath cults and in all sorts of pernicious things out there instead of doing the will of the Almighty. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities— or as we say, dignitaries, those deserving our honor— Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might than these morons— bring not railing accusation against these spiritual dignitaries before the Lord. But these—these heretical pernicious self-claimed presumptuous sinful false teachers among you— now I just grabbed the things that were said before and put them all there just so that you get the context here. Everything I said is what he just said about them. They are natural brute beasts. They were made to be taken and destroyed. Extras on the set! They were made to be taken and destroyed! They were put here to deceive those who want to be deceived, who did not receive the love of the truth. God will send them a strong delusion. The word send is the word pempo‎, which means to send home to where they're comfortable, because they did not receive the love of the truth, and ladies and gentlemen, I believe the Almighty offers a gift to everyone that ever lives on the planet and that is a gift to the love of the truth. Will you receive it? Some people say no. I do not want that gift under any circumstance. I don't want the truth. I don't want to receive the love of the truth because what you love—you can never get enough. If you receive the love of the truth, you can't get enough. You can sit here for hours and listen to truth when others—after 5 minutes, they're up and ready to leave. That's why we try to get rid of people every week from watching this program! Because we don't want the extras here! They speak evil of the things that they understand not. They shall utterly perish in their own corruption—their own self destruction—verse 13. They shall receive the reward of unrighteousness as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes. They are of festering, infection filled with feverish boils on the body of the Messiah. Yet they sport or entertain themselves with their own deceivings while they celebrate feast with you. Their eyes are full of adultery. They cannot possibly cease from sin! It's their nature! These are the false teachers among the body of believers he's talking about. Beguiling unstable souls. Those who are not rooted in the scripture— they beguile them. They have a heart exercised of covetous. They are cursed on the way of Balaam. In verse 21—we'll go to the end, For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been taught in the Christian world that those who never know the way of righteousness will burn in hell forever. What can possibly be worse? It would be better for these false teachers in the body of Messiah to have never known the way of righteousness, which according to my Baptist upbringing, would be burn in hell forever. How can it possibly be that a person who is a minister— who has turned away from it—can be worse than burning in hell forever? Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing as being saved now. You are not born again now. We are begotten again. We are called to righteousness. We are called to live a holy and a righteous life and to be holy as he is holy, and we are not going to stoop to the epitome of hyperbole and think we made it. We have not made it to the end of the finish line, but we are pressing for the mark to the high calling of Yeshua, our Messiah. I'd like to close in prayer. [in Hebrew] Yahovah, bless you and keep you. [in Hebrew] Yahovah, make his face shone upon you and be graced unto you. [in Hebrew] Yahovah, lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace in the name of Yeshua the Messiah, the Prince of Peace. Yahovah, bless you and keep you. Yahovah, make his face shone upon you and be graced unto you. Yahovah, lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace in the name of Yeshua, the Prince of Peace. Shabbat Shalom! See you next week, back here, Shabbat Night Live. Good night.

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From Here To Eternity Ep. 3: The Epitome of Hyperbole . The word of God is truth... but sometimes words are wrestled from their Biblical context and twisted into lies and deception by the purveyors of religion. One of the most misused phrases in the Bible has, in this generation, become the epitome of hyperbole. Join Michael Rood in post-apocalyptic Charlotte for the 3rd teaching of the series From Here to Eternity as he lays bare The Epitome of Hyperbole.

This week, Michael welcomes special guest Roy Costner IV. Roy was the valedictorian of his high school class in South Carolina - watch what he did that got the nation talking.

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