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Teach you Design of: Oh! WAR!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: War - The Design of War This is the design of war, communicating, about war. As the design of, survival indicated, that war also comes from the perspective of the necessity, 'to survive'. You have a look at the principle of war the, foundation of war, the (sigh) the manifestation of war, in this world. Countries, waging war whenever, two, three four doesn't matter, it looks like a 'relationship', outburst. (smirk) A..relationship conflict. Whether there's two involve, three involve, four involve, firve involve, Will become quite an interesting, expression. It it's the same as, two human beings, fighting with each other, three human beings, four human beings. So what is feeding, this 'war', manifestation, within this world? We all do. It's able to even be seen, in school. where you have, A group of beings, standing together. all of a sudden, One breaks out, blames the other one for something that, you know this being has done then, everyone else get involved and everyone else is shouting and screaming and fighting. and later on maybe 'slaps or fists, or kicks on the floor'. That! inner conflict, or that conflict, that inner conflict manifesting in the outer conflict. Creating that 'friction', between relationships of many, exact same situation in war. It is, relationship friction, that takes place. And what is the, most bizare, manifestation of war, is that, it's two goddamn countries, Lets take two, waging war against each other, but what and who started it? Presidents, or the governments. and the governments manipulate 'their countries', their societies to say: We're going to fuck up this country! (right) This one said: We're going to fuck up this country! (left) and this is the reason why! believe me! believe me! believe me! and then both countries go: Yes! Yes! Yes! I support you! and they go: fuck you people!! It is, ridiculous! so what are who's actually waging war? The two authority figures, on way on top. Not even talking about, the elite which is behind, the waging of war, 'organizing' the whole goddamn thing, to play out, to exist. So let's take it from this perspective, let's say, the elite is like the mind. Now, here two beings (left), here are two countries (right), Now two beings have got, minds. (left) and, the two countries who got the elite, 'that now' represent the mind. (right) Now is that elite, behind these two, saying this to that one(other), saying this to that one Now you have the two minds of the two beings, You know, the minds individually saying shits! inside their head, with thoughts feelings and emotions. and then they consp- these 'two beings' conspire, you know at the back, (*mind) behind each other's back, the same way these two countries you know, they are now 'preparing' their countries, to wage war against the other. Same here within the two beings. so now you know, going inside that: Yeah I'm going to fuck up this being and, this is what I'm going to do with her etc. Now! I declare War! this country to that country, and this being says: I'm angry with you! Why did you do that! I'm going to, really hit you! And then! the conflict then the war starts. So 'really' have a look. The manifestation, of war, is a relationship 'friction conflict', within and as human beings. Therefore, I would 'suggest' to not have a relationship to anyone or anything in this world. that no matter who or what is in your world, that or it can just 'walk away' and it will not change you 'any way whatsoever'. Because it's in those relationship forma- 'formations', that inevitably! Relationships can 'only last - so long'! The energy runs out of the mind consciousness system and, 'ten times out of one' the (*all) relationship, ends up in absolute anger, conflict. Beings are not able to talk to each other for a Lifetime again. Therefore, those moments of conflict 'is what feeding the war system of the world'. You want to stop war! human beings? You sort out the inner conflict of relationship friction, that exist within your world. Thank you very much. this is the design of war. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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