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Divine Inspiration Class #2: Karen Berg on Growing Soul

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But what you need to understand is that to grow a soul to grow the soul, the soul we call it the neshama, to grow the soul we have to have a bank of positive actions that we have done that allows that bank to grow so that we can draw from that bank to be able to get the energy it needs to go to the next level. For instance, last week they talk about blessings and curses. What's the curses? The curses are when we do, each one of us, sit inside ourselves and are an ostrich and put our heads in the ground. Everything's fine. Nothing's wrong. Everything's perfect. And we look around us our friends can say, what are you talking about? Don't you see? The answer is, I don't want to see. I don't want to see. I prefer to believe that everything is perfect. But you have to grow, you have to become a part, you have to change something. Maybe you can even make it perfect. But you need to try. You need to be cognisant. And how do you become cognisant? By going out of yourself and doing something. Trying to be that teacher. My teacher for one other person in the world. Having the time to pick up the phone to someone that for one moment might need that. That fills your bank. The thing that takes away from the bank. And this is interesting because people don't realise this. Is the negative things that we do. The negative things that we do draws energy, sucks energy and allows us to remain in the same place. And what is drawing energy? Jealousy. Envy. Greed. And a lot of, well and I want to explain this differently. When I talk about evil tongue I'm not talking about me sitting down with girlfriend and saying yeah I saw that the dress that she wore, you know I know where it's from, she probably paid x amount of dollars for it yeah she always likes to look good. That kind of thing. It's not great but at least it's not going to kill anybody. Okay? And if I told you women never to discuss those things obviously we'd walk out as nuns. I mean who's gonna. So that's not gonna happen. But what do I mean? I have a friend and she and I are very very close and there's another woman that also wants to be a part of that team. So she takes my friend for lunch and decides to explain to her all the negative things that I have done with her. That causes a bank to take down the assets that it has. And remember when we are talking about soul we are talking about the fact that each and every time our actions, either drawn energy to the bank or takes it away from the bank. If we have plus. Then we will have eventually to step to the next level. Please, if you don't understand, this maybe a little complicated so to the next level, to see that next door that will open for us because we must constantly go up the ladder. We must go from the level that we are born in, onto a higher level. To get that opportunity to be able to increase the light that's inside of our soul we need to have a bank account. A bank account of these, of actions, of clarity. More than anything else, about the desire to go up that ladder. I mean a lot of us can say, heck I have my home, I have my family, I have everything around me, everything is good. Why do I have to increase my bank for? I've got everything I need. I'm a pretty decent human being. People ask me for something I give it, you know. What's the problem? None at all. 'Till the problem happens. Then it's like, and everybody trust me, there is no life without pain. No life. The question is what is it for? Do we look at it as an opportunity to climb to the next ladder? Or we say, oh my G-d why did this happen to me? And fall down and whittle with our hands and cry and figure out, you know, now what? The idea, the purpose, often times when we see things that are very very difficult is simply somebody knocking on that door and saying afford me the opportunity to help you go to the next level.

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Karen Berg on Growing Soul

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