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ZDAY 2012 - Franz Hörmann (Vortrag in Salzburg, Österreich)

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New Values, New Economy Franz Hörmann "The new self-organized ressource-based society" Thank you very much and welcome dear Zeitgeist friends. As you noticed I was put on leave a while ago – suspended. As soon as I founded a political party, I was fought. But that's the old paradigm in the old system. We can deal with that. We can deal with it in a appreciative and lovely manner. We do not fight back but we take it as an opportunity to learn, meaning to have a learning process for us and for the people regarding us as their enemies. It is a great advantage for myself, because I obviously have more time now to work on things that are important to me and that I always wanted to do. Besides other things it is about presentations like this, but also in addition to the political party to advance the software development, the communication, to form psychology networks, to found a sustainability university and several other things. You see that there is much to do and that we are making good progress. My presentation today deals only marginally with the monetary system. What you normally get to hear from me is not the point today. Instead fitting to the motto of Zeitgeist it is about the new self-organized ressource-based society. And the trademark that you can see is the crossed-out professor title there. I decided to not go back to the WU. In such an environment you cannot do meaningful work. Therefore we rather create a new educational institution that really fulfills §1 of the university law which means to develop new knowledge for the whole society. In these educational institutions that we have today it is only about implementing private business models of certain professors. They earn their money mainly by methods that are scientifically proven wrong and educate the young students as cheap employees. This sounds brutal but you have to state it that way. Also the young scientific employees only get contracts over four years and are extremely underpaid regarding that. That is the old game of scarcity that you as Zeitgeist fans probably now. You make money scarce so that the people working in the private sector for financing a reasonable life standard need to prostitute themselves. That is the point. They are forced to do that and therefore the young employees although they think the same as I do cannot talk about such things. That is extortion in the 21st century and on top of it in institutions financed by the state from taxed money. But we do not look back and also not with bad feelings. We look into the future in the self-organized ressource-based society. We will get there pretty fast. That is not the problem. But we need tools do get there. I always criticized the economic and law sciences as pseudo-sciences and for a good reason. They state about themselves to be normative sciences. Normative means: One group of people thinks of rules and the rest of society has to live by these rules. And I cannot see any scientific act in that. That is not science. Inventing rules for others to obey is a power game, serves retaining power and therefore has nothing to do with science. Therefore law and economic sciences is not science. The thesis established there are not falsifiable in the sense of [Karl] Popper. They do not work on an empirical basis. And that is also a main criterium whether you can talk of science or not. So normative sciences for me are abused science. Therefore we will use philosophy, psychology, technology and other methods in the new society. But we obviously won't use what is known as economical or law sciences today. We will see as the presentation progresses why we do not need these pseudo-sciences. What do we need? We need a closed-loop economy already known today as cradle-to-cradle (C2C), because there is no waste in nature. Waste and junk is an invention of man. In nature there is only nutrient matter. Everything that is left by or from an organism other organisms can use as input. With a little bit thinking, time and good will we could already implement this today, BUT we are at the next step: NOT under the general condition of competition. To think, to develop new ideas, to implement creativity of course needs time and it need resources. At least people that think about such things have to preserve their standard of living for them and nobody wants to finance that today, neither private institutions nor the state. Everybody states that they cannot afford that. Why? Because the banks shorten their numbers in the computers, they make their numbers scarce. In the last consequence that is the ultima ratio: scarcity on the level of symbols although we could live in abundance on the resource level. We need to pass on knowledge for that and transparenc. It is really really hard to cooperate to pass on the knwoledge. Every great idea a craftsman has he should make available on YouTube or elsewhere for his colleagues because the result would be that they can achieve more and have to work less. That is completely obvious. But this cannot work if you make it scarce and raise the prices that way. By raised prices, only that way, he is able to make a profit. As long as we keep up the principle of profit it won't work. And who informs himself ... Fredmund Malik for example, a famous economic scientist from Swiss, stated lately: We cannot keep the principle of profit anymore. We have to say goodbye to the principle of profit in the economy. This cannot be a principle anymore. We need educational institutions, meaning all centers where new knowledge is produced that are first of all publicly controlled. That would be the "open science" approach meaning democratic sciences. This requires a well-educated public. This requires that the public is at least capable of realizing whether the results of the research are useful or harming for the public. This level of knowledge has to be in the average public. Therefore it is really really important as fast as possible to increase the level of knowledge of the public. And that is not only about knowledge, meaning factual knowledge, it is especially about psychology and communication skills. For example people should no longer attack each other for different political oppinions at the folding table and should no longer throw beer mugs around then. It is a very conceivable way to say it. Then when we have these skills we will get to social constructivism in the next step. We always create the reality for ourselves. That is already known on the individual level in psychology. The subjective constructivism: By our perceiving the subjective reality is created. That holds also true on the societal level. It already starts on the level of partnerships.

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Vortrag von Franz Hörmann zum Thema "Die neue, selbstorganisierte, ressourcenbasierte Wirtschaft" am ZDAY 2012 im Arena City Hotel in Salzburg. Repository-Location:

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