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Urkel Dance

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-What's happening, guys? You guys know what I'm not gonna do? I'm not not gonna show you this video of this girl sledding behind this truck. [We R Who We R playing] [chuckles] This can only end well. [onlookers scream] All right, is it just me or did that girl just get bodied by a f--king Golden Retriever? -Hut, hut, hike! -And wait, was that Kesha there we're listening to? [We R Who We R plays] Well I believe it was. This particular video only has 2,000 views so far so it wasn't really viral, but thank you for sending it to me 'cause it's awesome. I just wanted to point out that luckily at the end of the video it looks like the girl turned out okay and the dog was probably fine too. See, my theory is that dog was actually getting revenge on that girl. -Remember that time you chased me with the vacuum cleaner? Boom! Headshot, biotch! -No, but seriously, that's what you get for listening to Kesha. Now this is a first on this show and I'm not sure how else to describe it other than saying this is a first. [Urkel Dance playing] All right, first of all, that s--t is hilarious. Now this is the kind of video that like the Japanese see this and they say, "Oh, what now? You Americans accuse us of making f--ked up videos." No but seriously, I know this guy is doing this Steve Urkel dance, but ladies, I am hiring homeboy here to strip at your next bachelorette party. No but for real for real, that dude is my f--king hero. look at him there just cheesin'. Wearing a little bow tie, not giving a f--k. He's even got that Steve Urkel laugh down too. -[laughs and snorts] -Holy s--t guys, seriously, that may have been the greatest thing I have ever seen. I'm not even playin' and people must agree with me. This video went viral really quick with 400,000 in five days. And of course I look in the comments of the video and see the inevitable. "Is it wrong if this gave me a boner?" Yes, yes, I believe it is wrong. No, but if you look in the corner of the video, you'll see a name that some of you probably recognize. Of course this video was made by Dcigs. Remember the angry black man? Now I pointed this out before, but Dcigs is really good at making organic viral videos, videos that people just want to pass around. I mean, how can you not pass this one around? Send it to your grandma, she'll love it. So anyway, Dcigs, good job on another one and dude who dances like Urkel, man, you're my f--king hero. All right, last video, of course this is the big one. Not because it's such an amazing video, but because it happened on TV. Then, of course, everyone came to YouTube to find the clip and that s--t blew up. And there are tons of copies of this like everywhere. All right, so there's this reporter here, Serene Branson, I hope I'm saying that right. Now she's covering the Grammys. And literally this clip is just her f--king up her words on live TV pretty badly. -Well, a very very heavy--uh--heavy der--pertation tonight. We had a very darse darson... Bye, let's go ahead Terra Tazinish dubet ba-hebu pet... -I'm sorry, what the f--k did she just say? What, are we suddenly watching Univision? I mean, I'm not sure what language that was in. Is she some sort of android or something? I'm scared. Is she like one of those Stepford wives and she's having a malfunction? Ma'am, I believe your CD is scratched, 'cause you keep skipping. -Bye, let's go ahead Terra Tazinish dubet ba-hebu pet... dubet bahe-bu pet, he-pu pet, pet-pet-pet-pet-pet... -No really but I saw this video and I laughed 'cause it was funny but then I read that she was talking like that on air 'cause she had a mild stroke. Yeah, that's the kind of the thing that will make you go, "Ahahaha! Oh..." But then, I read on her Twitter account, she wrote that she didn't have a stroke; she was just nervous. And then I got all happy inside 'cause then I knew I could make fun of it without feeling bad like, "Ahahahahaha, you stupid b----!" Now come on, I'm kidding, she's not stupid, she just messed up on air. She got caught in a bad moment it could happen to anyone it will probably do nothing but boost her career. My personal theory is she was reacting to that dude's Urkel dance. -Well, a very very heavy--uh-- [Urkel Dance playing] heavy der--pertation tonight. Let's go ahead Terra Tazin... ish dubet ba-hebu pet... -No come on, I do feel bad for her which is why I don't recommend that you remix the video like... [remixed speech] Yeah, I'm a horrible person, I know. But you know what's never horrible? The comment question of the day, which comes from a user named, bam!, and he said... -Hey, my comment question of the day is what's so awkward about your morning? -So, what's so awkward about your morning? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section below or on Facebook or Twitter. But thanks for watching today's episode of =3. I'm Ray William Johnson and I approve this message. So tell me guys, who has the golden ticket? [My Balls playing] Captioned by SpongeSebastian -We had a very darse darson... Bye, let's go ahead Terra Tazinish dubet ba-hebu pet...

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Feb 21, 2011

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