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Cintegrity Social media Dec 2019 video 2 for subtitles

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Johann, let's speak about the power of predictability and how these tool, predictions, and predictive analytics could be used in favor for the study management teams. Our tools for prediction of certain events to happen are those that we all in the industry missed for for many, many years because we only were able to look at the data that were already available and had hardly any way to conclude from the data that we saw that certain events would happen in the next three months or in six months from now. Just to give you an example, for instance in oncology trials the interim analysis are usually based on a certain number of events to happen. And an event could be, for instance, progression. Usually, what happened in the past is that the organization ran the trial and everybody worked to his or her best capabilities. But then all of the sudden, the 250th event happened and everybody started panicking, because at that point in time the data had to be clean for, for instance, data monitoring board. That was okay, probably, as long as we were talking about let's say March or October. But, you know, unfortunately those events also, once in a while, happened around summer time or around Christmas time. Now, with the prediction feature in such an RBQM tool, one could already early on, at least alert the organization that it is very likely that the 250th event is going to happen on December 23rd, right after Christmas. Then, you know, certain mitigation actions could be put in place.

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